December 2009

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I heard on the radio the other day that it is way too early for the normal seasonal flu and if you have the achy joints or any of these symptoms, you very well could have the Swine Flu.

Let me tell you, if you get it.. it likes to hang on like a close friend for a very long time.

I got sick 2 -3 weeks before before thanksgiving. I think I missed 4 weeks of Church because I did not want to give it to anyone and I did not want to be gagging coughing in church. I had a cough that sounded like my lung was going to come out and land on the floor. I was never diagnosed with the swine flu… but ya can’t help but wonder.

Lets see, I went through 3 different antibiotics, 2 scripts of steroids different strengths, a ton of tissues, and 3 big bottle of DayQuil ( well the third is still 1/2 full ) probably 2 bottles of nightquil, a few benedryl from being allergic to the Rocephin shot in my butt, 4 office visits, chest x rays, nebulizer and puffers, and I am still not 100 % better.

I was supposed to sing a song in church last Sunday, but my voice just was not able to do it. I am committed to do it this Sunday, I think I will be okay.

My post today is to advise everyone if you feel poorly… keep it to yourself! This flu goes in waves, for a day you think you are getting better then whomp- kicks your butt again.

Mark started yesterday with congestion , tonight he has chills, we unfortunately canceled our Rochester adventure tomorrow. No sense driving 1 1/2 hrs, feeling like crap, sharing the air in a closed car with Me, Jeff, Amanda and Brandon ( who have been battling the feeling yucky symptoms then getting better only to feel lousy again for 3 months !!) plus we do not want to give it to Adrianne, Mackenzie and Josh. Just need to lay low.

We probably will  hit the rack in 2009 and waken  7 hrs into 2010. I do not think I can make it till midnight and Mark.. well he looks like he is going to need to snooze sooner than me.

So For all of you who read this.. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND thanks for coming over to share a piece of my life.  I hope this finds you feeling well, and having a safe New Years Eve. love Always, Cindy… Alias Mrs Justa.



In the whole scheme of things , what really makes a difference?

In the whole scheme of things  what ripple has an effect and what does not?

Someone once told me that if it won’t matter in 99 years, than it really is not that important. Don’t sweat it.

I wrote yesterday about the huge feeling of overwhelmed I have because of many changes all at once at work and wanting to make sure everything is laid out as simply as possible for people to understand and to be able to follow and not slow us down any.

As I went to an in-service today on yet another new project, and it is an exciting project for those who might benefit from it, I began to feel like these ducks on the rock. Do you see them?? 100_4140

Here I zoomed in on them. In doing that I thought how Apropo as I zoom in not only are they there in many directions but they appear quite fuzzy. That is how it feels sometimes, like these fuzzy ducks looking out across the vast miles and miles of water, surrounded but billions of rocks. Wondering what makes a difference.

SO these rocks and miles of water resemble the amount of stuff I feel I have to get done, and to top it off I have a class I have a presentation I need to finish, and a HUGE project that we are projecting will take 6 months.  So a lot is weighing on my mind, I know it is fine, and I am trying to figure out what really does not matter… but it all does. In this class I am in 2 different groups each with their own responsibilities.. and then we each also a presentation on our own. It is just a lot of extra stuff…

I did not bring work home tonight, but think I will for the weekend. I bought stuff to do a mini New Year welcoming with Mark and we will hang out here tomorrow night. We are heading to Roch on Friday, that is fun… then we will be back Fri evening and I think I really need to work on stuff then. Have a good night to all of you… I hope to get a few hrs of sleep, but wonder if the mind whirling will cause me to go in early in the morning and start on it. It will feel REALLY GOOD when I am done! It would be great to have it all done before 2010… NOT HAPPENING THOUGH !!!Have a good one everyone. Love mrs Justa…. alias.. Cindy

I worked from home today to shrink the pile of work I have to do. Oh it feels like it looks like this, but it is neatly in folders , just a lot to do. Today I did 13 performance reviews. These reviews take time, I put thought into all the factors and goals and then have to put in future goals for next year. I need to fairly rate the employees and unfortunately all the salary people are due at the same time.

It took me an hr and a half last night and all day today. I stopped at lunchtime and took my shower… kinda fun this morning working in my fuzzy robe and jammies.

I completed them all.. phew. Now I have 3 other projects I am working on, and will have to try to tackle them in the next few days. But it does feel good to have the performance reviews done. The people who work for me are hard workers, and I want to make sure I am fair but use it as a teaching tool and to put on paper how well they do.


Now I feel a sigh of relief but I have many more steps to go before I can see the world from the top of the mountain of work to do.

It seems that all of the sudden things can build up on me. Does that happen to you?

It is like I am going along in life and everything is smooth, things feel in control, them wham, I am staring at a mountain of tasks and the only way to the other side is over it… step by step.

If you have a want to better health, weight to loose, want to get in better shape, if you have a book report to do, a sewing project, a project for work, maybe you are taking on line courses , even getting ready for this most recent holiday,the mailing of cards, the buying of gifts, whatever the things are… they can grow from a speckle of a task to this big ass mountain while you are not looking.

I am going to go and make some supper first, then I will sort through my 2 folders I brought home and try to make a plan. Yeah that is it, I need a plan. A process.. A list…

100_2862 Someone once asked me in a time of feeling  extremely overwhelmed

“How do you eat an elephant?”

Well after getting over the gross thought of eating an elephant, picturing gnawing on that hairy leather skin, and eating oh lets say

15,000 pounds of meat, fat and tough skin….

I said intelligently “I dunno!”

Their answer…” One bite at a time”

That was comforting in a jigunda sorta way…

One paper at a time, one idea at a time, one pound of weight to lose at a time…

and before you know it…you have completed the tasks at hand.

Good night to all… I am going to go take the first bite…

Love Mrs Justa… CIndy

A Vermont fir swag, I believe that is what this was called. 100_4681 It smells of sweet pine. This was made by my niece from Vermont. She is the most down to earth, au natural family member that we have. She and her boyfriend live in a log cabin over looking a huge mountain in Vermont. The mountain they see is actually the mountain they both work at, he works on the trails and she teaches snowboarding. She is also working in a school as an aide, but she has her teaching degree and is hoping to land an art teaching job at that school in the near future. They run a co-op in the nicer weather, all organic veggies, and they run a mini farm. They are very busy and loving life, and making it work.

For the Christmas exchange this was one of the gifts from her- accompanied with a 10.00 gift card to a local grocery store. We have it hanging on our front door, but it is starting to shed, so I do not know how much longer we will be blessed with its beauty.

We look at it though and we think of her, and her enjoyment she must have had as she made it.

That is a true meaning of Christmas really, finding things to make something to give of yourself to another person.

I think we get too caught up in the newest gadgets, the newest computers, the biggest TVs, the best video games, and before we know it the charge companies are loving us and we are wondering why we spent what we did for a moment of hastily opened gifts, and really expectations beyond what they should be.

And in the end, will people remember all you gave them? A year from now, will you remember everything that exchanged hands on Christmas morning? Did you give people gifts this year out of a feeling of an obligation? Or because you wanted to give someone special something? And of those gifts you gave, what thought and meaning went with them? Or was it a task that needed to be filled? I will remember this swag, I will remember the look on Natalie’s face when the person who initially opened it was looking at it. What was special for you this holiday season? I hope there is something that touched your heart. Love always, Mrs Justa…. alias Cindy


Our toy is complete now. Jeff and Amanda gave us a carousel for the coffee flavors to go in, plus they gave us 4 boxes of different flavors… .

So if you are ever in the neighborhood.. we can give you gourmet coffee, hot chocolate, tea …many flavors to choose from, strength to your liking.

We are winding down from an icy morning, and a wonderful visit at Jeff and Amanda’s, a surprise drop off of a gift at our friends house, the routine house cleaning, and I am about to undo all the Christmas decorating and get back to normal… whatever normal is.

Next week we are aiming to head west and see Mackenzie, Josh and Adrianne, so I don’t want to wait till next Saturday to do it. The stuff all goes out in the shed, I bring the wheel barrel out and load it up… it looks like tomorrow is a better day to do that then next week.

I do love this time of year for many reasons. I love knowing we made it through another year, I love the thought of a fresh start, good intentions and seeing where they ended up the end of the next year. I love having to empty all the bill receipt folders and starting with empty ones, I even like feeling that the first day of winter is behind us and every day is ONE DAY CLOSER TO SPRING!

100_4680This year we will have another gran-baby in May- we are getting there quickly. I have things I did not accomplish and goals for the future I am heading for.  I have wishes for others and prayers for health, I have ambitions and destinations I do not know even yet what they are. What have you accomplished, what got away from you ? What goals do you have for 2010, 

I can do a cyber cup of coffee for you…

here you go…

take an imaginary  sip a hot cup of your wishes…

can’t you smell the aroma …. we can compare notes!

Life, it is fun, we have to take each day with a sense of humor and a positive outlook. Bless you all, Mrs Justa .. Cindy


Christmas Eve is a traditional time for all to gather at my moms old house, which now my brother and his wife home.  We have done Christmas Eve in that house since 1963. This photo is precious to me, because it shows the love of a father for his son, and the joy from a son for his father. How special. How priceless.

The tradition has changed a bit. For years we read the story of Christ’s birth from the bible. The kids would share in it. Mom would always cook a buffet type meal , now Tom has replaced that with his incredible stroganoff. For probably 28 years I have brought over sugar cookies with my own special fluffy frosting, and recently have added an assortment of cookies- complements of the cookie exchange at work.

We used to buy gifts for everyone. Let me tell you, that got to be pretty expensive as we all grew up , got married and had children of our own. And as we grew up and there were more of us, the one person get a gift , open it and the pick one for someone else lasted for 3 hrs.

Now we have each adult bring a gift worth 20.00. And for the kids we have name drawing- so one kid gives one gift to another kid. The adults are counted and each draw one number out of a bowl. This yr we had 15 adults. When you get a gift from under the tree you can opt to keep it or take someone else’s gift . You can only make this choice once. So number one gets the gift they chose, unless someone above them chooses to take what they have. one yr I was number 6 and I think I had 4 different people take what ever gift was in my hand at the time.

It is fun and that is really what it is about., Enjoying each other, not really about the gifts. This yr I got number 13, Mark was number 12. He got 20.00 in scratch off lottery tickets, I got a utility knife, Jeff’s wife Amanda was going to take Mark’s gift  “  no matter what it was “ she kept saying… so I chose to steal his lottery tickets and gave him the utility knife. ( Hee hee we won 28.00 in lottery winnings )

Well she got her eyes on a 20.00 Pizza hut gift card that my nephew had gotten, so she took that, gave my nephew a evergreen swag for a front door and a 10.00 Wegmans gift card- so Mark ended up offering to trade my nephew the utility knife for the evergreen swag and gift card. It was such fun.

Today , well it was a quiet day, we went no where, had crock pot roast beef ( umm it came out very good) Yorkshire pudding, veggies and will have some apple crumb topping pie. Tomorrow we will meet Shawn and Pat for breakfast then go over to Jeff and Amanda’s to bring them their gifts. Mark and I had gone out together, bought stuff we wanted for each other and wrapped it. It was a nice change- and it was funny because some of the stuff was almost a surprise… that is what is  great about getting old.. Everything is new !.  Mark talked to Adrianne a little bit ago, Mackenzie is pushing 11 pounds and doing great. We get to see them next Friday…

Yes today is almost over but it was a really nice day, yes a really really nice day. I am sitting in my new office chair, we have got Marks web camera working , the new individual serving coffee pot is set up and we have our health and our family…. Life is good… Merry Christmas to all.//// and to all a good night. Love mrs justa. ( Cindy)


The sun has set and many many children are anxious about Christmas morning, many are trying to sleep so Santa will come and bring them something special

Santa, the magic we have added to Christmas. Santa, a stranger but someone they are to accept, to know, someone they know loves them no matter what.

Santa- bringing smiles to children old and young. Santa who knows us throughout the year.

I remember when Jeff was 4 he was very upset because we lived in an apartment, and no fireplace, and you needed a key to get in the main door. “How can Santa come here?” He asked me. and I assured him that Santa comes everywhere. He faithfully left carrots for the reindeers and cookies and milk for Ol Saint Nick.

I love the magic of Christmas.

I hope that there is something special for each of you, even though the Christmas days change in their activities as years go by, but that does not mean it can not be special.

Mark and I are together this Christmas, No one else will be over, we will sleep in, and try out our new single serving coffee maker that we bought for each other but have not used yet- nope not till Christmas. And I will put together my new office chair that has been sitting in a box looking at me for 3 weeks.

Yes it is different, but not bad. Just a change. Brandon will be with his parents opening gifts at home, where he should be. Christmas is not for tug of war between homes, no it should be shared with the parents and children, and intimate time for their own families.

We will go over on the 26th with their gifts, that way they will not have to bring stuff there afterwards. We will have roast beef tomorrow, with yorkshire pudding and veggies, we will enjoy the day.

it is nice to age really. It is nice to  know our kids have families of their own , and to not feel pulled or tugged in directions by our demands. I have had friends who really hated the holidays because they felt committed to follow their parents demands, even though they just wanted to stay home and do their own thing. I swore I would never be that way with Jeff or with Adrianne.

It is nice to know we aren’t waiting for our kids to finally go to sleep so we can bring out their gifts from hiding places, ( that was a nice time… but so is this)

Merry Christmas to all, I hope you find some time to be special, and take a moment and remember the real meaning of Christmas. Peace, Cindy … mrs justa.

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