May 2011

What a nice weekend. Oh yeah my legs are not the greatest yet, got a few holes that are not closing..but they are not huge… life maybe a small crochet hook in diameter. But I asked Mark to help me out and put a few steri strips on them, I will call the doc tomorrow morning. Pain.. not bad…just a few tender areas. Blood.. not bad…just annoying- can not go to the gym with blood drops from the back of my thigh.

But the camper is basically ready for its maiden voyage, whenever that may be. I am blessed to have a job to go to tomorrow, and will be doing so for many many years. So it is comforting to know we just need to add some groceries and we are basically ready to go anywhere.

Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 130It is weird how life has a tendency to change how we look at things. There was a point in my life when I thought I could never ever go to a southern area for a few months in the winter, and than head back up here after.. well ya know what… I am liking the thought now that we have the camper. It opens up avenues for the future.

I figure I will be working till at least my mid 60s, but if we keep this in good shape, we should be able to pack up and head for the better weather for the worse winter months here.

We both raised our kids to be independent, and they are. I am sure they both love the fact that we are alive, to know we are here, that if they asked for help we would do what we could…. …. but they do not have a dependence on us that would cause strong guilt by doing the snow bird thing in future years. They are grown up, their most important things in their lives are no longer us—it is their new families, their jobs..their lives. It is comforting to know they would not fall apart if we were not around.

My mom was like that with me too. She untied the apron strings, she set me free,, let me make my choices and mistakes.. ( and I got to be an expert in mistakes !!) I always knew there was a place in her home to lay my head down if needed, but I never felt I would be unable to live without her. Oh it hurt terribly when she died… because I knew she would no longer be here on earth…. but as far as me living day to day…. I was okay, I did not depend on her for my existence…. Our kids will be the same way when we get out of dodge for the winter months.

So I am looking Outer Banks 4-16-11 to 4-23-11 638forward to going to work, working for today, and tomorrow, and the next number of years. Working so one day I will not need to. I want to work till we get the house , camper and truck pd off…. ( HA the house is on track for MANY years>>>> so we are trying to pay anything extra on it we can…)

But even If it is possible to no longer work full time, someday far far away….….  I truly believe I will need to do something. I love the people contact, the challenging of my brain, the different surprises that come each day. SO I am off to get ready to return to the world of the working. I have been off 5 days…. Have a great 4 DAY WEEK  Smile

Thanks for stopping by…. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy


A new day is here

100_6246   Just as a follow up  my surgery… it went okay.  I was prescribed a Lidocane cream to apply to my legs 2 hrs before the procedure, front and back…. . The nurse had not mentioned everything I needed to know …but I did not know that till midnight .. the night of the procedure.. and I rip open the Walmart prescription bag and read the instruction label.

“ Apply to area 2 hours before procedure.”. ( that is cool ..that is kinda like what she said—she had said to put it everywhere) but than it said “ wrap area in cellophane !!!”

So here I am, at midnight looking on line is Saran Wrap is cellophane… The results kept saying NO!! Great…. the internet search is advising to get cellophane at a craft store… none of those are open at midnight.

So than I go on searching about Lidocaine cream and saran wrap… as that is all I have for this pre-procedure treatment. The first article I come across is about a 20 +  woman who was found unresponsive in her car with some sort of plastic wrap and cream all over her legs. Turned out is was saran wrap and lidocaine cream..she was on her way to get laser hair removal and had applied the cream to avoid pain with the treatment.

Guess what happened is the plastic wrap keeps the lidocaine from rubbing off, and it get soaked in through the skin…and this poor lady put too much of wrap and cream on and ended up going into a coma and dying. UGGG now what the heck do I do? So I called a pharmacy in town that is open 24 hrs and asked the pharmacist—he said it would be okay to just put the cream on…

So I decided I would definitely not COAT my legs with the cream……..and I would just apply it over the areas I figured he was gonna stab… it was kinda slimy  so I decided to use small amounts of saran wrap on the right leg ( cuz I knew for sure he was doing the right leg) —and cream without wrap on the left. Than the pants I wore were wind pants- I figured they would be like saran wrap but not too suffocating.

Obviously I made it through… but I laughed to myself when the nurse came out at 9 and asked if I was all wrapped up in cellophane… I think I ended up with about 19 stab marks on my right leg. About 12 areas where he had to inject a medication to discourage bleeding and than 16 areas in the left leg he did sclerotherapy.  It was an interesting experience…I asked what to expect.. he said no bleeding should occur, bruising for sure and discomfort for a few days. During the procedure they have an IV back with numbing fluid that they put in the legs he said I would be draining that from the areas with the stabs for a day or so.

So I go home… doing a little walking  ( per orders) and went to sit down for a little bit… I felt a warmth on my r leg and touched it , only to discover blood EVERYWHERE!! It was gross… So I applied all sorts of pressure, iced it, laid on a spare bed and put it on 2 big pillows… it was kinda scary… my wind pants were soaked, the support thigh high was looking like I was shot…but today I have been walking more and no bleeding…so I think the healing phase is over. Discomfort is not bad… and I am looking forward to tomorrow around noon when I can take off these support hose… ( although I did take off the blood soaked one and put the left leg one on the right leg…and a knee high on the left leg-so I could wash out the bloody one.There was no way I was going to keep it on for 48 hrs…. it would have really gotten stinky and bacteria issues… On the road to healing… will I do it again.. if I need to… but I hope I do not. Smile Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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UGG> tomorrow is the day, for I am not sure what. this is kinda crazy.. I know I am going to have one or two legs worked on, I know it is an in office procedure, I know it will be about 2 hrs.

What I do not know is WHAT procedure it is.                                                                                                                                                                                                  It might be the endovenous laser surgery,









it might be stab phlebectomies.








I just do not know the final game plan- he said both.

What I do know is when they are done I should not have to worry about another phlebitis happening because of the veins in my leg..and I know that the pain when I sit in certain places should be gone, and the leg pain at night should be gone.

So whatever the doctor is doing.. I am looking forward to it in an apprehensive way. Wish me luck !!!

This weekend is getting to know the camper weekend.. I am looking forward to that too. We will play with the gadgets and try to figure out the ins and outs of this camper before we go to use it next weekend.

Other than that.. I will be walking some to keep the blood flowing, counting the continuous 48 hrs down that I have to wear thigh high support stockings, ( they are not bad when you can take them off after 10 hrs.. )  and I hope to enjoy the long weekend.

Be safe, be careful.. and I will come back and report what they ended up doing Smile 

Love to all, mrs Justa…

We have not yet taken the trailer out to the weekend park just north of here.

So we have been researching the web for hints from others on the dumping procedure.

Now you can watch videos put on by the RV manufacturers… but really… they want to sell the trailer or RV do you think they are going to be real honest…

So we traveled around the web and came across this video…

Ya gotta watch this guy…

he is pretty real, seems very honest, and I think he tries to educate , while telling it like it is.


I gotta tell you I am kinda concerned how our maiden voyage to the dump station will go. I can see us… heck maybe I should film us… 

I just had to share this, as I go back to reading the manual again ….the manual makes it sound as easy as draining the dish water from the sink…. “ you just do this..and that ..and you are through…”  I hope you found this video to be as real to you as it was to us !!!..

Love to all.. Mrs Just alias Cindy

the beginning of the garden 2011 001

The beginning of a dream. A hope that things will grow, faith that it will be stronger than life’s challenges.

We are  hoping for a good crop, hoping for the plants to survive the first few weeks of outdoors life, hoping for successful harvest.

This is hope. This is faith, this is literally a crap shoot!

IN this part of NY state, one never really knows the weather, or the heat , or the critters that mull around in the middle of the night… but we hope that the weather will be good, the heat not overwhelming and critters stay away. Gotta put down some moth balls around the edge, and cut Mark’s hair and put that around the edge too !

Don’t have a fence to go around it… so there is faith in it not being breakfast for bunnies.

There are some plants that are started- those guys were our indoor residents for the past almost 3 months. I chose the hardiest looking ones and the wimps got tossed out. The green house is packed away for the season, and who know what will come from this effort.

The first year we did this, it was with great apprehension, and we ended up with the squash and tomatoes getting taken over by tomato blithe and the squash got those dang squash bores. Last year was a better year…  and this year… well these seeds were saved from stuff we grew  or a friend of ours grew last year. I saved the seeds, dried them out and planted them this year.. Again hope, faith and lots of love ! And if all goes well, in 2 months we will have summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes, egg plant , peppers, cukes, cantaloupes, pumpkins , lettuce and radishes…

So now the weekend is done… tomorrow will bring a new day..and hopefully still standing green plants. Marks truck is in the shop, seems to be leaking some sort of oily type fluid from the right axle area… grrr… so we are down to one car for a day or so… gotta love automobile problems…. I hope you have a great week… love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_6642Okay, so there is this dilemma that seems to be here.. will tomorrow be the end of the world as we know it… Fire  and brimstone, 6 or 7 months of torture…while others will leave the earth and become heavenly bodies…..

Believers and non  believers… Christians and all other beliefs… what is the answer.

I have heard people say they are going to go out and charge their credit cards to the max.. as tomorrow it will not matter. Another person said she was going to go out to a buffet- and fill up.. she wants to leave this earth  full and not hungry.

However, than I feel  there are some.. like me… who believe that no man ( or woman) will know when the “judgment day comes… but I know in my heart and soul.. that whenever it comes- it is not going to be because someone started a media frenzy.

I am wondering if the folks who are so sure the world is ending tomorrow- .. I wonder what they will do on Sunday? What will they say… ? And for anything bad that happens tomorrow- there will be those who will say it is because of the ending of the world.

I could get my head wrapped around the paranoia… but Satan is the driver of the paranoia—in my mind.

I was thinking about this on my way home from work today, as I thought about the good and bad things that happen in life. People are so quick to blame God for what goes wrong, or to question why God let’s things happen… but where are those same people thanking God for all the good in the world. It is just so confusing really.

How can anyone say there is no God? I look around at miracles of life, and in MY mind, I truly believe that we are all God’s children. And I truly believe that He hurts from what some of us do with our bodies that he entrusted us with, with our children that he has blessed us with… So to me…. in my humble opinion.. I feel saddened by the neigh sayers, I feel bad for parents who do not believe, I feel sorry for those who are totally freaking out over this prediction of the world ending.

I can not guarantee anything- 100_6644what I can say is that I believe that I am blessed to be here. That life holds no guarantees. That I have had many blessings in my life, and more to come I am sure. that when it is my time to go to the next part of my existence—-that I will be able to stand proud and know I have done the best I can , for all the chapters of my life.

It is funny… with all this hype.. I asked the Pastor what his input was.. he had not heard of this newest prediction for 5-21-2011. And than he referred to Matthew…

New International Version (©1984)
"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

  For me.. I have to believe…that no person will predict the end of life as we know it…. and that until my time is over.. I am going to do the best I can to be the best I can…and to believe…

Until tomorrow night, when I return ….

Love to all, Until later, Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

What an incredibly LONG day ! Geesie Peesie Georgie !

Tuesday we had a 9AM appointment for100_6550 the camper pick up. We were told it could take about an hour. We were 1/2 hr early- and in my “Pollyanna” mind, I thought if we did get there early, they could take the truck back and do the tow package…

Yeah… RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not everyone respects time of others….. Let’s see .. at about 9:30 Mark asked the front desk person if there was any indication how much longer it would be.

She stated that they were still prepping the camper and it would be just a little while longer. Oh we could have gotten a major attitude when 10:30 hit and we were still waiting—but in the end—the attitude would have been negative all the way around. AS it only would have made us agitated- and them defensive. And in the end- we would have wasted A LOT of energy- and their customer service skills would still suck. The lounge had comfortable couches, as there would not have been a way for Mark to stand all that time waiting… actually me neither!

So we got through with the tour of the trailer by 12:00, think he got us at 11:15 ish…. than we still had to sit with the financial guy- and that was till 2:00. So needless to say, my being late for work became a no work day yesterday.

5-17-2011 new camper is home 002When we got home, we had moments of anxiety looking at the hitch that would not come un hitched, and feeling kinda overwhelmed. I took notes at the walk through like it was preparation for my nursing license exam. The man who showed us stuff had a general idea what campers are like, but amusingly he would find things and be as enlightened as we were.

Out of the MANY important things in a camper—I think knowing which is the grey water and the black water is important. The “tourguide” felt the stickers on the camper were backwards, so he asked mechanic- who also said he thought the stickers were backwards, than in the end- it was determined the stickers were correct. Dang I hope they are right, I wanna know for sure which side is the shower and sink tank and which is the toilet crap  ( literally !!!)….

We are gonna sleep here5-17-2011 new camper is home 006 a few nights- but use the house for plumbing—as we do not have a dump stating around here. It was tough making the bed- the head is under an overhang, Mark can not use his left knee for much and can not lean on it, so he was trying to lie on the mattress and tug the sheet up… finally I brought out elastic strips for the corners of the sheets, we took the plastic off the sheet and the bed is made.It is nice, because it is really mostly set up all the time, that way it is not so hard for us to get the camper up and ready. Each time I see Mark have problems due to his injury..I just feel bad.. this is a guy who could climb in and out of big trucks years ago like nothing.

Our outside electric plug on our house  does not work _ dunno why—but we need to get it fixed. Than we can plug in the camper and charge the battery back up in it. It is a step up from the pop-up, it is a lot bigger in our driveway than in the parking area at the state fair, but it will be our camper for the remaining years we will be able to camp.

5-17-2011 new camper is home 010Maybe see us through retirement. So the old foggies are trying to study everything so we do not screw anything up. the camper is functional with the tip out in, so I can pack it before we go camping. The campsite we go to is maybe 35 minutes from here or so….which means it will not be too much trouble to get there. 

Life,, twists and turns,,, unsure what is to happen when, we have talked for years about upgrading to a hard shell..and after oh 26 yrs together- we have…. HA someday I will write about when we first met we camped with our 2 kids with 2 pup tents, than our first pop-up… oh my goodness.. and the Coleman we traded in – that was pushing 16 years old…. many tales… many memories…. camping is really cool to do…and this camper will  make is easier to use. … I am glad we did it. …. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy…

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