100_0929 Photo courtesy of Momma.

We had a busy weekend. I bet Cindy’s going to be glad to get back to work. I won’t bore you with all the details.We went grocery shopping at Save A Lot friday. We only spent $38.82 for 32 items. Not to shabby huh? You can see a list of the things we bought here. We actually got some food this time. We spent just about $50.00 for two of us for the week. That’s down from the $80.00 we had been spending for just the two of us before we really started paying attention to what we were buying and how much we were spending. Toss in the $300.00 we spent eating out last month, and we could have bought a small country in South America. We have budgeted ourselves to just $30.00 a week for eating out and entertainment. If we can stick to that for a while we should be able to save quite a bit.

Tom & Sherri had Easter Brunch this year at their house. This is only a small fraction of the stuff we had to eat. We also had eggs, bacon, sausage.It was quite a feast. I think they’re were 23 of us total.All kinds of left overs afterwards. We got 3 dozen bagels with cream cheese from Bagelious in Bayberry Plaza. We got way too many and will have bagels for months to come. Oh well. I won’t have to buy them at Save A Lot on Tues now. The best way to go to a function at the Gaines household is with earplugs in. Even those just make it so the hearing loss only last for 3 hrs instead of the normal 6.

A good time seemed to be had by almost all.I know I ate too much. I’m doing pretty good with my weight loss though. I’m down 20lbs in this last month and a half or so. Long way to go. But it’s worth the effort. I’m not going to mention any names or anything like that (but I will use her initials) Sherri, has lost 91/2 lbs.Momma continues to melt away. If were not careful here we may actually get healthy and live longer. Go figure! I’m justa saying!