What special moments do you remember with your parents? Were there times you wish you could live again? Is there a special treat you had as a child?

image I remember growing up my mom or my grandmother would read to us at night. If it was my mom, she would always sing lullabies as she tucked us in, sometimes she sang them in German. And when my mom sang to us, we felt life was without problems, life was soft, comfortable.She would tuck us in tight so the blankets caressed us. The pillow molded around our heads. 

I remember my grandmother holding me on her lap, she was blind, she would know what book we had, but unable to see the pages. She would tell me and my sister the stories and I would turn the pages to fit her narrating it from memory. I loved the feel of her arms, the smell of her hair, the comfort from her love.

That was a very special time for me. A time I am so glad I had.


As I watched Jeff with Brandon last night, I felt those memories surface a little closer. It was special to me to see him sharing book reading time with Brandon, and having Brandon love books, what a true gift. This little boy has his parents share quiet book time with him every night and during the day, they both love every minute they have with him, and can not stand the moments they are not with him.

I believe that Brandon 100_4778_editedtoo will remember these times, just like I remember my grandmother and mom and the night time comfort from their love. It is a bonding moment that money can not replace, material gifts can not be given in place of this. No this is life.

This is comforting, this is such a special moment, in the strength of your daddies or mommies arms, without the stresses of life being welcome at these special minutes.  Almost as if there is a clear shield, and for this special time, it was just the two of them… bills do not matter, life stresses do not exist.. nope the only thing that matters is the safety of Brandon’s dad’s arms… reading the book “I Really Like Trucks” . I am so glad we were there to share this moment, as we watched them . I love you guys !. Love always… Mrs justa.