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Frozen precipitation, all shapes , size, blown here and there , often impossible to see more than a few feet in front of your face…


We are tough in this neck of the woods- people in this area put up with all kinds of weather. Thank God we do not WInter 2013 005have tornados or hurricanes often!! I do not mind snow when it is gently falling. But the zero visibility, the snow blowing and drifting…the ice roadways… ummm not crazy about that.

For the life of me I can not understand how ANYONE could live in this area and not have  4 snow tires on their cars. It is the difference between night and day. Oh sure you can trek through is it with all season radials—if you do not mind that ass end of your car swaying some, or wheels spinning… but really folks… SNOW tires are for SNOW… which we have plenty of !!.

This is a snow tread….

see how it has tread that will grip the snow and give you traction.

This is really really helpful when you are driving on snowy roads.

It is worth the $$$$ believe me/

If you go on all seasons ..well you will find this …


I got this off of google images…

See the difference in your safety ..It is more than stopping. When you are trying to drive – you feel a whole lot more in control with good winter treads.

We were driving the other day in white out conditions. There were times when we could see, and we really could have done 35-40 mph..but instead we get behind people with regular tread..going 25 mph—flashers on..scared to death. They could not speed up because their car started swaying.

I can not believe how great it felt to me when I initially felt the difference between snows and summers or all seasons.

So spend the extra money..and relax a little on those yucky days… you will be GLAD YOU DID…

Hang on too…. tonight thru Tuesday—LAKE EFFECT SNOW Again!!!.

Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy


6-1 2012 East Coast resort 048The full moon has been at it’s best this week.. Man oh man. The strangest things seem to happen. This afternoon we were heading home from a quick errand, windows and sun roof open, the sound of the wind whishing all over the place..all of the sudden I am feeling a burning sensation  in my arm..I mean a super whammy burning..I look down and  yellow jacket had come into the car and was stinging my arm. It took a minute for my brain to get beyond the “Hey dummy..your arm is hurting” to “YIKES there is a bee stinging you!” I made some sort of unusual prehistoric type noise, kinda of a growl, started shaking my arm out the window… the bee left… but not without his signature… Dang that hurts…

We went camping this weekend.. 6-1 2012 East Coast resort 001man did it rain Friday night. Wind, rain, 49 degrees… THANK GOD we have a bathroom in the camper…I remember camping with pup tents and air mattresses, and if you had to pee—you would have to slow the mattress down from floating in the water that seeped into the tent… somehow get from floating to standing without have the water soak your sleeping bag… and than waddle and shuffle to the bathroom… DO NOT MISS THOSE DAYS!!!..

As we were setting up—we were talking about the hot water heater plug, the one the repair guy had forgot to put in when he dewinterized the camper… -and wondering if it was leaking… we bought tools to tighten it… hmmmm tools???? where the heck are the tools?????    so that led to us looking kinda dumbfounded over where these tools were… So.this whole weekend… we have been pondering  over what the heck we did with the very small tool bag and few tools we bought after our last camping adventure. Each of us was looking at the other , under our breaths saying “What did YOU do with it..” I remember we were together for buying the tools and bag, I remembered Mark staying in the car and putting the tools in the bag when I went in and  got a few groceries a couple weeks ago.. … but that is all I remembered.. Now for Mark..I think he was remembering me doing something with it.. I just kinda got that feeling from his quick glances to me. Heck I was already from the super sleuth mode to “someone must have stole it” . But instead  I started having my one on one with St Anthony..asking please for some assistance AGAIN..and for one of us to come across it… we joked about maybe it was in the pick up truck..nope… how about my car…. nope..than Mark opened the shed—we looked /.nope….. than we looked in the side compartment of the camper…NOPE…. he opens his trunk..and there it is.

 6-1 2012 East Coast resort 044Saturday I had sewing to do, I was making some gifts for someone, and figured if it is gonna be raining –why not sew at camp. So during the afternoon, Mark read some, took a nap and listened to the Yankees game… I cut material, pinned stuff together and sewed away… Than it got drier, and we were able to enjoy the campfire that night. … YES!!

It was a nice hot fire… S’mores highlighted the evening…

AHHHAA –full moon syndrome over come… ( my arm still hurts… )Hope you had a good weekend.

Love to all Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

100_6662Yeah, go figure…the furnace is not working, the winds are whipping..THANK GOD it is not in the zero temp range! When I came home I noticed the house was getting a little cool. I went and turned up the thermostat and it sounded like it was gonna kick on.. humming…. than silence… So we did what the furnace sign says… shut off gas, shut of electricity… wait 10 minutes and try again . Try 3 times and call for help if not working….

I looked at the thermostat during our little trials of fixing it…one time the thermostat was flashing the word “LEAVE” …now that is kinda nerve racking !!!. What the heck is that supposed to mean !…. We stayed… I looked thru the manual for the thermostat—nowhere is a section on what the messages mean… uggggg so I gave it some time to get it’s manners back and a little while later it was flashing the words “RETURN” …. so now I am thinking… if the thermostat tells you to leave… How do you know after you left that it has changed it’s ways and is now flashing “return”??? Just wondering… ????

I figure I am smart to be getting my hot shower tonight… that way I can zip out of the electric heated mattress pad bed in the AM, and slither into my work clothes , heat some coffee and get to work. I hate being cold.! We are fortunate this house is sound, wind does not creep in through spaces in windows or doors… it is just the house will not stay at 65 all night…. not when it is 40 outside!.

Now if we had the camper here..we could have that furnace on..but alas it is being kept held hostage at the storage area…

So I think about things January 2009 034to be thankful for…. 1) that it is not a blizzard out and the furnace would be broken…2) That our propane service has a 24 hr /7 day a week emergency line.. and there is a repair guy who can fix it…(he would have come tonight but it really is not such a horrible night that we felt he needed to do an emergency call) .3) That Mark and I seem to thrive on our lives together filled with “Mark and Cindy’s excellent adventures”….. 4) That this did not happen when we had house guests over….5) That we have electricity , electric hot water, and a coffee maker…. at least!

I remember a long time ago, January1993 to be exact….I had just had knee surgery , it was my first night home. Jeff was young… he had gone to bed, and well I was starting to feel pain from the knee surgery. I heard the furnace come on and the flame started..but the 100_3078blower would not come on. I remember after a while…smelling the warm aluminum smell..and had no idea what to do. I am uncomfortable as all get out… Jeff was sleeping… Mark was on the road….and I just wanted to cry. I called the 24 hr propane help line  I remember trying to talk to voice was quivering as he was asking me to check things… finally I said I was just fresh post op, could not walk… and was unable to bend and twist the way he needed me to to check everything….  the guy came out in the winter storm…. . Until he got there he told me to keep turning the fan on manually to circulate the heat each time the furnace recycled. This meant that each time the thermostat noted the temp was low, the burner kicked on..and if we did not click the fan on—the furnace did not force the air to warm up the house……so it kept the burner on. … I was scared, felt so darn helpless… Jeff woke up and helped me keep the fan on… It was too cold out to not have the furnace going… ugg what an awful night!

The guy arrived after what seemed like forever, he was there a good hr, but left and we had a working furnace again. I remained feeling pain, and bumming over feeling helpless… but at least I could wallow in my self pity in the recliner and not suspending on my crutches in the hallway.

SO that is our excitement for tonight.. It is chilly in here… 62ish right now…I looked over at Mark at his computer—he had these heavy ass gloves on…. he was mocking me !!But I just might take those gloves to bed !!. HA HA…So a wonderful adventure is starting tonight. Hope you have a peaceful night…. Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_6152Okay folks.. this is great… We never had to move to be SNOW BIRDS!!


Nope—today was the 5th day of record breakers…rumor has it 80 degrees… the geese are in the plowed corn fields, the skeetters are out..those darn little gnatty bugs that like to fly in your nose and eyes are out..our flag is back out…. THIS IS WEIRD!!!  I



We have already gone to Lake Ontario 100_6066and had our Tim Horton’s coffee and watched the sunset… t is unbelievable.Mark just got the rider tuned up for summer and he thinks he is going to have to MOW on March 24th !!

Now I am really sorry for those folks who are digging out snow and stuff..the ol jet stream has just moved a bit..and well we are really getting VERY unusual weather.

Now naturally this would get me to wondering things… Like…

If the geese fly south for the winter time..and instantly they know to head north in April or May… than how do they get word that it got warmer sooner up here? HMMM..Is there like a dunce flock of geese—they have to stay up here and watch..and than when it gets warm they start to head south to tell the southern geese to come on back north?

Or so they watch a weather station … or do they never really leave????

And what about the garden?? Do I start planting now? Will we have a longer growing season? Like could I get 2 full cycles of gardening –because I normally do not plant till Memorial Day If I start now..heck we could have zucchini before the end of May..than start over again…


And what about the Maple syrup people… it needs to be below freezing at night and above during the day for the sap to flow… so is it over than??Or if it comes back to normal temps will it start up again?

My snow tires came off the car last week… the mowers are gassed and ready to go… the garden will be weeded this weekend…the bugs are out…. people are wearing short sleeved shirts and shorts….Kinda nice…. The south moved north… we did not have to pay for fuel to go , travel expenses…

BUT what will summer be like??? What will next winter be like??? Now the south can keep the tornados, the bigger bugs, the hurricanes… we will just enjoy the warmth…

I HATE being cold…. Love to all, Mrs Justa ..alias almost sweating Cindy

Winter is still around us. It is amazing how much we have gotten off the hook. It is a GOOD winter when you have to start the snow blower just to run it every once in a while instead of to clear away snow. But being we live in the “
lake effect “line… we are about to potentially get hammered…

“By Mike Brookins – Updated 2/24/2012 3:44 PM

Tonight – Windy

Hi 45° | Low 30°

A High wind warning has been issued. Increasing winds overnight with SW to W 20-30 MPH with gusts to 50-60 MPH. Colder air begins to arrive overnight and a spray of snow moves in regionwide. Some heavier lake effect snow squalls developing east of the lake. A large area of 1-3" of snow is likely nearly everywhere with areas north of Oneida Lake 4-8" with isolated 8-12" amounts on the Tug Hill Plateau tonight. Blowing and drifting snow likely by morning. “

 100_0973Fortunately I LOVE to shovel clearing it up is FUN for me….

The winds are whipping, we can hear it beating against the house I want to pretend like it down not bother me, but it does—cuz I really dislike getting dumped on with snow. Makes me want to climb into a bag and wait it out.I just hate the thought of high winds and possible power outages…

But alas—the bag will be the warm bed tonight. We will take down the extra comforter incase the power goes out..and we will prevail.

100_0880I am so thankful we do not have trees around our house now.… there is nothing more scary than realizing a branch could have gone through your roof…. The was an ice storm and I can not believe how lucky we were that the rest of the crack in the branch did not let go… the damage it could have done was enormous—but instead- the branch dropped and rested on the house- hanging onto the tree by a thread.

There is a commercial on about going to myrtle Beach… hmmm… do not temp me !…

Where do we sign up!!

There is a woman and her husband who hopped on a train Thursday morning, heading to Florida for a week at her sister and husbands place. Another person  was telling me that as she was growing up, there were people who lived in Florida in her family- so as kids and adolescents- they just had to get to Florida and than lodging was not an issue.

We talk about that sometimes- but for now—we are here… Many people from the north are “snow birds” and head south in the winter and come north for Spring, Summer and Fall. Maybe later in our life that might be an option… but not right now. I do not know if I would want to go as far south as Florida—but maybe on the Carolina coast might be nice.

I will take pictures tomorrow if the snow does hit.. Stay warm out there, remember to be thankful for all you have, see you tomorrow…. Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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Okay, remember yesterday..and my looking at the fine lines in life… WELL

seems we got on the other Slideshowside of the fine line last night.

This morning at about 6 we had maybe 6-8 inches of snow. Mark drove me in , he had an MD appnt not far from my work. Well let me tell ya!! from the time we left –till he got back around 11-ish—there was 2 1/2 to 3 feet of snow that appeared!

The fine line between rain and snow HAS BEEN CROSSED.This photo was on one of the internet sites for a local TV station.

We have had a season of rain—little bits of snow—but nothing like what we get every year for 3-4 months. Well today… this is a good old lake effect snow storm. There was a fine band of snow, and our house and Fulton NY seemed to be in the firing range.

But it is 1-20-2012..and I thin this will make our season snow fall at least double. I find it amusing when ,at work, people look at me like I have 3 heads, when I say how much snow we got..and they got maybe a couple inches. And we are not the heaviest area-..sometime the Tug Hill Plateau and Pulaski get nailed. All depends if the wind is blowing south east off the lake ( than we get hammered)..or directly east… than they get nailed.

And just a few feet difference—snow storm coming in 11-11-2011 010you can be getting nailed..or have the sun out..       Totally weird..

This was not today..but this is a lake effect storm.. just.. and I mean just north of us…

Weather is always puts me in my place. It makes me see how I have absolutely no control, I am a dot in the scope of the Universe.

Now I have to ponder about the storm rolling in tonight, wonder if the storm will bring us the predicted 4 inches tonight.. or if the lake will change the outcome. Today’s was supposed to be 6-8 inches… yeah that was the intro to it !!.

So I am off…. be safe… if you are in an area of heavy carefully… pay attention to the road, and hopefully we will meet again.. Love to all, Mrs. Justa..alias Cindy

Tonight is a night that I remember how insignificant we are in the whole scope of things.  The wind is whipping against the house, a little while ago the wind gusted so strong it set off the car alarm. We can hear the rain hitting against the windows, and very very thankful it is just above the temp for snow!

There is a prediction of snow , and I hope it waits for the wind to die down, or we may be finding drifts of 4 feet !.

Man… have you ever been stuck walking in really strong wind. I do remember once as a little squirt, I decided to take my umbrella out in a windy rain storm… and it looked like this in a few seconds after I got our the front door.

The lights are flickering on and off and the scanner is just inundated with tree down calls and sparking at electric poles.

Uggg… not an optimistic way to end the evening.

I had a rather involved report to do for work, and came in to the office and did it as quickly as possible, got it sent off… phew.

I wanted to pop on and get my post done before the cable goes out. We fortunately have all underground elec and cable… but somewhere down the road… they have to surface at some point…and THAT is when there are problems with wires getting whacked by trees and branches.

There was a call about a BIG tree totally across a road in Phoenix. The caller stated they were a volunteer fireman, and that someone was going to kill themselves hitting it, unless it gets cleared up lickety split.

Can you imagine driving at night, in the rain, that weird glare on the windshield and not realizing you are about to hit a humungous tree across the road. Dang… that stretch of road is 55 mph… oh I hope they get people there quickly to set up detours, warnings and save some poor soul form a terrible accident.

Yes this wind , the rain… it makes me realize that in a blink of an eye…. our insignificant selves… ( in the whole scope of the universe) can get blown all over the place.

Hang on … be good, and be safe… Love to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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