Busy day, crazy day, lots to do and no time to do it . I want to go to the gym tomorrow morning, a friend of mine heads up there now in the morning, but coming home at 7:30  really shortens my evening. We just had a light breakfast dinner, and some delicious orange juice, and once I post I am off to read a bit. Than grab a quick shower and drift off to sleep, feeling as comfortable as this tiger looks. But my pillow is a lot softer !

I love this photo, it almost makes this tiger look like something you wanna cuddle up next to. She has her tongue out a little just like our cat does, and the paws curled up like our dog and cat do. Kinda like Obama looked like to millions of Americans.

I find it totally amazing when people are foolish enough to climb over fences to be with the wild animals.Those claws could scratch your eyes out, rip your skin to shreds and have you for dinner.

Kinda like some of the Democrats in power in the house, in the senate. I am so disgusted with politicians, we need to not vote for ANY incumbents, we need to get people in office who care more about the people who voted them in , instead of caring only for  themselves.

Anyhow, today could be a huge change, the resting tiger could be standing up for the many of us who are sick of being lied to, sick of being misrepresented. I really hope the voters of Massachusetts show America that they want CHANGE and the promises made by our leaders was just propaganda to suck the American people in – thristy for change- to believe in their empty promises, and now we are wondering what will happen when the unemployment checks run out, how we will pay our taxes as they rise to pay for this careless spending,  how much the cost of food and medicine will go up, and how can we get manufacturing back in this country. OOOHH HOO___ I just heard that  Scott Brown won in Massachusetts. The republicans won !!! What does this tell you ! We need hope, we need change… Massachusetts is always thought of Democratic liberal state…50 yrs !!!   . HELLO____ now listen to the people ! You lied to us, you promised to be open, you promised to bring the people into government… and well I truly believe the people are not going to take it lying down any more. The tiger is going to get up and roar.

Now we as a country need to rally together, really look at everything, how can we build up the financial security of this country, how can we start to dig towards a better tomorrow.

Elections by election we need to vote the incumbents out, check peoples track records, and have them walk the talk and talk the walk.

We can do it, but we have to stay together as a team. Not one of us is insignificant…

we the people…. and this person is going to sleep a little easier tonight knowing one democrat was bounced down from winning.

GRRRRRRRRRRRR hear the people roar. Love to all, Mrs justa,,,