June 2012

Riley comes home 6-29-2012 022

Riley is our new “daughter”. She came home today from the SPCA.

Riley’s story is kind of sad…and I hope she believes it now has a happy ending to it!.

Riley is estimated between 2-3 yrs old. .. she was found as a stray.

She was brought to the SPCA , they not really knowing anything about her,had to put her through the screening and testing to make sure she was healthy..and than put in a kennel for possible adoption. A week or so after she arrived—her family came in to look for a dog… can you imagine how happy Riley was when she saw her family found her!!! but instead of them paying a fee to get her back..they left her there , telling the place “they can keep her” .

When we met her, she was the only Riley comes home 6-29-2012 009dog that did not bark..she just sat, smiling, looking at the door, I truly believe looking for her family to come back in again… . I guess we need to thank her owners for being such irresponsible, uncompassionate people. Riley deserves more than being left behind like that! The Lord works in mysterious ways..and for Riley.. I am convinced there was some divine intervention in this last 72 hrs…. I just do not understand how anyone can find their pet..and leave them.  And I wonder how she became stray…. she does not run away from us…she is very well behaved on a leash…

When Mark and I individually saw her on Weds—we both agreed we liked her. She was spayed on Thursday, and is our dog today.

She rode in the car wonderfully…

she went into Pet smart—never barked or  bothered by other dogs in there…and she let a representative from the store work with her for quite a long time , trying on various harnesses. She just kept standing still..than stepping in and out of the harnesses..We were amazed… Here at home—she has not yet barked.. we do not know her signs for “I gotta go out NOW” but I am sure we will learn them soon.. We just bring her out every 30-45 minutes and praise her when she goes… She is having trouble with her digestive system.. both ends—but we are wondering if it is not the after effects of the anesthesia from yesterday..and the stress of being adopted today.

She and the cat had NO problems…Riley comes home 6-29-2012 026                                                                                                     

we love this picture..it is like the cat is telling the secrets of the house…I can hear their conversation…”See the guy—he is EASY!! but the lady.. she is a not as easy to manipulate..”

This weekend we had camping reservations- we were supposed to leave this afternoon…but with this new addition to our family—we decided to postpone arrival till morning… well the camp site said with it being a Holiday weekend—we had to be there by 10 this evening—or loose the camp site. It was not fair to the dog to take her up there 3 hrs after we picked her up so we decided to cancel our weekend camping trip because she needs to adjust to one place at a time. Riley comes home 6-29-2012 039

It is all for the better—we can watch the dog—try to see her cues, not worry about her getting over stimulated at a packed camp grounds..and we can work with her to teach her all the ok and not so ok things to do around here.

SO here is the start of yet another of Mark and Cindy’s wonderful adventures…. hang on… ya just never know what kind of stuff flows our way… Love to all, Mrs justa alias Cindy..


100_0027The anticipation of getting a pet is overwhelming at times. Did we get everything we will need? Will she like the food? Will she tell us when she has to go out? Will she listen? Is she a chewer? How long will Imus and the new dog take to accept one another?

Tomorrow we hope we can get her. She was spayed today and they said by around noon she should be all set to come home. 

We met our friends tonight and had dinner. It was kind of weird-our excitement and their not even beginning to comprehend why we would do  this life changing event. They are not pet people.. we are. It is similar to my not liking boating, or having horses.

We all have our interests, our compassions. I try to understand those who really like something that I just look at and say “ What am I missing?”

But it is natural for us to 100_0022prepare for a dog.. my goodness, dogs can be such an intricate part of our lives..and we swore we would never get another..but her story—her smile… she won us over… This is like preparing for a new kid in 24 hrs!. Oh you will have to watch for some photos… her leaving the shelter, her riding in the car..her coming to her new home…

yep—a new little girl in the house. Can not wait!.

Have a great night…. love to all.. it is late—I am going in a zillion directions..and I gotta stop and SLEEP… love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Today at lunch, I was working fervently on a case—thinking about working right thru lunch , munching on my cheerios and just plugging thru , and all of the sudden..I am standing.. it is 1:20 and off I go to lunch.

It was weird… when I got out to my car, I had a mission… Malloy Road..the CNY SPCA. Don’t know why..it was strange.

So off I go, I walk in and start walking through the aisles of kennels..and low and behold this sweet little dog is sitting there watching the doorway, almost willing for it to open by someone special. She did not bark when I walked by, she looked at me—but right back to the door. I saw probably 30 dogs… most barking at me “Take me..Take me..” and this sweet little dog continued to sit there. I walked back and forth by her kennel 4 times..same response….

So I went out to hear her storyimagesCAV7BBSN. Seems she was a stray, found wondering , so they took her into the shelter. She was from a family life… and her family found her at the shelter..but after they saw her, they found they would need to pay a fee..so they basically told the shelter to keep their dog… And here sits this dog—waiting for her owners to return and bring her home. The dog does not understand…. and well I got weak.. I called Mark— he came down and met her… he got weak..and long story short—we may bring her home Friday.

So off we went to WalMart tonight….—needed to buy little girly dog stuff..a pink collar, a leash, a pink dispenser for poop bags, food, a bowl, a kennel, a bed, treats, a pink dog stuffed teddy bear, and a brush..At the check out- this woman came up to me, she  had just 002entered the store as I was standing in line…. she saw the cart full of new dog stuff and said she had just moved into a home a few blocks away..and the owners left a dog crate..if we wanted it she would just give it to us…She said her husband was going to put it by the road with a “free” sign on it…

This was so weird—like everything was coming together intentionally. Seeing the dog, Mark liking the dog too, now this woman. think of all the things that happened in sequence to have me and this woman cross paths at the same time. My 4-4:30 meeting ran 15 minutes late…my director came with me to the SPCA to spend some time with the dog to be… she wanted to see the other dogs and cats-so we were there for a bit…traffic was crazy on the way home, and turns to get home were not the quickest way to go…. … I changed,  put laundry in the washer, put a few things away..than headed to WalMart with Mark, we stopped a couple times and looked at things, we compared costs for things we needed… each thing that happened led to  this woman and I to meet at that one moment. … Spiritual intervention..

so Mark and I put the 40.00 kennel back, I cashed out the rest of the things, and than we gave the lady some time to shop and go home..( she figured she would be home in about 20 minutes… ( we went and sat by the lake for a bit)  we went to her home..and she already had the kennel sitting there for us. We brought it home, and after hosing it off, cleaning it with fantastic, it looks pretty much like new. That was so kind of her to do that !. Acts of kindness done randomly…… It meant so much to both of us.. Wow..what an experience.

I am off now to get ready to pay bills tomorrow.. and to go camping this weekend… some days feel like there just are not enough hrs in a day.

Love to all, Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

Technology is amazing, it really is. But it is also making us let empathetic, less social, less able to involve each other in real life to exist. Oh we can all sit and stare at computer, and text one another, we can play games with others over the web—not hearing their laughter or their comments… we can blog …. we can feel important because we have over 100 friends on facebook…MArks phone 001but at the end of the day…if it was your last day on this part of life’s journey…. how long would it take for someone to realize you died? Would your “friends” on facebook notice??

Would anyone miss a text message… … and are you in a neighborhood where people do not know one another??? Would anyone  know your car has not moved, or your blinds never were opened, …why??? Because often  I believe that we live in a society that is not as neighborly as it was 20-30 years ago.  It seemed like in the 50s and 60s that children lived near their families, I can not even begin to count the number of people whose children have moved to other states..sometimes across the country. Siblings are doing their own thing, children have lives of their own, in many places neighbors see you come and go but do you know your neighbors names? Do you feel comfortable to go to the door of the person who lives next to you and say hi? And if you do..is there a chance they would be wondering what you REALLY wanted?

This is a differentMArks phone 240 time. I know if my brothers or sisters… if our kids or spouse needed anything—we would be there in a heart beat. I also believe if I was to call family member and ask for help—they would be here without a doubt . But the Sunday dinners of long ago, they were great at getting the family together..or block parties… they just do not happen as often as before. Oh I am sure some folks still have the family gatherings..but I just feel it is less. I tell myself I should start it with those family  around here…but I never do…Mark and I have talked about doing a mini family reunion for our kids and their kids… like in OBX –rent a house.. In a few years though..when the kids are more able to climb safely the sand dunes and 4-5 flights of stairs.

Life —- it is different. We find life’s events of people we care about over face book…( back when I was younger -if a friend was suffering we found out by a letter, a call or a card…We were out to dinner last weekend, there was a mom, dad and kid at the table..and in the mom’s lap—her I- phone–texting away to others on  their smart phones-so this quiet dinner for 3 became a dinner with all her friends too…. When it sounds cool to have your coffee with your family via skype… maybe it is time we turn the power off and turn the compassion and relationships up.

I have an older brother who lives about 9 hrs away. I think he and his wife still have their kids and their kids spouses, and children come over for Sunday dinner. Let’s bring 11-12-11 thanksgiving with our kids and their kids 015back the gatherings, lets bring back the calls, lets bring back the knocking on doors and extending a hand…. ( Just make sure the person is not high on bath salts… seems they are making people eat people! You want your hand back when you extend it. )

We only live once … this is our one time to share our life with others… there is nothing better than the hug of a grandchild, the laughter of many, the stories from long ago…. and it is not found on the computer or IPAD-Iphone screens.

Love to all for tonight.. think about picking up the phone or writing a letter, or actually visiting someone,,,,Mrs Justa alias Cindy

We had some friendshelping put the sailboat in the Lake 003 that needed some help today..so we went to help them. They have a 28 foot sailboat and needed someone to tow it to Skaneateles Lake. They had it on the trailer, and basically ready to hook to and tow.. we have a pick up truck… so together we could make it happen….. and after today I gotta tell you I admire them..and do not quite understand the fact that people like having sailboats.

helping put the sailboat in the Lake 008Dang the amount of work they had to do once we arrived at the lake—well it was pretty amazing. They are flitting here and there, attaching their motor, untangling ropes, attaching pulleys and wenches… me and Mark basically stayed out of their way for the most part. I took some photos… and watched…thinking to myself—that what they were doing was not even the slightest bit appealing to me.

They probably think the same thing about camping..but gee. to me… I prepare the food—get the fridge running a day before we go… pack clothes, plan a menu… and Mark and I take off. He drives the pick up… we work together to set it up…but setting up does not involve cranking up a mast and untangling ropes and driving into a lake edge, ..than they have to hook up a dingy to their boat..and go out in the lake..anchor it..and row the dingy back and forth to shore. I am not a lazy  person but THAT is too much like work to relax…

These peoplehelping put the sailboat in the Lake 005 ( other sail boat owners)  were coming up to me and asking me about the boat..like it was mine… and I kept apologizing and directing them to the folks who own it.. It was funny.. I would say I was not a real boat fan..and you would have thought I had just thrown up in front of them… than when I said  …I am a camper… well.. they could not understand my joy of camping much more than I could grasp the joy of getting a sailboat in the water.

We had a friend about 23 years ago, who had a sailboat in Sodus NY..He  insisted we spend a weekend with him.. Now he loved to sail, he had a belly laugh that was contagious, and his voice was kinda like MR Rogers…there was one problem… he could not see from his one eye, and the other was pretty vision impaired. So imagine our experience as he sailed us around. He had no depth perception… and for some harebrained reason he thought a venture out of Sodus Bay and into Lake Ontario was a good idea. Mark and I never sailed a day in our lives…and here we are with  our next to blind captain who had to literally man the whole boat..every few minutes would tell us to duck …he had to Jibe as we left the bay..and to top it off..there was a fog so dense that my job became holding a can and blowing the hand held fog/air horn. He said that was so other boats knew we were there… YIKES>>>The most scenery there was ..was the tip of our nose ..and I was scared to death, I have not been a smaller than cruise ship boat person for years..as I had a boating incident where I thought I was going to drown on the bottom of the lake… so I am not fond of boats on a good day…

5-19-2012 east coast with the boys for the day 063Somehow we made it… and we never went out with him again…. and if it is not a boat that can hold at least a few hundred people…well it is not a boat to find ME on…golly gee… in a dingy… a canoe,, a row boat… and kayak…. whoa no!!!!!! I would totally freak out… my subconscious would take me to a panic place that would not be pretty..I can guarantee everyone on the boat would feel like they had a religious experience after listening to be chant the “Lord’s Prayer “ for the entire trip….

Nope… keep me on solid ground, and than .. I am a happy camper !

Love to all, Mrs justa… alias Cindy

One day when I did my great escape at lunch time.. I went over to a parking lot at a plaza near by. I turn on the radio, listen to Rush Limbaugh get all fired up about stuff, open the windows and watch the world go by.

Well one day I looked up, camper and a dog in window 005and in a 3rd floor apartment window was this …

This dog, standing on maybe a couch , just faithfully watching out the window. I began to think about dogs and owners and people and friends.

And well it hit me hard that there are probably not too many friends as faithful as a dog. A dog will greet you at your door every single day with a tail wagging so much that you are not sure if the tail is wagging the body..or the body wagging the tail.

brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 120A dog will come next to you and stay by you no matter how sick you are. Back a few years ago, Badger did not feel well and he needed someone to be with him during the day, he had to be let out a lot. Mark, who also was not feeling well, went over daily to stay with Badger, and regardless of how bad either felt..they stayed side by side.

When Mark had his leg trying to heal, he had to use a CPM machine, he would go into the spare bedroom and get hooked up, and lie there as this machine worked to bend his knee…

He never was alone doing 100_0638that though…

Carmel may not have ever understood what the machine was… but he sensed he needed to go in there.

I remember when I had a surgery and was unable to lie down in bed for weeks, I would doze off in the recliner..only to wake up to have our dog Chip on the foot of the recliner watching me sleep.

brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 102Mark and I have computers next to one another, and if we were both on, Indi would just come in and sit next to us… what person would do that?

I have seen on line photos of different dogs, loyal to their owner till the end. It is true that “Dogs are man’s best friend” They forgive you when brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 001you are grumpy, they greet you and say good bye to you as you come and go, they will go anywhere you want to take them, and if you are lucky they will patiently wait.. to see you again.

Since Jeff was 10—we have had 3 dogs. Chip, Carmel and Indi. each were special in their own way..and each had to be put to sleep for various reasons. We understood why each time, and it hurt to do it..but as I look back..they each filled our lives with so much love, so much commitment and so much loyalty..I would not trade any of the days with them for anything else.

Who knows if we will get another dog.. we teeter on the fence all the time… but tonight.. I just want to say—dogs are cool…. Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

chase corp challenge 6-19-2012 001

My dear friend Stephany..I would have made you proud.

I did it again this year. Each year as I have said many times before—you come to mind as I start to take each step.

Life is full of mediocre, life is full of opportunities to either take the bull by the horns, or run like Hell from the bull and get the horns up your buttinsky…. . Tonight was a bull by the horns night. It was a rather busy day at work and I needed to meet Mark at lunchtime to give him something, so we said we could meet and go to lunch. Well don’t cha know it… as I am walking into the booth, my right great toe kicks the base of the booth..and the toe nail pops up… well rips up… dang that hurt.. So as we are eating lunch I am thinking about the Corporate Challenge this evening –the 3.5 mile walk… in 90 % heat with 70 % humidity at least..on asphalt they figure is going to be 120 degrees… and I am now with a toe nail that is throbbing and not all attached.. When I got back to work, I washed it off, had a bandaid in my drawer, taped the nail down and thought – I will take the bull by the horns and go for it.

The closer it got to being the time to start the walk, the stronger my prayers got… ( I hate to admit it..but maybe I was running from the bull!) Oh I was praying for that slight chance of a thunder storm..( lightening might cancel the race..) but NO… so I prayed harder..thinking God tried to get me out of the race by moving that booth in my path… so in my mind I am whirling all sorts of thoughts… than out of sky— a voice came…. it was the announcer stating that since the heat and humidity were so oppresive—they are changing it from a 3.5 mile challenge—a competition ..to a 2 mile “fun run”( ..I am so stupid at times..) I am sitting there and asking –gee so do the runners compete for 1.5 miles and than have a fun run for the next 2??Or do the runners have a fun run for 2 and than compete for the last 1.5??? and  what do we do after the 2 mile fun run..?? People are looking at me like I am having a major “blonde moment”  as I was totally not realizing what they were saying was they were cutting the 3.5 miles down to 2 miles..and there would not corporations competing for the best time.  Once I figured out the 3.5 mile was not an issue in this heat… I  did a foot ball or base ball player move when they make a great play..I looked to the heavens and said

Thank you God… AMEN!. This is still a lot..and there were 8000 people there.. it would still be kinda uncomfortable..but we save 1.5 miles. I did not want to be that person on a golf cart turned mini ambulance somewhere along the way…. none of us did.. a bunch were thinking the same thing… So the announcer tells all to line up in the street…This is looking forwardchase corp challenge 6-19-2012 005 from where I was standing while we waited for the group to start… behind me was a group the same size or bigger.

People –a sea of people… all bunched together on a 4 lane highway.. waiting for the go… no air moving..lots of sweat pouring off many…

My boss said she wanted to walk with me..I warned her that my step would be a little slower because of this new look to my r toe..but she said she wanted to walk with me..So I said Okay……

Our good friend gave me a couple of these bandanna looking things that when you soak them for 1/2 hr before using them, they stay cool for up to 2 days… you wrap it around your neck..and it keeps you cooler than without.. Well at first I was self conscious… but than I was pretty hot—so being one of the only people there with this thing around my neck was a bonus and not a obstacle. I brought the second one and that way I would not be alone..if I could find someone as hot as me… ( which did not take too long) she thanked me over and over for the bandana after the stroll. 

It was a kind of miserable night to take a stroll at 6 30 pm..but the neat thing is knowing I am doing it… and  seeing the half way point..and than seeing the finish line… and knowing I had the bull’s horns in my hands and not up my butt!. Yep..I did it… and I feel great that I did…

Love to all and thanks to Stephany for your inspiration…

Mrs Justa… alias Cindy

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