I can not explain it, it is kinda neat, but EVERY morning for the past 2 weeks, there are these 2 deer that cross the road in front of me in the same area. Always going from the left to the right.

This morning I felt bad for them, I began to think about life, and wilderness, and survival of the fittest.

Just before they crossed a dog appearing animal ( perhaps a wolf- kinda looked like one) ran across the road. as I got a little closer the deer came out and stood on the yellow line , ducking down and bouncing their heads to the sides as they peered at the field across the str5eet where the dog/wolf went. I did not want to honk my horn and make the deer run in fear into the path of the dog/wolf/ So I just sat there and watched. I wished I had more time, I would have pulled over and climbed up the embankment and watched as they went on their way.

But as I drove away, I was thinking about how life is tough for animals in the wild. Where can a deer hide from a hungry dog/wolf. They chase the deer to exhaustion, it is hard for the deer with their long skinny legs to run in deep snow. I was thinking about what if I could have a shelter for the deer, and whenever they felt danger, they would know of this safe haven they could come to until the danger left. I would have meals for them water, and cut up old blankets to rest on. Wouldn’t that be neat. Like having a cat door… but making it a deer door. and it only opened for the deer- so no wolves could sneak in.

Yes, I wish I could have comforted that deer, made sure it was okay, but that would not be possible. So as I drove to work, I felt small, powerless, almost like a coward, because I worried that on the other side of the hedgerow..danger was lurking, and there was not a damn thing I could do about it !. I am glad I do not live in the wild, running from evil and fighting to survive. Peace to all, have a good night. love Cindy.. Mrs Justa…

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