Crossed fingers, it is funny because depending on if they are in front of you or behind your back, they mean 2 totally different things.

I have my fingers crossed tonight… in front of me ….why you ask… well I hope that the republicans take the vote to replace Kennedy in Massachusetts. All the frill and fluff that the democrats have done in the past year and we have a country of people looking for work or wondering how long it will be until they too are looking for work. We are on a fence about where to invest any money we might have, will the dollar hold its own? Will health care take any extra money we might have… or will health care take from money we already have designated for other living expenses?

We hear all this talk about energy and greenhouse effect, yet there are people in Alaska stating they have no idea what the heck these greenie pushers are talking about. I feel the democrats have their fingers crossed, but it is behind their backs.. meaning they are disillusioning us.

We need to turn this whirlpool of careless spending, of printing money , and trashing our country to other diplomats in the world…

we need the Pride in America back… and I feel that is not the path we are on right now. So my fingers are crossed… that would be HUGE is the republicans won in Mass. I want to see flags whirling in the breeze, I want to hear patriotism, I want the folks in the service to know they are protecting the greatest country in the world, and for the people living in this country to believe it.

I do, I LOVE America, and want my grandkids to have a chance at prosperity, at the many opportunities this grand land should offer for them. God Bless America, Land that I love… Yes my fingers are crossed, for some positive direction in this land. Love to all, Mrs justa… alias, Cindy