March 2009

Okay, now on the news they are talking about the President deciding to have a CEO fired! Just now there was something about the government being able to have a say in our salaries  if we happen to work for a company that was benefited from the financial recovery plan. (And it can be retroactive)

The government is slowly creeping into our lives, our homes, our wallets, our bedrooms. And I guess I can concur the we definitely have found the CHANGE B.O. promised.

Yep this is change.Many voted for CHANGE! We will be lucky to have any change in our wallets!  In NY State we have been informed that there are new taxes! We have plenty, but there are new ones. Let’s see, we are getting 7.00 extra in our pay checks, only to owe it next April 15th. There is a new tax on cigarettes ( suppose to be a big one); a tax on water bottles, taking away the STAR tax credit ( which means our property tax is in essence going up, department of motor vehicle is raising registration and license fee, a new beer tax, higher taxes on the rich ( THAT makes no sense- they can afford to leave the State) so… needless to say I am concerned about how all of this will affect us, and others. Many more things too. Sad news for health care, bad news for manufacturing.

Where do we turn? What can we do? I fortunately still have a job ( something 9 % of others can not say at this time, but where is it going to end. I invest in a 401 K, I have a retirement, neither that will make us live comfortably in another 20 years especially if it keeps dwindling, It is just sucky.

This is pick ourselves up by the boot straps, yank down our socks so we can see light. Look above the black clouds, not below them. Look for the light, find hope , we have to find things that are good right now, for the bad seems to be sucking the air out of us.

I need to focus on good—let’s see, …..good things, I have a great family, I have a job, (  I LOVE where I work) ; I have a church to go to that ( to me) is real, I have clothes to wear, a sense of humor, a need to be okay with what we have, a song in my heart and a voice to share that song with others,faith and the ability to believe in God and prayer. I need to focus on the good, we all do, cuz the BLACK CLOUD is really scary if I / we focus on that. ( and Google images to thank for these photos!)

We need to stay strong, believe in a better future, and be careful. I am praying for you, please do the same for me and my family. Love to all, Cindy



To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.”


I chose this quotation and this photo because today on the way to church, in the drizzling rain were 2 babies, each in a stroller such as this, with the mom and dad jogging as they pushed the stroller down a country road. The mom and dad were talking and jogging, the kids seemed to be having a good time.
I smiled as I drove past them as one child had a huge book, and was looking as if he was reading it as they were being taken down the road, he glanced up at me as I drove by, as an adult looks over the Sunday paper. The other child was totally relaxed, kinda like in a comfortable easy chair, as his chariot was being pivoted down in the very light mist.

I thought as I drove by that these parents are creating memories, and creating a healthy impression for their children. First of all were together. Not going out individually so the other could watch the kids.  Secondly:  they were showing the kids that activity is important, no matter what the weather, just dress accordingly and go.

Thirdly : the “toy” the one child had was a book! What a wonderful idea. It appeared to be one of those thick laminated page books, so the drizzle was not affecting it, but how cool it was that the child had a book. Reading is so important, we need to take away the electronic games and toys and let kids play games that do nothing unless the kid makes it do something.

Fourth: they trusted their parents to keep them safe. The one kid was comfortable enough to read and the second to be so relaxed and lounged back that I do not think there was a tense muscle in his little body. These kids  were not more then 2 years old. I have heard more than once that the first 5 years of a child’s life creates a foundation for life. 

It filled my heart with wonder and warmth, to see a family unit together, doing good stuff, taking care of the gift of life that each has been entrusted with, yes… it was a nice reminder to what families should be like. Make sure you take time for your family, your kids, your friends. And be good to yourself. Love, Cindy

What a WONDERFUL way to end a hectic week and start a weekend. We got to be with Brandon last evening , rock him to sleep, sing a lullaby to him, feed him bananas and corn, his bottle, tickle him, have him laugh and even cry. What a nice evening for me and gramps. 100_2604_edited

This was right after he had eaten the corn and bananas, he was pretty satisfied. He gets a quick here it is and there is goes rash around his lips when he eats,  it disappears pretty quickly.

He is not yet crawling, but rolling back and forth and his dog seems to be a protector and tolerates Brandon kicking his feet in any direction he flips to. We tried to keep a good distance between the dog and child.

I look at his deep blue eyes and see such a happy baby. He smiles and now has learned how to screech, like a teenage girl on a roller coaster screech. It comes out of no where, and he is pretty darn proud of himself by the noise he makes. It kinds scares me, because it can be quiet and then all of the sudden the air is filled with a screech that goes into the ear and seems to get stuck sideways- eyes cross and then it hits me , it is only Brandon being vocal.
So this was the beginning of a great weekend, Beautiful mid 60s today, our traditional Saturday breakfast out with Shawn ( Pat was not in town this weekend), then off to work for a few hrs, now we have some windows open and I am getting ready to clean for the week. We may go out and tackle some of the yard, repairing it from winter and the plow man. Bills to pay, things to enter in Quicken, laundry to do. So I am off. THANKS Jeff and Amanda  for asking us to come over and stay with the lil guy, and THANK God for this precious wonder in our lives. I hoe all of you do something special this weekend. Love to all, Cindy

What will this hand do as life goes on? What talents lie within these fingers? What creations are yet to be made?image

There is something comforting about having a little babies hand grab onto your finger, or pat at your face.

But everything we show them, everything we can have them touch, it all helps to direct what this hand will do.

Hands to hold, hands to create, hands to work, hands to wear rings on that represent a lifetime commitment.


These lips, what words will they produce? What sounds will they make? What things will they like. Will they speak wisdom? Will they form lots of smiles, will they teach others, who will they comfort?

Every word we say around a child helps them to learn how to talk, how to converse with one another, how to give a smile, how to also hurt. As I raised Jeff and when I converse with Courtney, a subject comes up over and over again about the power of words , once they leave your lips they are no longer yours. I taught and follow this goal to  think before I speak, and speak little, listen more.

brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 143

I can tell you that before he speaks a sentence, before he creates with his hands, he has changed my life forever.

To you my precious grandson, I thank you, for all you have done just by being you, and for all that life will bring you and all you will strive to become from life. God gives us many talents, many gifts, I pray you will find them run with them , speak words that others will fondly remember, touch with care and sleep well at night, for you will know you have left each person’s world you have come across  a little better .  I know that, because you have already done that to me, to Grandpa, to your mom , your dad, your huge family,  your sitter, your doctors, your families friends, the NICU you started out in, even the folks I work with. Tonight I dedicate my thoughts to you , Brandon, Love Grandma ….Good night to all, Cindy


Where do the years go? How precious each second is that we are blessed with living. The various things available to teach our kids, to teach ourselves, to share with another.

We have to treasure each moment. It comes only once. We have to watch what we teach our kids, make sure we are a good example, and that we do not let automation help them grow.

Jeff was 5 in this picture. Mark and I took him to Canada with us to Marine Land. The petting zoo offered the kids to buy an ice cream cone filled with food that was ok to feed to the deer and the camels and giraffe. So for maybe 50 cents we were able to let Jeff really touch and talk to the animals. To have him learn about other living things, and how to treat them. It was funny, because I learned  by watching him how compassionate he was, and how grown up he was getting. This deer just stood there for what seemed like hours as he petted it’s head and he talked softly to it.

It is nothing I taught him, it was a God given gift he had, compassion can not be learned, it is a part of each of us at one point in our lives, and will stay with us as long as situations do not make us bitter.

We are all blessed with hidden gifts, talents that we sometimes ignore, or we do not explore to see what we really have been blessed with. On this day Mark and I saw things from Jeff that one would not have seen had he never been given the chance to explore life.

I feel for the kids who are trapped in their homes, surrounded by computer games, video games, TVs, DVDs, IPODS and computers. image What they see in life is felt for them.

They need to feel life, we all do – we need to appreciate the natural things provided to us-experience the ducks by a pond, sit at a picnic table by a lake , swing on a swing, play in the sand, ride a bike, fly a kite, and just enjoy life. And in these times when we take in life’s gifts, reflect on days gone by, and anticipate days yet to be born. Love to you, Cindy


Have you ever felt like letting it all out, taking a deep breath and huffing real hard, or a laugh from the bottom of your gut, or a howl like you never howled before?

I just love this photo of Indi and Imus. This photo of Indi is laughter to me, like he is laughing at the cat, teasing him to taunt him. And it is frustration to me too. These two play and tease each other constantly, they roll around, swat at each other , chase one another, cuddle with each other and act like they are really brothers.

It is amazing how gentle he is with the cat and how non threatened the cat feels by Indi. They really are best friends.

It is cute in the morning as I am driving off to work Mark will raise the blinds to wave goodbye and Indi and Imus are right there at the window as if to say goodbye also. Mark says as soon as I am out of sight they turn around and go about their business of rough housing and napping.

We all behave this way in life, where at times we may taunt or tease another living thing to get attention. Sometimes we may be in an environment where we just want to burst out laughing, or shout, or stretch and scream. This photo brings me to all these emotions all at once.

I had some woman cut in front of me today on my way home, she was in the right lane and did a sideways shuffle into the lane I was already in, almost in the space I was taking up. Fortunately I saw her, and backed off, but she made me want to take a deep breath and scream at her with a HOWL. She made me envision this photo. So I thank Indi for this multi emotional photo we captured him on, and I thank Imus for teasing him .

100_2535May you find a way to express yourself in times of joy and trials, for life throws us curve balls sometimes and other times we get lilacs and daisies.  Let the moments go, do not dwell on them , and the next time you feel stressed or joyful, take a deep breath and let it out  and turn that frown into a BIG smile! Love, Cindy


I dedicate this post to Amanda and Brandon, who are both feeling under the weather.

The baby has the beginning of an upper respiratory thing going on but not bad enough to require antibiotics.

Amanda is fighting an upper respiratory thing and a sinus infection. SO they are both feeling poorly right now.

This is a tough time of the year, with sniffles, and the throw up and die feeling of the GI flu, it is not a safe place to be anywhere.

So to you two precious folks, rest, drink your fluids, and stay comfy.

Jeff and many others had that GI thing last week, fortunately for Mark and I we have dodged the bugs floating around. But I think we can both attest to feeling achy from the gym.

It is funny , I was watching a sitcom “Still Standing” as I was tread milling it this evening, and it was about the husband and wife both trying to prove to the other how fit they were. SO the husband joins an amateur hockey team and the wife starts spinning and kick boxing at a gym . Neither wants to admit they can hardly move one leg in front of the other, as they want to show how fit they are. ( NOT) SO they do the sore muscle shuffle until the other comes in range, and then pretend to be doing just fine.

I was laughing, cuz Mark and I are going through the same achiness. But we are fessing up to it at least. So as we all have our aches and pain, feel better you two. Love to all, remember to wash your hands and carry the waterless soap with you, so you can sanitize your hands after touching an ATM, a public anything. Love, Cindy

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