our theme song


Music, is it not amazing?

There are 8 whole notes in an octave. 8 of them, just at different octave levels, and look at all the songs they have made. Eight notes with 1/2 notes in between, depending on how the song is written it can sound joyful , excited, sad, terrified. Eight notes, and there are countless songs, none quite sounding like another. None with the same words in the same order. I look at my collection of records, tapes and CD’s and I am amazed at how many different songs there are. What I have is a minute representation of the songs in the world.

I can be taken back to a time in my life,

just by hearing a song. I can see the room or feel the  wind as if I was back in that period of time.I feel the same emotions. I can feel so low that I can cry  listening to some songs, and others bring me such joy I may break out in a huge smile.

To some , music may not mean anything,

but to me, it is part of what makes me whole. I do not know if you can understand that, if music does not do the same thing to you, but to me, I have a song in my heart most of the time. I catch myself stuck on a tune, or longing to hear one I have not heard for a while.

Sometimes I fall for the melody

and later really listen to the words, only to find out it is about some woman crying the blues about dating a married man. I love the tune, but can not bring myself to sing the song, because it is something I can not support with song. I love to sing, and do so at church, and on occasion out in a Karaoke setting. When I sing a song, I have to really feel the song. Even if it is not something I have felt in life, I have to feel the meaning, so that others may feel it to.

Maybe, just maybe, I will be singing a song

that becomes a memory of a special time to someone or to many. I was going out a couple times a month singing at various Karaoke shows, it was fun, and the audience is unique in a karaoke bar. It is often that they hear you, but continue to do their thing, whether it be playing pool, shooting darts or hanging out with friends. Every once in a while though, a certain song may hit the group and they stop, they rally around, they may sway with lighters lit ,waving them above their heads or they may just turn and listen, if that happens, when that happens, I know I have not only felt the song, but I have succeeded in sharing the song with others.

Eight notes, unending combinations, words put together, Music is the foundation of who I am. I wish you all a song in your hearts, a feeling from a song, a longing to hear more. Love always, Cindy


image Yep it was Saturday yesterday. As I’ve mentioned in the past on the blogspot blog Cindy and I go out to breakfast every Saturday morning. It’s our one vice. We either go out with our friends Shawn & Pat or relatives(hmm,are relatives friends?)Just kidding Tom. If your confused about what post is on what blog join the crowd(ok one person isn’t a crowd)even I don’t know what is where, can you tell?

We’re going to put you in the mood to read the rest of this post click here to listen to our theme song while your catching up on the latest adventure’s of “Sir foot in mouth”. I’m in quite a bit of hot water from Momma for posting this picture on the Blogspot JustaKrusen. I might be slow but I just don’t have a clue as to what I did wrong.

But any way back to breakfast with the “Mayor” and his wife.We met at Larkin’s at 8:00. It was a day of history a once in a life time event.A today only event. Shawn and Pat actually beat us there. You see, normally as in every other time we beat them to the restaurant we are inside saving them a seat. Some mornings it’s crowded and a seat in the Dining area is hard to get. Soooo the one time in our 39 years of friendship and numerous social engagements that we attend together Mr. Mayor and his wife beat us. Are they inside saving us a seat? Noooooo. He is outside with a marching band, News 10 now, and the Post Standard celebrating like he had just won the super bowl!!! 🙂 🙂

We shared our normal array of Misadventures that each of us experience on a daily basis.Our lives are the modern day Gilligan’s Island. Who would I be Shawn, Gilligan? That must mean that you and Pat are “The Howells”. 🙂 After that Cindy and I went to Casual Estates in our continuing saga to change our living situation see here. We’re coming down to the Nitty Gritty on some decisions soon. Cindy is singing in Church this morning. I’m going to go to listen to her sing. I don’t normally go. Long story. But, I have decided that when Momma is doing a solo, I will be there to support her. It’s for her. Not for the “club” she belongs to. There I got in trouble again. I can’t help it. It’s just natural for me to get in trouble. I’m justa saying!