July 2010

This my dear friends is a “Kettle Ball” that is a cute name100_6027_edited for “ kick you arrsss ball” and every other muscle possible in the journey. This particular one is a ten pounder. The goal is to do exercises while holding onto this kettle ball and it helps to trim as you lose.

We have a trainer at the gym, he is cool, because he knows Marks limitations and is able to work with Mark so he can do things around the disabilities he has. And me, well I have a few of my own quirks, and he works around them with me too.

On Weds night the trainer decided to introduce the “Kettle Ball” to me, he showed me how to swing it from the upper right shoulder to the lower left calf, referring to it as the “chopping wood” move.  I had to swing this thing 10 times both sides, And than he had me try to squat like I was going to sit down, with this kettle ball gripped in both of my hands and I held it firm lowering it to the floor- or close to the floor. I tried to get it to the floor but … not quite there yet….

. Oh yeah and I had 10 minute individual lifting it above my head, and there was one I stood and held tight as I swung it slowly from up to down between my legs.. Boy, there are nerve endings that must have  been on vacation, cuz they came back the day after my kettle ball introduction.

I liked the exercise, it really targeted areas I  must not have been targeting before, but it is not easy! They are not readily available in the gym, they are in one of the areas for “boot camp” . That means that after this next couple sessions we will not have access to them, as we are  probably going to stop using the trainer for a bit. So this weekend we bought a kettle ball for home, and In about 1 hr I plan to work with the kettle ball for a 20 minute session.

People come up and ask “How did you do it” to Mark and to me. it is like people want to know a magic secret for weight loss. And I think most people know you have to burn more calories than you consume, and that starving yourself does not work. And the other thing is move… no matter what you can not do, there is something you can do. Mark can do thing in the pool like walk- but on dry land walking is very difficult, he can swim, he can ride a recumbent bike, he can work a few of the machines. Mark is pushing 100 pounds off right now. HE may need to come home and take a nap, or rest for a bit… but he knows he had to lose the weight…

Me.. I can do the treadmill, the elliptical, a couple of swinging leg machines, some upper body stuff, and machines and the kettle ball… I am down 45-47 lbs depending on the morning, and continue to work to lose more. 

We are continuing to go forward, and we pretty much know what we can to to accomplish our goal while still acknowledging that we have things we can not do for physical reasons.  I am going to write about the changes I have noticed, and where I want to be in a yr from now. Now I ask you… where do you want to be in a yr from now? Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy


Things we should do                     Things we should not do

Be kind                                        Offend others

Be gentle                                      Hurt others feelings

Work diligently                             Waste others precious time

Respect others space and time       Damage things or discard things that

                                                    have worth

Stop and listen to others                Interrupt or ignore others

Be trustworthy and honest              Do not lie



As you have walked over the planks of your life, as you have entwined your moments with other peoples life, did you ever have any people who behaved or acted like those things listed on the right side?

Do you try to be conscious of how you treat others?

I can still hear my mom telling me over and over again “ To do unto others as you would have them do unto you” She taught me that in every step of my life.

Another thing she would say is  “ Beauty is as beauty does.” and “People reap their rewards” than in my teenage years it was “Make love not war.”

When life seems like a roller coaster of events and situations that you kinda wish you had not had gone through ,after it is over I really think that you will have learned something from them. I have, every darn time…

And somehow the things my mother taught me growing up seem to come to play when I have had events or situations ,that have not been positive, happen in my my life.  I truly try to treat others like I like to be treated, and unfortunately in life there are times we can be treated by some folks in a manner I for one would never treat another person.

Momma was right, as I sit back and observe situations where things are just not right, I find that those who live by the Golden Rule seem to be calmer, and probably rest more at night . And people who treat others poorly- tend to reap sadness, maybe displeasure, maybe discontent. I think they even tend to age quicker, have frown lines on their face, and their eyes tend to not sparkle with joy.

Have you ever people watched? Sat at the mall, or a park and watched people. I love to do that… because I run little dramas through my head. Like the frowner, I make a scenario why they are frowning, or the person who walks with their head down low- are they shy, or just really having a sucky day? I love to watch kids and their energy, and it is so great when you see kids with their parents, and each seem to enjoy the other. 

100_4137_edited Me.. I hope the that as I step on each stone in the path of my life image I give to others is one of kindness, one of giving, and when I am with my family, I hope they see a love in my eyes for each of them, and when I am talking to the employees at work, I hope I am always seen as being compassionate, open  and understanding. Time is precious, and to waste it in self pity or unpleasant behavior- well it is a waste of time that we can not get back again.

Yes, the Golden Rule… it is the way to live… than each night I know when I go to sleep that I have been the best person I can be in every step of life I have just walked through. Have a great night, Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy


Yesterday has burned off into the darkness and today, well it was another challenging day. But I kept my sights on resolution to my dilemmas and worked towards a brighter tomorrow. Isn’t that what we should do, look for brightness ahead and not focus on the gloom behind.

I know people who get stuck in a Woe Is Me type situation were they almost thrive on ugliness that is past. It is like they love to bring up previous hurt and pain. They may start talking in the present but soon they back track to the wrongs of yesterday. It is like they have to feed the monster.

Me, I try to deal with things and then pigeon hole them , I avoid confrontation at all costs, I am more a “make peace not war “ type person, and I guess that can lead to hurt.

Life can be like a rope swing over the river, one second I am flying in the air , wind blowing my hair and the breeze feels so refreshing .. and than bam- drop off into that dang muddy, murky water. So in the future- I would remember the breeze and freedom, and not the gunky water.

It is a day of challenges that is quickly coming to an end… and I am pooped. I think it was 4am today I woke up and than proceeded to watch the alarm clock for an hr, not wanting to move and wake up Indi or Mark.. but at 5 I was done staring at the digital clock and got up, I went thru the bills , logged in all due this week, and proceeded to get ready for my day.

I hope all had a good day.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALLY… peace to all, Love Mrs Justa…

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It is funny how some days can seem like they are murky. The reflections of what we know is to be become cloudy. The crystal clear way that something has always been shows its yucky side.

Well , for me, that was how this week is turning out. disappointments in the ways certain things are turning out and an inability to feel like I can see the way through the water.

I have found in life, that when things are like this, all of the sudden things seem discombobulated for one reason or another.. that is the time to let time work for me.  AS upset as I once would have gotten, I know to put emotions on hold and wait for a day or two, looking for clarity, planning a way to add whatever to the mix and clear things up.

I love trouble shooting, problem solving, but in the murk, it is hard to know the components of the problem all the way. Time settle the ripples, and will once again bring sharpness.

This can be any factor in our lives when we have moments like this. At home, being a parent, being in a relationship, at a time when ya can not seem to figure out a solution to a financial problem, at work, a loss, a betrayal, the situations go on.

it really does not matter what the situation is, when you are in it, remember to keep check on your emotions and let time make things clearer. 100_5353And when this something happened today-this moment of feeling like I wanted to scream.. I got up, I thanked the person for their time, and I went out to walk around a couple city blocks, just me and God and the realization that I am blessed to have that relationship. Once I felt a peace.. I went back to what I was doing. But without those  few moments of separating the world from me.. and just being me… I think the rest of the day would have been Hell on Earth..

That is what is so neat about determination and faith. First I know that it is not about me… nope I am just a minute part of this existence we have.I also know if I ever try to do things and leave God out, well I will not achieve what I think I am aiming for, and often times I end up feeling defeated. So in times of trouble and times of happiness I need to always pray.

I know that it is the real things in life that are important, relationships, helping others, and being a good person.

And I also know that not everyone is like that, and when I forget any of these facts, I get disappointed or hurt.

So tomorrow is another day, and the murkiness will go away some. I have friends, family and faith.. the three “Fs” – and with those three things – well the rest will be just fine. It is just one of those down days today… nothing major in the scheme of things… but a life’s learning moment… never leave out the 3 “Fs” . never leave God out either. Peace to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy


Now this is living. Can you imagine having life’s cards fall exactly the way you hoped they wound and to be blessed with being able to see this scenery every day of your life?

To see as far as your eyes can see and know there is so much more you can not perceive. I guess I look at life for others and life for us and I wonder how the heck people are able to live the way they do.

I am not longing to be like others, just looking for answers how…I can drive thru housing developments that have 200,000 or more homes. And in their driveways are SUVs or Escalades. People have lots of stuff. I just wish I knew the secret to doing everything right to have the ability to live like that.

We were on the NYS Thruway yesterday , and the number of class As was amazing. These things are not cheap ! The saying goes… “If you have to ask how much it costs, than it costs too much for you.” Well I definitely needs to know the price tag !.

The RV show was at the NYS Fair grounds this past weekend and they had Class As ( like this )You should have seen the number of RVs with sold stickers on them.

these suckers are more than 1/4 of a million bucks ! Can you imagine having  the money to go into an RV store and paying for one of these.

And than to know you have enough in a slush maintenance fund to cover you in breakdowns.

There is a temptation to the thought of living 6 months in the North and 6 months out of snow country. But I do no know in the time of my retirement if it is going to be a possibility. And if it is, than the question is do you live in a place for 6 months and than another place for 6 months, or do you have some sort of an RV to go to the south and stay in.

There were people driving these class A’s all over the highway yesterday.I just can not comprehend how they can afford it. To me, I would rather drive in a car, and see the sights like that above, and for the cost of a Class A… well as Jeff was saying the other day- that is ALOT of 4 star hotels!!  So who knows what the future will bring. I think I know for sure that this sight from this mountain- that will be there in the future, and we will have each other… that is in the future, and our grandkids will grow up.. yep that is in the future… but how our retirement will all lay out… I have no idea… Wherever it is…however it turns out… I hope it brings as much peace as what I feel when looking off the mountain. Love to all, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a poem that I remember my mom reading to me, and than I remember reading it to my brothers and sisters and to my son. It is titled “ My Shadow” –I found it on line…  http://quotations.about.com/cs/poemlyrics/a/My_Shadow.htm  

It was in a book titled “The Illustrated Treasure of Children’s Literature” and the book I have has a copyright of 1955. This book is 511 pages long, and the pages are on a thicker paper with a smell to it that brings my back to my youth, and getting a whiff of the pages as my mom would turn them and read to us. Sections of the book have poems and other part have fairytales.

I found comfort in this poem because it told me I was never alone. No matter where I go, I have my shadow. Kinda like a twin of me. Always at my side, sometime hovering over me , sometimes letting me hover over it.

I came across this poem in the tunnels of my mind as Mark was walking out of the kitchen and Indi was following him closely. Mark said “ Look at my shadow” Ha- it was, if Mark stopped, Indi would have run right into his ankle.

100_5950_edited We were blessed with a weekend of exposure to the grand children. All 3 of them at one time or another. Grandchildren are like shadows at times, they need to be close to those they trust. It is a comforting feeling to have a grandchild trust you. To have them recognize you and hopefully know you are in their family.

We got to give Preston his bath on Thursday and again on Saturday. He loves his bath. He hangs his leg over the infant sling that holds him safely in place, and kicks his little leg, splashing water on his leg.

A precious moment.

On Thursday And Saturday we had Brandon too. He is such a joy to be around. He is curious, he is inquisitive, he is experimenting, he is loving all attention he can get, he is trying to say words of all kinds and when he goes to sing a song he raises the tone to that of a boy in cherub choir. He does 100_5957_edited follow people around, he loves to help and see what people are up to.

His dad had just come in from mowing and Brandon had found the radio ear phones that Jeff had on. So he had his dad put them on his , and he was listening to music and bouncing and dancing to the music. He relates well to Mark. It was cool, today was Mackenzie’s first birthday and when Brandon came into Josh and Adrianne’s house in Rochester, he saw his grandpa sitting on the couch and amid all the other people there, he took off to be with his grandpa. It was neat to see his recognize Mark and want to be with him .

And Mackenzie, she was precious in her little pink sleeveless dress. She ended up getting changed out of it though as, it was definitely interfering with her wanting to crawl all over. She did not get the jest that people were there for her.. really a 100_5962_editedfirst birthday party is more for the family and friends to gather and this gives everyone a good reason to do so.  People are celebrating with the parents that the first year has passed and life is going on.  

She loves the camera and stops what ever she is doing to smile for the camera. it is really quite cute the way she does it.

SO this was a fun filled, very busy grandparent weekend. And I believe fun was had be all.

I am exhausted, and will be ending today shortly but just wanted to pop in, wish everyone a great week and hope you all stay safe.

Love to all,
Mrs. Justa…

100_4081One day comes and another day is gone. One day things are okay, the next day things can be chaotic. Life. It is okay at times and sometimes it is a challenge. 

I watch this come true in the profession I am in. The administration of self insurance health plans. one second a person is doing fine and the next they are in an ER with something gone wrong.

We never meet the people or the families, but we always feel for them. It just reiterates that we need to treasure each moment we are blessed with. Whether it be an organ that stops working properly, an illness unable to be treated out patient, a bone that breaks, a fall that injured, an accident. Each case we review, it makes it so clear that life is something we can not take for granted.. life is unpredictable.

Swirling in my mind are days gone by. Days I can not change what I did or did not do. As the days pass and I think about what others have, what others have accomplished, I feel that I have not taken advantage of all the opportunities that we each have as we become adults.

I should have saved more money, I should have invested in a retirement plan , I should have been careful with decisions I made.. all things I can not change now. So our retirement plan is to win the lottery.. that is a poor planning move.. but with “A Little Bit Of Luck” image from google images… – well this little guy with the huge head claims he is all we need. We just gotta find him.

There are different things I have wanted to become- I LOVE being a nurse, but I wished I was different things …an air traffic controller for a while and a computer geek, a legal office nurse, a dog trainer, a day care operator, … all of which are thoughts, semi passions that flew right by me… What do you want to do with your life? What profession did you want to try but never quite made it there?

And what would I do right now, if in the blink of an eye what I do now is no longer there to do? Hmmm… I think I would try to get back in hospital, work as a floor nurse. It is HARD work, but so very rewarding, because at days end, I always knew I made a difference in the patients day- and being a patient can suck !!

So I am off.. gotta get some shut eye… maybe dream of chances never taken, night night, Love Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

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