July 2008

Did you ever think about the miracles we are surrounded by on a daily basis. image Us, we are miracles, but fruits and vegetables, look at these, I love the summer time when fresh veggies and fruits are abundant. The squirting when biting into a fresh peach, the slurping of watermelon, the crispness of celery and cukes. Summer is a great time to be productive, the wise gardener can have veggies into the  winter months with just some labor and dedication.

I just love salads and seem to never tire of them. Yes, the warm weather is here around us, grab something fresh and enjoy the season. Next yr I think we may do the garden thing. It is so neat to see the results of your hard work, and to have it linger on for months.

Last year one of my good friends brought me bags of tomatoes from her garden. I destemmed them, washed them , placed them on cookie sheets in my freezer, and once frozen I placed them in gallon size zip lock bags. Throughout the year I would add a bag to the crock pot with some tomato recipes for sauces, chili or spaghetti sauce. We just used the last bag this past week. Zucchini, well I shred that up and freeze it and during the yr can make zucchini bread, zucchini cake or add it to a sauce. MMMM. Yep, enjoy the season and bite a snap pea for me! Cindy

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image Elbert Hubbard once said “The love we give away is the only love we keep” Whoa, that is pretty heavy. So we need to give away love to feel love. Love is delicate, as delicate as this cloud is (courtesy of www.hookang.com) Have you an recollection of love that you did not share? To have love, to have real joy, we need to have someone to share it with.

So that means we have to be giving, and not engulfed in our own being. We need to give of our selves to feel the real feeling we have. I have to really think about this, and how I am to others, and how others are to folks around them.

I guess looking in the rear view mirror of life, I have been around people who only love themselves. They are not fun to be around, they are nasty, conceited and so wrapped up in their own being that they con not see who they bull over, nor do they care.

I guess I need to focus more on my love for others and male sure that I too am giving it away. I always want to love as I believe that God loves us all, unconditionally, but I think at times–many times , I fall short. For love, kindness and happiness are international, and they can be heard by the deaf and seen by the blind, and they make the world a better place to live. I love you all, thanks for being there, Love Mrs Justa

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Happiness, a word that automatically makes me smile.

This clip art ( courtesy of “mylemonadestand.com)image makes me smile. A warm puppy, depending on you for everything, yet full of more love then a lifetime can take in. As John Dewey had once said ” To find what one is fitted to and to secure an opportunity to do it is the key to happiness.” Mark Twain once said “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval” To be politically correct now- it would be a person… as to not make women feel left out.

It is true.

We have to want to be happy, we have to force ourselves to find a thing we are meant to do and do it.

What makes you happy?

It is hard to find happiness, it is very hard when you feel like life is passing you by. But happiness comes from within, and I gotta tell ya, I have had many instances in my life when I thought I would never become anything, and never find happiness. But I never gave up, I had to reach inside my soul and pull myself back up, and I am so glad I did, I have a family that loves me, a husband that treasures me, a son who my world seems to revolve for,his wife who is a woman anyone would love as a daughter, a step daughter that I am so proud of, a very special son-in-law,  a profession I adore, a few good friends and a job I enjoy most days.

What makes you smile?

imageDid you ever notice how a smile is contagious? Try it, smile at someone and look in their eyes, see if they smile back. Don’t laugh though, they would interpret that differently then a warm smile.

What makes me smile?

(courtesy of designflute.wordpress.com ) Hugs, how more comforting is life then with hugs. People who like me. I feel worthwhile. Nursing in a hospital, because I am helping people in their most trying moments. Rainbows, they are gifts from God. They signify to me that things will get better. Babies, they are so innocent, and need lots of hugs and love. Family, because family is the thread of life, of humanity. Singing, it makes me whole. Giving to those with less then me. Christmas time, because people generally seem nicer. A gentle rain, for it is cleansing the world. A warm bath, because it encompasses my body with comfort. An old pair of sneakers, as they are just right for my feet. Lilacs- I just love the colors and the scent.

What makes you smile? Find it, and let a smile come. May you find happiness on your journey through life, Love Mrs Justa

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We have driven by this house

a number of times on our trek to the new home. It caught my eye the first time we went by, and now every time I go by it I am intrigued by it. I can not totally say why, but it makes my mind wander to days of yesteryear. In the lower window, blocked by the ferns that have consumed it, in that window is a sticker that people used to put on a pane of glass to tell the fireman that a child was sleeping in that room.

100_1628 100_1630_edited In this upstairs room, is a shade that is pulled back by the various forces within.

I wonder about the memories

in this house? Who lived there, how many children? Was it a family that was together? Or a broken home? I picture in my mind that it may have 3 bedrooms , probably one bathroom, and a dining room, living room and parlor type.

And the people, I wonder-did they love each other? Did they have dinner together? Did they read bedtime stories and sing lullabies to the children as they drifted off to sleep?

And then I wonder what happened?

At one point this home was new, the roof strong, the walls freshly painted, and windows sparkling with window covers -whether they be shades or drapes. Someone swept these floors and vacuumed the carpets, mowed the yard, maybe gardened and maybe had a dog or a cat. What made them give up? What caused them to leave? It does not look like a fire, it just looks abandoned. The building to the right, I think it might have been a garage. It might have been sideways on the land.

Now the weirdest thing

is right behind this home, I mean right behind it , is a single wide mobile home, a very old one that has also collapsed from neglect, from no one living in it and loving it. So then I wonder, did the people who built this home, did they live in the single wide while they were building this home? And if they did, what an accomplishment they must have felt to have built this home.

I just can not let this go,

I wonder where the people are now who know the stories of this home. Where are the children that once filled this home with the pitter patter of their little feet, the giggles and the sleepy tears.

I hope they individually and together

have as strong a foundation as their home appears to have, and I hope that it was not total misfortune that made them leave, but maybe they were transferred somewhere else and the home was left behind.

I hope my home never becomes lost,

abandoned like this one. I pray my home will be filled with the memories , blessings and happy times that a home is meant to be encompassed with. My love to all, and wishes that you will fill your home- wherever, what ever you call home, with joy, peace and memories. Love, Mrs Justa

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I saw this photo and it just got to me. I can’t really say why , but it made me think. For people who believe in Jesus, as I do, and for people who believe that Jesus died on the cross for us, this picture really hit me.

A lonely cross, a day ending, and a new day in the works, hours away. What did I do today for the sake of others? What would I sacrifice for those I do not know? What would I give for those I do know. Courtesy of www.freefoto.com

Those questions come to me often. Jesus died for all of us, who would I die for? How could I stand to be crucified? How could I stand to watch someone I love be crucified? How does it apply to our every day life? What has life brought me, brought others, what lies ahead?

I saw my son and his wife tonight. I am so thankful for them. I look at him and know that in his profession, he puts his life on the line every day. And he does it for people he does not know. What a courageous person. And his wife, she is driven to share her knowledge with the very young. She is building a foundation for their life, she holds their wonder of knowledge in her hands. A bad teacher can discourage our youth, and it is easy to be a bad teacher. However a good teacher takes a lot of work, commitment and compassion. She is blessed with the gift of teaching.

My husband, he has sacrificed so much in his life to provide for his family. He has given so much of himself so often. When he does something he gives it 100%. When the kids were young, he wanted to do special things with them on the weekends we had them. He loves his family. When he drove he was on time for his appointments, regardless of what it took. His loads were delivered unharmed and safe. His safety record was next to unbeatable. His trucks were always taken care of. When he worked in the home for children , he created memories that live on in each of those children’s minds, into their adulthood. When he worked at the Men’s Fellowship at church, he was there for every event, leading as best he could.

Me, I too, give my all to my family and my profession. I love all aspects of nursing, yet I really like the clinical the best. I went into nursing because I wanted to be there for those who were sick and needed help getting better , and because I never wanted anyone to die without dignity.I wanted to be the good memory in the hospital in world of unknown. 

But to give my life for someone, I do not know how far I would go. I feel I am a giving person, but I do not know how much I hold back . How blessed to be able to feel that someone gave His life for me. As the sun sets, I once again ask myself, what did I sacrifice today? What did I do that was good? Who did I help? Hmmm. Love and peace, Cindy

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To some this may be confusing , why would I put a picture like this on the blog? What does this mean? And to others, it probably makes perfect sense. 001 This greeted me one morning not too long ago, as I was getting up for the morning. This is a concentrated effort for Indi ( our dog) to give me a message. He wanted some attention. He was not sure which toy would work, so he kept trying different ones, in his mind looking for the magic toy that would get me to play with him.People have told me dogs do not reason, that they think in black and white- I do not agree. He chose different size toys, different characteristics- he could have just chosen a trail of racket balls or tennis balls- but no- he chose a football, a squeaky sneaker and a variety of balls.

He reasoned this out.

I found this comforting and sad at the same time. Then it started me thinking about what we mortals do when we want attention. At different ages in life, we do different things. What were my “toys” of attention at school? I think probably passing notes, raising my hand to ask annoying questions, and at home- sometimes picking fights with my brothers and sisters.

What causes us to want attention? And what causes us to do things to make us annoying. I guess to some , these toys would have been annoying, some might say that they were angry because they cleaned the house, or they are angry because someone could trip, me I found humor and love in it. I think it made me aware that not only at home, but everywhere I need to watch for peoples toys in my way. For those subtle hints that someone needs attention.

Justa thought from justa Krusenville. Love to all , CIndy

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Hi all, Well the weekend has past and we have FINALLY moved in. Oh I think all involved found their beds more comfortable then usual on Friday night. I even took the first long soak in that garden tub early Sat morning. 100_1579 It was a long, hot and humid weekend, but we survivied and are on the other side, so to speak, of the nightmare of moving.

Mark was discharged Sun evening, so he got to come home to a house all unpacked. We still have pictures to hang and a few bins left, but in general, we are all unpacked.

Jeff, Amanda, Sarge and Jake THANK YOU!!!!! The rain and mud and heat, well it was an interesting day- but Saturday was 92 degrees and felt like 99 % humidity- so we were lucky to have done the move on Friday. 100_1599

This is the new office, were I am typing right now, and where Mark will be coming back to also. He says hi, and appreciates everyone’s concern.

I am going to reconcile the check book this evening and look at the money due this week for bills. It will be different here, but I think we will be okay. We now are responsible for our own septic, and now have taxes, at the park someone else had that . It will be nice once Mark feels more like himself, and feel less out of joint.

I am going to go for now, just wanted to saw hi— we have returned from the dark ! Love, Cindy

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