Eating out

mans black hat

What do you think when you see this hat?

Do you think of a certain type of man that would wear it?

Maybe a certain age of a man that would wear it?

Would you relate it to a man wearing a dress coat when he wore it?

Some may think of guys with dark shades- kind of like the blues brothers.

Some may think of  men in their 50s, maybe in executive type positions.

Well, a man walked in the restaurant we were at with 2 of our grandsons a few weeks ago. As soon as Preston saw this man – out of total excitement he whispered to me……”Gramma, a cowboy is in here. I see a cowboy!”A big ol’ smile on his face, eyes twinkling and smiling too….just like he  saw Santa Claus or something !

I told him quietly it was not a cowboy, it was a man with a black hat. The man sat at a table right behind ours, his back towards Preston- I watched the man carefully place his hat on the chair next to him, Preston still watched him quietly, as if waiting for magic to begin.

We proceeded to eat breakfast, and Preston had finished with the rest of us. He had gotten up to walk over by his brother.They were to get their coats on. Well lo and behold the man with the hat stood up next to Preston. Preston just looked straight up at this over 6 ft tall ,man in his late 60s. The man carefully placed the hat on his head…Preston looked in awe.

AS the man walked out of the restaurant, ever so quietly, I could just barely  hear him….… Preston started singing a song as he swayed back and forth , arms bent and swinging in front of him… “I wish I was a cowboy, I wish I was a cowboy……””””It was so innocent, so precious, he really felt he had seen a cowboy…

TO be that innocent…. Love to all, Mrs justa alias Cindy


Okay, the troops 100_3012_editedare out in full force searching for something I think I lost…

Don’t know where it went…. Have u seen MY WEEKEND!!! It is gone.. can not find it anywhere.

It is not in the living room under the end table… Nope not there…



100_2791It is not under tiger…

…kind of glad it is not there… I think I would just leave it there………………………

hmm I wonder where it went.

I remember it was Friday,

I remember Friday… it was after a really busy week…

. And if it is somewhere in here…100_2964

well they can have it.

I feel like someone froze me for 48 hrs… poof it is gone.

I do not think I stopped this whole weekend, except to sleep- dang it went flying by.

I went to work both days, I think yesterday was 6:30 to 3:00,we stopped at Jeff and Amanda’s for about an hr,and then we went to dinner with friends last night,we went grocery shopping at 9:30 last night ( God Bless 24 hr stores on weekends like this !!) got up at 7:40…. made breakfast….showered… and off to work…  10:30 to 3:30…. did some cleaning and changing sheets and towels after work today,  just finishing up the laundry now for the week,,,zoom , bang, boom—gone… Sorry God.. I kind of missed church—but I had to go in to work…and I am really glad I did, I got a lot done today and the whole group of us yesterday did some terrific work too… Just one of those weekends..a  time fly zone !!.

The lack of dog here is still deafeningly silent. Kind of feels hollow in a way. One day at a time. This weekend the dog would have been a hassle with all the hours away… there is good and not so good with him gone. The cat is more cuddly… the bed is bigger, and we are not waking up 2 times a night to seizures… …and I no longer have him cuddly me after every meal..I do not have him cuddling when the alarm goes off., and when we are trying to catch up on the DVR programs from the week that just past… well I have my lap to myself. .. It is different…

So I am going to leave here now..go to the washer and get stuff in the dryer and put my last load in… we still have 2 more DVR programs…. and than I am off to bed…I can not believe tomorrow is already MONDAY!!> Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy

After a very long 8 days, I finally returned to the gym today. The swollen inflamed area  in my thigh is less, not totally gone but the nurse practitioner did say once it was not too uncomfortable, that the gym would be good for the healing. So off to the gym it was.

It was fun to hop on the Elliptical again, me… I get my whole body into it, none of that just moving the legs like walking on an escalator. No—I get my hips and shoulders, arms and torso going. Kept the heart rate around 150-168, sweated some, than the bike for 20 minutes or so… than a hot shower.

As I was in my groove so to speak , I had my MP3 player playing all kinds of songs from years gone by..( you know when music was music) and a song came on. It had a lyric that said “ Two old friends meet after many years. Still the same just wearing older faces.” That was a WOW lyric for me. For as I was listening to each song, I was not this overweight grandmother on the elliptical, no siree… I was that teenager or twenty something… back in that time for a moment.


 It got my mind reeling through things like face book. Any of you who are over thirty five might be able to relate. We find a friend from LONG ago on facebook, we see their name and are brought back to the last time we saw each other, we look for their picture. Alas, there they are..they are wearing an older face, but it is them

As I ponder about requesting their friendship, I find it weird..for I never had to ask them to be my friend before. But I send the e mail and wait to see… maybe they do not remember me. Maybe those moments locked in my mind and heart have escaped theirs. If they do accept friendship with me, they may be miles and memories away. ( thanks to free clip  for the 3 images above )

2-5-2011 036So than  I was thinking.. no matter what the miles are that separate us, we could invite people for Skype coffee, Or maybe Skype dinner. Set a time, set the camera and computer in an area where each household can see the other, and have a cup of coffee as you chat with each other. Heck my brother will Skype us from his dinning room table and it is just like sitting across from him  at it.  So let’s say you were having a Skype dinner. Yeah..this would be cool….  you could plan the meal, each cook the same thing, and chat and eat ..miles apart.. at the “same” dinner table. This could be an awesome way to share time with one another as the fuel prices go up, and not have your car leave your driveway.
And yes.. we have on older faces, we have more nicks in our heart, more disappointments on our totem pole of life, but this could be a wonderful way to reconnect.

Think about it….. our older faces are signs of life . Just signs of life, signs that we are still around.

Peace to all, Love Mrs. Justa alias Cindy


The biggest loser is starting it’s 7th or 8th season. And it is an inspiration to see how the contestants can change their whole outlook on life as they literally beat them themselves up, through the commands of the trainers- who are merciless- and the competition for the big prize if they have the greatest percentage of weight loss.

I was amazed at the size of the contestants who are able to put one foot in front of the other and lose over 100 pounds in a short period of time.

Mark has been my Biggest Loser- up close and personal..his weight loss has been phenomenal, as he had had the challenges of his disabilities and has really tried hard to accomplish his goal compensating for his issues- and he – at his highest weight was still 100+ pounds less than some of the contestants.

It proves over and over again, that losing weight is not impossible- even for a person 500 pounds! And the surgery- ugg, I know there are many who have gone through it, and some who will swear by it, but there is a contestant on the show who actually is a person who had the surgery years ago, and she has major challenges now trying to lose it naturally. The physician for the program was telling her, that the gastric bypass surgery actually results in people with less muscle percentage, and this person has the highest percentage of body fat, because of the effects of muscle decreasing after the bariatric surgery.

As I was busting my butt at the gym today, I was thinking about the show, and about how all of us start out as babies, and our environment, our teachings from our parents, our choices and ignorance about nutrition, result in obesity. I don’t know about others, but there is a bar that I had in my mind— a bargaining chip- that kept rising. Like- I will start to diet when I am such and such size, or whatever weight I chose was the limit. So that size or that weight happens, I adjust to what ever weight I was at, and than add another 5-10 pounds before I would start to change, and the bar goes a little higher.

I bet each of these contestants understand the bar theory I am referring to. I bet not one of them ever wanted to get to 300, 350, 400, 420 pounds. It happens gradually… and it hurts…do not ever think that any one of those people have not have more days of feeling inadequate, ashamed, aware of their size, or weak in the will power area. Trapped in their own bodies. Food becomes a comfort, food becomes an addiction, food becomes life…. Look at this photo- man to some this might look yummy- to me it makes me want to throw up !! This is off of google images- food challenges…

Well this past 7 months have been very rewarding and tough, as I watch inches and pounds SLOWLY decrease- but ya know what— I threw out that imaginary bar- now there is only a direction to watch the numbers lower. And it is a LIFETIME change. There is no room for weakness, for it is a hell of a lot easier to stack on pounds than to tell them to take a hike.

I hope you have a healthy day, I hope you find will power or inspiration if you do have pounds to shed… and if I can do it….so can you.. Love to all Mrs Justa  alias Cindy


Life is but a circle, events go around and around and we meet things old with things new. This weekend is the first weekend of the 2010 NYS Fair. It is the type of place that some people have to go every year, and others (like me) will go every few years. Much stays the same, just a different year, different people manning the booths, different interests people have, different stars on the free event stage and on the night time – pay mucho bucks_ concert stage.

Oh I know concert tickets are much more pricey at non state fair concerts, but to me shelling out from 45.00 to 104.00 for a ticket for a concert at a State Fair- that just seems really steep.

The free “concert” in chevy court today was Adam Richman for the TV show Man VS Food. I personally thought it was bogus. 100_6099 The volume was distorted on the mike so half the time you could not hear him. He is notorious for taking on these huge food challenges to see if he can eat exorbitant amounts of food. Well today he showed the audience of thousands 100_6100 how to make a BLT and than he was the narrator for a food challenge between local celebrities. He made very off color jokes with sexual innuendoes at a 2PM family show, and it just seemed silly and not the correct venue. He had gone around the state fair the day before and than chose what foods the DJ or celebrity panel would have to eat, being fed by a person on their team, the person eating had to keep their hands behind their backs and let another person shove food in their mouths. I was definitely disappointed in the flavor ( pardon the pun) of this show. We actually watched some, than went into the Center of Progress Building and came back out for the rest.

The temperature was in the 80s, no sign of rain, and I am just estimating there was over 100,000 people there. In the couple of buildings we went into , it was bumping into one another, and fast talking vendors selling their products- which of course are the best product of all at the fair. I do find that amusing, that every one of the people there are selling the best product.

This one dude was demonstrating a blender, so powerful you can put the apple in core and all, strawberries unhulled, pineapples with the core, oranges partially peeled, seeds and all, just throw them all in and it will puree the whole thing- for just 449.00. Yes,… and if that is too much, why you can make monthly payments. ( Duh, that is still 449.00 plus taxes…and lets add some interest) .. No I do not have a new blender on the counter-man  for 449.00 I could replace our blender about 10 times. But people were being temped… another vendor was selling something for ONLY 20.00, that looked like a way oversized back pack on wheels. He was stating it was going “green”, because this pack- well you can cram all your groceries in this one pack, save the earth , no more need for plastic bags. AND being it is on wheels , it will be easy to get around. People were buying these left and right… “$20.00 is cheep” one lady said… Now I ask you, who would want to cram ALL their groceries in one bag? Think about what you buy… ya really gonna stuff it all in a glorified back pack? Eggs, Dairy, veggies, fresh fruits, meats, breads, canned goods, pasta- yep cram it all in there…

100_6112 Food everywhere, and we looked forward to the sausage sandwich, we actually balanced our calories for one, and it was a total disappointment. Probably because we do not eat greasy things anymore, it was just a bummer. We were able to stop and sit at different places, heck one time we sat in the horse arena, not cuz we like horses, just benches. … another time in the cow barn—there were benches available in there too… all in all  we really were not there too long, just long enough to know that maybe in another 5 yrs we will go back again- heck than we can get in for SENIORS discount.

Yep, round and round life goes, we buy foolish things, we are guilty of the I wants, we forget sometimes to reason, and a friendly face, with a convincing sales pitch, will sell just about anything to someone.

Have a great time this weekend, Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

Okay.. so I am justawondering…. if you were a bird , flying way up above the ground, this is what you see. Landscape, from a far, people probably look like specks on the ground, yet I find it fascinating how do they know when you put up a bird feeder… and when you refill it? 100_4995

We went to Lowes and bought a feeder pole because do not have trees in our yard.

We put it just outside the back slider , and that way we can watch the birds if we are washing dishes or sitting at the dinette in front of the slider.

Now I find it absolutely amazing that somehow word got out that we bought this feeder pole, that we put feeders on it and that we filled them.

Mark said today there were 20 birds out there chowing down.

What.. do they have a bird code… a special place they gather for morning beverage… and then tweet some message that tells them to come to the backyard on the corner?

it just is amazing to me. We have cardinals, yellow finches, sparrows, red wing black birds,  birds that are kinda brown with black heads… somehow they all got the message.

Last night when I got home I went in back and the little tweaters had already consumed most of the food. So I refilled it…went inside… and within 10 minutes- the troops were back.

Someone has a big mouth… or loves to chirp news flashes… We love watching the birds- so do the dog and cat… and somehow I will figure out how they let each other know when there is a news flash… “full feeder alert”.

Love to all… Cindy alias Mrs Justa..

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Through the memory of this past week I trudge, 100_4437 looking through the past 9 days is like looking through this path in the field. Pushing it from side to side and seeing moments from this past 9 days.  Much of this past week was spent just being. Just enjoying each moment.

As I push the grass to the right I see the vision of the gym. We went to the gym each day- that is always fun. Getting all worked up, heart racing and going past where I believe I can go. Mark doing what he is able to do, and me doing my own thing, what I am able to do. Yes that is a fun memory.

Oh and over here- yes- I push back the greenery to see the memory of when we went out with friends for coffee one evening- we always have a good time with these two folks. And then oh .. over there- I see Mark and I as we went out for a few breakfasts – ordered the breakfast special – 2 eggs, toast, coffee and a meat- for 3.49. How can you go wrong. We could just sit, chat and leave- some one else got to do the dishes. That was nice.

As I am pushing away the grass again- I see the memory of the garden. I spent time helping by shoveling and than tilling the garden with our cultivator, that was hard work. Oh yeah. Man that garden may have had various critters eat my veggies last year- but it still knows how to grow rocks! Oh that memory is making my back hurt. Ugg… I think I did 6 wheel barrels oh rocks- Mark said I did only 4.

100_4438 As I stroll further through this path of memories from the vacation I am about to be ending- I see birds… yes birds- we got a bird feeder pole last week and put it up. The birds are spreading the word… slowly we are gathering more birds. And the Blue Bird- ( That Jeff says we don’t have … should be coming back soon.

Pushing into another memory- oh this one brings a smile to my heart and warmth to my soul.. for about 16 hours this past week we were blessed with time spent with Brandon . Ahh that was neat. He was so much fun- And we had time to sit and talk with Jeff and Amanda some, I really love moments like that!…. I have to remember where that memory lies- I will come back to it again. We enjoyed every moment- …………….

And the newest memory- that is the fresh cut lawn, the wind chimes in the trees, the various solar lights up, the windmill out. Spring has officially sprung in this corner of my memory walk…

and as I am going to go back to work to be with folks I have missed this past week, to deal with challenges that are always interesting, and to be thankful for everything I have—

Thanks for sharing this stroll – love to all. Mrs Justa—alias Cindy

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