I love this photo. It represents WISDOM. It is like this dude has it all figured out, he is all together… as he sits up high and watches the world. Majestic almost, radiating his wisdom to everyone who takes the time to stop and absorb it. .

Wouldn’t that be great to feel the wisdom of life? To know the right thing to do. There are quandaries that hit every day, how to be a good mom, how to be a good wife, how to be a good Christian, which way to go, what bills to pay, how much to invest, where to invest it, what car to buy, paying off the car early, paying off the mortgage early, do we try to do a 401K or a Roth IRA, what to do for dinner, when to go to the store, … decisions constantly, every day… and yet here this image of having it all together has no worries that are apparent,,, no he looks so proud, so noble.

I wish I was wiser, I wish I was better at doing many things, I wish I knew the answers to life, don’t you.  

Being a child- we grow up in different lifestyles, different parenting styles- for me all of the sudden I was grown and had no idea how I was supposed to parent, how to pay bills, how to save. 100_2799My life with my mom was how to survive for many years. There was no dad for all but 10 yrs of my life…and when he was alive he was not home- he was traveling selling products in regions that were many miles from our home.

So I personally was not given the example of a  regular stereotypical family life. I was never taught how to be real dainty, real in love with tons of makeup- no we were brought up being more simple folk. We had no extra money- so saving and investing were not really things taught either.

I did learn how to cook from my mom, and I learned about doing laundry, shoveling and mowing, and working hard even when it feels like there is no end, I learned to care for children… but not how to be married, or how to be a wife,

..and being a mom… I wanted to be all for my child that I loved about my mom and that the things that I wished I had experienced being a child. The to have the  knowing that all I did was good, the wisdom that I had control… I do not remember ever feeling that way.. .

…but this guy-this horned wonder of Gods creation- he too portraits he does know it and has a handle on it.. and for that- I respect this guy. Look at his face- his eyes, doesn’t he look like he is contemplating life? Love to all… peace on the journey of life… Love Cindy.. alias Mrs justa…