August 2011


The nice thing about a new day dawning is we can start a new too.

We can not change yesterday and we have to focus on today and how the todays will affect our tomorrows and our yesterdays yet to be.

That is a pretty powerful opportunity we have.

What comes to mind is our actions, or things we might say. I truly believe that we need to (on the todays )…not say or do things… that when the today turns into yesterday… we will regret.

As the sun rises I feel like I have been dealt a new hand, maybe the design on the card has changed too.

I do find myself dragging along the yesterdays in my life… the things I can not walk backwards and change. Nope gotta look forward.

There is a woman… a very special woman who was a good friend of my siblings..she is much younger than I. She grew up for a part of her life, on the street we lived in. She is dealing with the sobering recent  news that her leukemia has come back. It was touching.. her brother wrote her on facebook something about how he was there for her… and he wished he ahd not gone to work when she came to visit recently… And she gave him encouragement… she did not regret he worked… she portrayed she understood.  She has the most positive attitude and outlook on life, as she is facing days of chemo, and the feelings that go along with the chemo… yet she is a ray of sunshine every time she interacts with others thru the social networks.

Every  day is a new day for her, and a way to start the newness with another positive thing to share. She is amazing…

So Deb… as you endure the chemo , as you are in your hospital be at Club MD ( as you so affectionately refer to it) I dedicate this to you. I pray for the doctors to have wisdom, for you to have strength, for medicine to keep you comfortable, and for time to be everything it needs to be for YOU. My love to all… please say a prayer for those who are dealing with sickness, surgeries, cancer, and losses….. Love Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

I think Facebooks idea was a good one , in a way. But it seems at times like more people  are turning into impersonal angry people. Facebook is over rated , misused, hurtful at times, and the flip side is it  could be a great tool.

There are constant changes in security settings because some warped minded person decided to hack the system. Some people use it for telling the world when they breathe, when they go to bed, what they had for dinner.

Some use it to hang their dirty laundry on, or to attack others. I know of a certain person who got in a facebook war with another friend, only to cause hurt and pain for a very long time.

And it has the tone of that awful feeling in elementary school, when there was that person you wanted to be a friend of… only to have them decline getting to know you. You send a “will you be my friend” request out.. and… they never respond. They do not want you to be their friend.

And if I get a friend request—it feels like back in high school when someone actually wanted my signature in their yearbook…

Life is so hectic, and facebook can be a good way for families to stay in touch, share a photo or two, and feel like you saw each other more than you have.

But it can be really nasty. I remember a while back there was a tragic murder of a young girl. So someone decided to make a facebook page for people to sign onto, as a memoir. Some creeps got on the site and accused the parents of murdering their daughter, … it was awful. In the end, the x boyfriend admitted to the murder, but not before warped minded cruel people slammed the girl, the family and the cops.

I really think the world was a better place without facebook…… with phone calls, visits, and good ol fashioned letters. Let’s keep America working—support the US Postal Service.


Before all this computer stuff… we had a little more time for each other in our real world, our REAL friends…

Instead     now in the  techy world… some try to see how many “friends” they have… the sad things is…some people will chose others friends of friends to be theirs… not because they mean anything to them…. but because they want to have the most friends… it is silly…

Love to all… night night… Mrs Justa alias Cindy.

Whoa… “the old song from the 50s… “Irene Goodnight Irene” brings new meaning to me after watching the devastation and after-effects from Irene this weekend.

We, fortunately live far enough in land from the East Coast that we got heavy rain and winds…but nothing like what the coastal areas got. Our red neck deck survived the day, so did our bird bath. We did take our flag down though and we are glad we did. The winds were pretty wild at times.

I am really tired, do not know why, guess the stressfulness of the past few weeks is taking a toll on me.

We did go to a party at my brothers last evening- it was a barbecue to meet our nieces husband. She and her husband just celebrated their 1 yr anniversary, most of us had not yet met him though. They met in the Navy and were wed in Washington State. So we only were represented at their wedding by sending our card and gift to them , and not by being their personally. So it was nice to meet him, I only knew him through facebook for the past year.

Than today we were invited to dinner at Adrianne’s and Josh’s in Rochester. We kinda felt bad for Josh, he was not feeling well, but still put on an awesome dinner. And Adrianne—well she is supposed to be on bed rest, but trying to be on bed rest with a very active 2 year old is not the easiest thing to do. Adrianne is in the end of her 35th week, she is having some prob with high blood pressure… So who knows if she will end up going in early. It was good to see them, we do not see them enough. Mackenzie is growing up quickly, she goes from one thing to the next so fast, it is amazing how much she touches in 5 minutes. She has this incredible interest in bugs. And she was using her pool sifter to try to get any bugs from the pool that had met their demise. She would get them on the sifter and than stare at them. It was really quite amazing to see how fascinated she was by them . She can say 2 three word sentences very clearly…. “open door now” and “shut door now” . She will keep her new baby brother entertained , babies love moving … and Mackenzie is a mover. She is precious!.

And a bummer today….. JEFFS EYE SCRATCHED BY PRESTONThis morning Preston accidently scratched Jeff’s left eye and he now has a patch on his eye, as the cornea was dug pretty well.

Yuck… just the thought of that is kinda creepy.. Thank God it was not worse than it is, but he is not very comfortable. I feel really bad for him , eye pain is very hard to explain, nothing really helps it, and it is scary when things happen to the eye, we need our vision!. Luv ya Jeff… prayers are coming your way !

I hope all who read this survived Irene without much trouble. MY best to all.. until late. Love Mrs Justa alais Cindy

And the hits just keep on what a week of stuff!

My computer died  a couple days ago… well it just would not boot up 100%, so Mark and I discussed what worked in the past for him… recovery…. … well system recovery was another way to say…. clear everything out of the computer and start over again. When it was done reloading…. it said… “Welcome to your first time on your new HP!” Well I gotta tell ya… I was less than thrilled. My photos gone, my professional Windows  7 gone, my greeting card program gone…. my patience went out the window with the programs…

So I have pieced together some stuff… and still need to load the windows 7 back on . I am feeling overwhelmed with work stuff, friend stuff, the gym, camping, family stuff , life stuff. It just seems life happens so fast.

I know people whose husbands are dealing with some significant health issues, friends who are dealing with their own health issues, a special person who is dealing with not one..but 2 deaths this week… and a few folks who are dealing with life stressors.

People are freaking out over the weather, some people seem worried about the doom and gloom that the world seems to be shoving down our throats. I am consumed over the Hurricane that is coming up the east coast.

We had gone to the outer banks last April and to think about these poor people who have rented a home on the outer banks for an awesome vacation… dang the houses rent for thousands a weeks. Where we were it was arrive Saturday afternoon and leave by Saturday morning. We went at the off seaon, but the same house in August would go for 49995.00 this week— it was 995.00 the week we went. I hope these houses withstand the storm.  

this is one of the larger homes on the ocean , in the town we were in.





This is the one we were in…

I can not imagine sticking it out, and thinking it will be okay.

From the deck we looked out at the ocean. TO think of 12-20 foot waves coming at that house…. oh I hope it makes it through.


SO the next 24 hrs will tell how the island held up.   Prayers for  everyone in the hurricane path…. thankful I am not there…. had I been younger and more foolish… we might have stayed there for life. It was fabulous. Love to all…. Mrs Justa alias Cindy  

Okay… so I am kinda freaked out…. yikes!

We were headed up to Fulton for fuel for my car. We opened the front door, ( there are NO STREET LIGHTS IN THE STICKS!!) stepped out, it is like 9:20 PM. Front door closed with lock on, and somewhere out in the darkness we hear a rather creepy deep , gurgling, rolling growl.

You know the kind….like in the spooky movies and there are really mean wolves….. so there I stand, Mark in front of me, we are staring into total darkness, door locked, car about 30 feet away and through the darkness this growl. Like a stomach growling…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We made it to the car safely, we backed out of the drive, backed back in , shined the headlights across the street… we saw nothing… but SOMETHING in a not so good mood… is out there lurking… And ya can’t call animal control to say there is a growl in the night time darkness…. they would lock us up !!!

Our neighbors have a hen house in their way back yard, I dunno if it was a wolf….what ever it was … it did not sound real sociable. SOOOO there is a baseball bat back by where we let out Indi.. we will have to go out with him and scoot him in real quick-like.

Think we will leave the windows down and use the AC for air tonight… yep… not in the mood for the growling whatever to come leaping through a screen…. freaked me out… yes siree….

Needless to say, I am not taking anything out to the camper tonight. It reminds me of another dog story. Jeff would remember this I am sure. We used to live in a mobile home park, and there was a dog that the neighbor just let out. Well I worked until after dark in the winter, and Jeff was working evenings at a local store, so we ended up shoveling around 7 or 8 at night. We did not have a light in the driveway, but the snow seemed to light to night air. This dog would come through the darkness and corner me against the house, barking at me and trying to bite me. I would wave my shovel towards him, he would dodge it.. it as really freaky… Mark was an over the road truck driver at the time, so often it was me, my shovel and this dog. His growl was however not like the mysterious growl tonight.. but it was really scary.

SO tonight I will probably somehow fit the growl into my dreams… ugggg. Until tomorrow….. have a grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat night… ugggg. Love Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

camping 8-19  -8-21-11 040

Well, night number two was not as bad. We got back up to camp with Indi around 12:30 or 1 PM. And he got walked and played with , he met people , he introduced himself to dogs, got to go into the woods and detect with his nose every animal that had been there in the past few days, and in the end, I think he peed on every spot imaginable- so I guess that means he is partial owner of the camping resort now ! Than we brought his bed up from home, I lower the table and made the benches and table as a bed level, cranked on the Air Conditioning ( it was blowing right on his area… ) and he slept more. Still some pacing and whimpering at times, but all in all a better night was had by all. Sometime during the night, Mark got up, grabbed a blanket and actually laid down next to Indi to give him a little comfort.

We are home, laundry done, scary storms came through a few hrs ago just south of us ( thank God), house cleaned, ironing done, made spaghetti sauce—mmm that was good…. has 2 oz wheat pasta cooked up, fresh salad.. ahh it is nice to be back home.

8-12-2011 east coast resort site 72 007Tomorrow is going to come quickly, and I will be thinking about the next time we will be able to go to East Coast again. We are proud of Indi, he proved this weekend he is a camping dog, he did not bark at everyone who walked by, he was comfortable enough to lie between our chairs as we watched the evening fire, and he seemed to adapt more to the environment. However, his meds are making him really jittery at times, but it is the meds, and hopefully he will adjust to them soon.

It is really hard to believe the summer season is coming to an end. It has been a very good summer all in all.. A tad too humid for me, but not a bad summer. I hope it was good for you too.

Lessons of summer…. appreciate every moment, take time to take time, we deserve a break, do what you want to do as life is too precious to be doing things you do not want to do..( work is important but do not let work consume you 24/7),

Take time to : enjoy others : have an iced tea : eat some watermelon:camping 8-19  -8-21-11 001 watching sunsets: watching sun rises:walking in the sun: being lazy for a little bit:watching birds:watching children: sitting around  a campfire: checking out all the flowers:taking a chair and reading a book as the breeze gently keeps you comfortable:….. the list goes on and on…

Peace to all,Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Lesson number 5,550 in my life’s journey….camping indi 001

Camping with a dog with insomnia….not a good idea.

Poor Indi… he is on this new medication … he is on Zonesmide and in people there are these side effects…

SIDE EFFECTS: Dizziness, drowsiness, trouble sleeping, lack of coordination, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and double vision may occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

“Remember that your doctor has prescribed this medication because he or she has judged that the benefit to you is greater than the risk of side effects. Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects.

Tell your doctor right away if you have any unlikely but serious side effects, including: easy bruising/bleeding, signs of infection (such as fever, persistent sore throat), mental/mood problems (such as confusion, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, agitation, irritability), speech problems, decreased sweating, sudden back/side/abdominal pain, painful urination, pink/bloody urine.

A small number of people who take anticonvulsants for any condition (such as seizure, bipolar disorder, pain) may experience depression, suicidal thoughts/attempts, or other mental/mood problems. Tell your doctor right away if you or your family/caregiver notice any unusual/sudden changes in your mood, thoughts, or behavior including signs of depression, suicidal thoughts/attempts, thoughts about harming yourself.”


But in dogs- it is still being tried and our vet in particular has now only 2 dogs on it.

Last night I came home and got Indi to take him camping.. He was hyper in the car for the WHOLE ride. HYPER—definition for Indi, pacing, panting, whimpering,hyperventilating in my face…. ( or kindly phrases “good time had by all”)

He was kinda stressing me out ( another thing that does not usually happen to me. ) SO I am driving along and it is dark and foggy, and I have Mark on the phone. I am in Mexico, a quaint little town and asking Mark about “Do I turn at such and such a place” ..he says “Hold that thought..and is asking if I could maybe pick up a Gatorade for him>>”  So I take the turn, the phone conversation  going on, I am still holding that thought..until a new thought got in the way… I TOOK THE WRONG TURN!!!

So now I have this panting, whining dog in my face, my purse and glasses are in the trunk, I see a sign indication I am heading for places I do not want to go..and it is foggy.

I get the car turned around and return to the wrong turn area.. correct my error, and got there about 15 minutes later than I had planned.

Indi can not help it…100_6548 he is trying to adjust to his meds. But at 5:10 Am… after hours of his nails clicking on the floor,hearing the clock tick…..

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  him whimpering, taking him out for him to pace outside… uggg… well we came home this morning, going to breakfast, mowing the yard… and heading back for another night … hopefully he rests tonight!.

Peace to all.. and Confucius says.. “Not good idea to take insomniac dog camping” sigh…

Love Mrs Justa Alias Cindy

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