We are just back from a 5 day camping span at East Coast Resorts. It was a nice weather spell of camping, I did work this week so it was just commuting from work to there instead of to here. It was nice once Friday night arrived, to be able to not worry about the alarm going off and missing work.

The weather was cooler than it has been for the majority of this summer, and we got to do a fire Saturday night, did the S’Mores things, got some pretty relaxing moments..and now we are home..laundry almost done, and we are about to have a 4th birthday celebration for Brandon.

On the way home I was humbled . Often I find myself thinking about how nice it would be to be this or win the lottery, …and than I was leaving Nice and Easy after placing the order for pizza and wings for the party for Brandon.

AS I opened the door there was an older man. He was walking with a stride of maybe 3 inches a step. His left foot was totally curled in and he was walking literally on his ankle bone. He had a cane. The gas pump says “Pay before fueling”, it is at least 30 feet from the pump to the door…. and he wanted $20.00 worth of fuel. SO he was hobbling to the store to pay 20.00 dollars and than going to hobble back to his car to pump the gas. ( actually hobbling would have been faster than he was able to move)

As I watched this , 6-1 2012 East Coast resort 009I felt horrible for this man. People coming and was like he was invisible. Mark was parked away from this person, but could see the man from the pick up. He had Riley with him… I came up to our pick up, gave Mark the coffees I bought and said I would be right back.

I was able to get back to the man-and he still had not made it to the store entrance. I asked if I could help..and you would have thought I offered him a million dollars. He explained he was going in to pay for his gas, I asked if he wanted me to do that for him. With shaking hands he gave me $20.00 from a weathered black billfold—held together with a rubber band….…his skin translucent ..his body hunched and frail. I told him he could wait for me..or head back towards his car. He headed to his car..and got maybe a foot when I got back outside. When I came back out and asked if I could help him. He said if I held his arm—he could walk faster. ( his gait was 3 1/2 inches max with assistance).

AS we were slowly walking to his car..he told me he has a crooked foot..and he is going to have surgery in December..He said something about “maybe I should ask if they could do it sooner”… I agreed that might be good. I asked him how bad his pain is? He said “pretty bad..but I get by… “ We talked about after surgery, I asked if he had thought he might need rehab? He said that he figured he would go to rehab and hopefully be able to walk again before he goes home.

I asked is he had ever seen the walkers with seats on them? He said he had but did not know where to get one. So I shared with him various places I had seen them… my goodness I was tempted to tell him to hang out there and run to Walgreens and get him one.

I asked him if there was anything else I could do to help..he said pumping his gas would be nice. So I got him to his car..pumped his gas… and watched as he got into his car.

6-25-2012 Syracuse and Oswego NY 027All of the sudden anything I have wrong is not so bad.  Most things I can take care of myself… this man … he was “getting by” …he is going to have a long road to walk correctly again…and he can not fix what is wrong by himself. I wonder why a doctor would put off that surgery for at least  5 months? Golly gee— this guy can not walk !! What is he supposed to do? Who is his advocate for care?

I can not get him out of my mind. I wish I had asked him where he lived..I wished I had been able to do more. This man –he was the poster child for determination..for fighting adversity….God Bless him..I hope he gets his surgery sooner than December.

Love to all… our summer is winding down..that means my posting will be getting more regular. Mrs Justa alias Cindy…


Okay… I have a pondering thought..why does a 4 day week seem to last longer than a 5 day work week? I mean really—it is only day 2 of 4 and I feel like I put in 5 days already. I can not ever figure that out.. 5-27-12 012

It has been a fairly busy 2 days, tonight was a stay later than normal at work night, than home for a short bit, met our friends for coffee..and now we are back. I am about to balance the check book and get ready for bill paying tomorrow night.

This can be a challenge at times.. For there is real math..and than “Cindy math”. The “Cindy math” is not intentional how it is completed—in fact I am always amazed when I see that “Cindy math” was done.

The last episode of “Cindy Math” happened during a rush to get the bills done.. It was a great event—seemed like the money was lasting forever…

Well a couple days later—as the e-payments started showing, I was rather upset with the bank because their math was not matching mine.

mixed up mathLow and behold was I who made the error… I use a big calculator—like one accountants use—so heck when the answer comes up on the LED screen—that IS THE ANSWER!.. But seemed I left the “2” out of a $225.00 payment when I hit the I subtracted $25.00 instead of $225.00…When I use the calculator-it is like my reasoning goes on a break and I rely on what the screen shows..

FORTUNATELY>>>we check our bank statement regularly..and FORTUNATELTY we had a way to get the 200.00 back in there before there were transactions that would have failed… so I am off to make sure the math for this past week has been real math and not the “Cindy math”….I HATE when I make a mistake… and when I see one—I am totally dumbfounded over how could I have done it… I could try to blame Mark—but it is my hand writing !!.

I hope you are having a great week… the way mine has been going so far… well… let’s hope the numbers are in correctly…All I gotta say is thank goodness I am not dealing with huge numbers in the account—I can only imagine what “Cindy math” would do if we had thousands, or millions, or billions…  in there…

Nope—I can make a mistake with just hundreds–

Love to all…Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

The government is in our affairs—in places it has no business being…

Now the government is Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 008proposing that anyone who wants contraception- should receive it FREE of charge from their insurance company. Why.. cuz NO_BAMA said so.

My goodness people—how much more of this bull crap are we going to be subjected to?

And where –where is this cost going to come from—OH wise one?

And do share— does the government than chose which type of contraception they are including—or is it any type? And than—what if it is contraindicated for a person? Or what if they have complications because of this “free service”?

And does this new rule state the premiums are not going to be affected by this ruling? Or did you think that the insurance company can print money—like you have for the past 3 years—in the TRILLIONS??

Or was that not thought of.. So any woman can get it for free—but everyone will be paying higher premiums because of this?


Lego Clip ArtI am amazed at the way that some people just go along with all the rules. Like buoys in the water—bobbing up and down- getting whacked by waves— la la –can’t do nothing but bob…

Look at this… from before its news..

“Republican Congressman Ron Paul from Texas, states on his website:

"Buried deep within the over 1,000 pages of the massive US Health Care Bill (PDF) in a “non-discussed” section titled: Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521— National Medical Device Registry, and which states its purpose as…….. He quotes that part of the law and then goes on to say: "In “real world speak”, according to this report, this new law, when fully implemented, provides the framework for making the United States the first Nation in the World to require each and every one of its citizens to have implanted in them a radio-frequency identification microchip for the purpose of controlling who is, or isn’t, allowed medical care in their country".

I just think every single one of us, need to not be so darn wimpy— we are going to have an election this year— are you okay with  the government getting into your beliefs, your pockets, and now under your skin??

We are NOT better than we were 3 years, ago… we can look in history of multiple times when people have gotten in trouble for bringing religion into schools- in public places—students suspended—ten commandments forced to be removed… yet the government can intrude peoples religious beliefs and mandate something many feel is morally wrong.

sept 2011 stuff 033Please just look at ALL the facts— and let’s all work together to make a change that will attempt to help our incredibly fantastic country.

I do love the USA- and am proud to be an American—but I am disappointed in the mandates- and the “Healthcare Reform” that was sneakily crammed down the throats of America—we need to STOP and THINK…and not just let things HAPPEN>

Love to all, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy… ( climbing off the podium)

I posted a video the other night of a song titled “Happiness” and that was all I posted. This is from a sound track to Broadway play “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”

Some may have wondered why I did it, well I did it because the lyrics have held a special part in my heart for years—and I guess I needed to remember them….


Happiness is finding a pencil.
Pizza with sausage.
Telling the time.
Happiness is learning to whistle.
Tying your shoe for the very first time.

Happiness is playing the drum in your own school band.
And happiness is walking hand in hand.
Happiness is two kinds of ice cream.
Knowing a secret.
Climbing a tree.
Happiness is five different crayons.
Catching a firefly.
Setting him free.

Happiness is being alone every now and then.
And happiness is coming home again.
Happiness is morning and evening,
Daytime and night time too.
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That’s loved by you.

Happiness is having a sister.
Sharing a sandwich.
Getting along.
Happiness is singing together when day is through,
And happiness is those who sing with you.
Happiness is morning and evening,
Daytime and nighttime too.
For happiness is anyone and anything at all
That’s loved by you.


It reminds me of the simple things in life and that is what happiness is really about. I guess I seem to overlook that at times. Last week I bought 2 scratch off lottery tickets for my birthday, and one was a $100.00 winner… so I went back and bought 10 more and pocketed the 80.00,,, and Mark and I scratched them… another 100.00 winner… whoa.. talk about luck.. SO off to the store… this buying 10 thing is making sense… woo hoo… humming in my mind.. “I’m in the money” when in reality we are still probably thousands   in the hole from all the looser tickets we buy. I thought I was “happy’ and than all ten- zippo—no winner…. Huge bummer… huge temptation for Satan to convince me that if I go right back in and buy another 10 or 20 that I have to have a winner… but instead I stopped, I turned a loosing ticket over and there was a thing about the gamblers hotline—I smiled in a sad sort of way realizing how very addictive this could be…..the “I feel lucky” thoughts- or “I am hot..gotta keep it going..”    but instead I stopped—I took a deep breath, I spoke with Mark..told him there were no winners…… than —   the ignition was turned on and off I drove.

As I was driving down some back village street this song again came into my mind.

“Happiness is morning and evening.. daytime and nighttime too..” yes that is happiness..not some lottery ticket.. ( however if it had been the 1,00.00 a week for life-I might change my tune LOL)….

So this weekend was a non busy weekend, spending the whole weekend with Mark–catching up on stuff around the house, breakfast out, watching the shows we had DVR’ed, sleeping in, going to the gym, cutting coupons, organizing and some thinning out of stuff, read some of a book… no real plan—no real need to be anywhere at any time… just enjoying our home—our life-  for a weekend. It was nice. This was happiness…. to make dinner… maybe shower early..nestle with the book or watch a movie..who knows…. it will be a quiet- ( and it is REALLY QUIET HERE) an old foggies night with my old foggie husband….Have a good evening, Love to all.. Mrs Justa..alias Cindy…

Well we made it through camping trip number one. Not bad for a couple old fogies. Indi survived the entire time there too, which was a blessing, because the thought of having to have to put him in the kennel any time we camp is pretty expensive.

What we learned…

Number one …. camping indi 001

Indi was pretty bored by the end of the weekend. No where to really play ball, and trying to figure out why we were doing what we were doing. He just hung out… and watched… got himself pretty exhausted pondering. He did go on more walks than he goes on at home. But there is a “dog walk” area, so we had to head down to it a few times each day. HA – it was funny as soon as we got home and he was off his leash at our front entrance way.. he ran around the house like a mad man… stretching his legs, picking up his tennis ball and dropping it, running in circles… He was glad to be home !!!

camping trip number one 6-3-2011 022Number 2

Camping next to an older Winnebago with horns on the front of it and REDNECK  is a pretty good indication that there may be some original Jonny Cash, Hank Williams and Tex Ritter playing… It was definitely a trip back in time of country music…

HA.., zoomed in it looks like he has a tree mounted on the camper too.. but he did not…and    Yes there are a bunch of stuffed animals across the dash…

They were very down to earth people, they asked if we minded the music, we said no… heck what are ya gonna say??? He was a nice guy… We had a couple of our friends come out for dinner … we thought our friends were gonna start square dancing though..our friends are very good friends.. they really do not like dogs, camping or country music I think they might have no intention of going and buying themselves a camper. Are friends we saying they were gonna look for a DVD with camping scary movies..where stuffed animals come alive… kinda like those scary movies with Chuckie…

Number 3….camping trip number one 6-3-2011 009

We are very very glad we bought the Kehrig coffee maker.. that made a huge difference.

We could brew just one cup of coffee instead of a pot, and make what we preferred instead of compromising for one kind or another.

Number 4….

camping trip number one 6-3-2011 021

Starting up is expensive,we had a lot of start up costs.. septic stuff, things to organize,. water drinking hose, tow hitch, weight distribution bars, sway bars… it has been a lot of getting ready.. but I really think we are in pretty good shape now….we were careful not to charge and have been looking for best prices and pay as we go… ..there is one area that I would not recommend looking for best prices….pay the extra money for the locking sewer pipes…and the little feet that hold it up … it really helps make the gray/black water adventure much more pleasant… Also.. using the public facilities for the denser waste.. if ya know what I mean…. makes the black water better too !!! And we got this neat little gizmo that you hook to the one end of the septic pipe when you are through and you can flush the inside of the pipe out…

All I gotta say is stock prices are gonna drop at Walmarts now that we pretty much have everything we need. ( And THANK GOD for Walmart—there prices are much better than the camping stores for RV stuff!!)

But that getting up in the wee hours of the morning to pee- ahh that was nice walking to the bathroom in the trailer and not trecking it to the public bathroom hoping all the way there that you woke up in time… Mark did take a shower in the camper last night and said it was NNNIIICCEEE>>>> me.. I did an early morning one at the facilities for the camp grounds.

So all in all… we survived journey one.. and in a few weeks we will head out again. We have stuff to do around here though first…

In the end .. I was reminded … A camper is a Happy camper..

                                                           Waking up outside.. fresh air … in a campsite is relaxing

                                                            Smelling like wood burning campfires is wonderful….


             Life is too short to not enjoy life….
Love to all.. Happy Camper.. alias Mrs Justa alias Cindy

This week has been kinda trying, we had training for all the clinical staff and have been keeping work flowing basically half staffed. A bunch of us are putting in extra time, I am so glad I work with the people I do.

I do not know what I did at the gym on Saturday and Sunday, but I had a back ache for the past few days. I did go tonight and am feeling a little worn out this evening.  I avoided the gym for a couple of days and tonight I just did a 45 minute work out.

This weekend the team I work with is coming in on Saturday, just to catch up from the week of half staff and vacations. I love my weekends, I think everyone does, but we all gather together and bust butt for 4-6 hrs, and it makes a HUGE difference.

Tomorrow we get to spend the evening with the 2 grand-boys- they are so much fun. They cuddle, they relate with one another, love to be read to and then they have little spats. It really is fun to watch them. I love bath time… they would stay in the tub for an hour if we let them, but usually after 1/2 hr we get them out.

I am sitting here listening to an investment guy from Maryland  talking about the doom and gloom of the country and the financial situations globally  we are about to end up in. He is stating things about how this country needs to stop spending and try to attempt to handle the debt. What he says is happening really— there are no answers for a pion as me. I dunno what we could do… plant a garden, try to become more self sufficient, it seems like this world is consuming everything. The I wants, the new toys, the faster world, digital, techy…. it is kind of scary- when you think about the stories of the Great Depression ( why the heck did they call it GREAT??) , it may end up like that again. So now this guy has totally bummed me out…. I am going to take a hot shower- while we have hot water.

Brrrr,,, can you imagine if in the winter our bath water was from melted snow? Some dudes tell you to buy gold— but try to buy bread with a hunk of gold. And what if you had gold- if no one has money, what do you do?? Throw it at people?

I hate to be apathetic, but I do not know for sure if his answers are the answers. What to do? Who to listen to? The Internet can be great…. but the Internet is also not so great.

This guy states he knows everything, but he will not run for office, he will not take money from you….he is just showing a power point and in a story book tone, he is telling a non comforting prediction for the future. Supposedly at the end of his 45 minute power point he is going to share secrets to get through this doom..

Hot shower,,, heated mattress pad,  electric alarm clock—that is my path right now. Let go and Let God….. goodnight

Love to all… Cindy alias Mrs Justa.

CRAIGS list… what a pain in the butt it was.100_6437 We posted 4 rims for a Nissan, 4 hub caps and as a bonus- 4 winter tires mounted on the winter rims. It went on for a month. Now each day about 100 other listings push your ad down the list. So to keep your ad within sight you have to repost it all the time. And when you go to repost it- the photos disappear- so than you have to re-upload photos.

People e mail you and ask about the merchandise, than they say they are REALLY interested, only to have them blow you off or no show. We had this one guy, on the phone he was a salesman type sounding person, really wanted them.. tell everyone else they are sold he told me… we meet him and boom – all of the sudden he does not want them.

I hate the strangers coming over, I hated more the people taking our address, asking our schedule available and not coming. A guy at work was just telling me yesterday that there were recent warnings about people getting your schedule and address, and than coming over when you are not home and helping themselves to more than what you are selling. Well that just creeped me out!! — I remember last evening before I opened my e mail to see if there was anyone looking for the tires, I am sitting here just praying there would be somebody out there…somebody serious….  it was such a good offer.

I have heard some people may swear by Craigs List… but it took us a month- we finally sold them today. It was an incredible deal. The RIMS– heck the new rims alone were 590.00 cuz they have those expensive tire pressure sensors on each rim… . and add in  the snow tires crap they alone cost us more than what the entire package was being sold for-

With my Polly-Anna attitude—I am sure we had to wait because they were meant to be for this person who bought them…this person really needed them….. 

I have a few other things I want to sell. But this was not a positive experience. Although realistically it did end up positive- we have 4 less mounted tires in the shed—but you know what—the more positive is someone out there( in this unending 2 weeks of HEAVY snow ) is driving a little more safer now.

So I have now deleted the ad off Craigs list.. SOLD. End of Story. Have a great evening—we are still being clobbered by Ol Man Winter… Cindy/alias Mrs justa.

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