I have been known to do some pretty unusual stuff, often it leads to me laughing at myself.

Like tonight…..

I was at the fitness room at work. I went to listen to my MP3 player but the battery was low…

but  ah-ha I thought… I have a smart phone and Pandora on it… I will just plug the ear buds into that and work out. AH HA came the second thought….I do not have a holder for the phone and the MP3 holder is too small…. hmmm what to do?

I figure out a plan… I will carefully pass the phone down under my shirt / ear buds in my ears… and than put the phone in the cup holder on the elliptical…that way the wires won’t be dangling  over my shirt-chancing my phone to go flying and possibly break. Now mind you.. cell phone photos 414I thought I was alone in the gym..

The gym is a nice size- and I like going down at the end of the day. SO I am on the elliptical on the back row


I am slower moving the pedals, and maneuvering the phone down my shirt- kinda half lifting up my shirt and grabbing the phone with my left hand –when all of the sudden I hear a bathroom door open …The bathroom doors are down at the end of this room—in that alcove like area. So I panic…I move quickly to  get my shirt down and act like I am just working out. Well. as this guy walks by, I smile kinda… but I can hear the camera on my phone going off with each move..the phone got caught in my bra strap… so as I am leisurely smiling as I am  pumping the pedals.under my shirt I am taking pictures of my breast….as soon as the guy got out of the room- I finished the process of  situating my phone in the real cup holder…(instead of the cup of my bra)….and I deleted a lot of photos of my boob.!!…AS I did that I can not help but wonder if each photo had a flash going off under my shirt. HA HA…. I can not ask the guy if I ever see him there again—but if there was—- I wonder what he was thinking.

I am still laughing… how “so CINDY”  this was…. I get myself in the strangest situations.

Hope you have a great night….. and a lesson to be learned…. do not try to put your phone down your shirt. HA HA>>>>> Love ya. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Oh my goodness… As if I did not have time before add WORDS WITH FRIENDS to the mix!!!

This is addictive… I mean worse than smoking , drinking and eating all together.

It takes me twice as long to clean on Saturdays..cuz every time my phone does the chime that someone just played a word—well I gotta go and see what they played.

I like to play with people my speed.. ( Mentally challenged !!LOL)

No but really… see when there are games on line—than some creep will design sites to go to where you can enter your letters and it gives you words you NEVER heard of. There are some whiz folks who entwine the words so one work will fit next to another—and the person gets 80-100 points with words I never knew existed… Those people are not real fun to play against. I refuse to go to those sites…and well I am just not as smart as they are in this game.

I am more on the level of “the”…”it” .. “qi” maybe throw in a 5 letter word every once in a while… Oh my goodness… lunches at work—I run out to my car and play a few words on my smart phone..than turn it off and go back to work.

Making dinner—phone is on and charging and every “bling” sound… I scoot over and play a word.

I am PATHETIC!!!. I was wondering if I could get a waterproof cover and play a word in the shower LOL

So needless to say… I have not posted—cuz I have been wording it with friends.

It is fun… it is kinda nerve wracking—because people will start a game and not play a words for DAYS!!!. There have been nights when Mark and I are sitting on the couch playing a game against each other… when we went camping—9:00 PM hit—and out came our smart phones— and off for word with friends. Now mind you we have a scrabble board—but heck this seems more adventurous.

I guess it is better than other addictions… but dang.. it is a time filler too.

We are okay… Mark has his emotional issues that tend to bring him on highs or lows… and the highs keep him from sleep… the lows keep him in bed more.

Riley is a good dog.. we are lucky to have her—I think. She is very affectionate… loves to be with us… and is chomping on this beef bone I bought today and baked for her…… She is a little obsessive compulsive—I think she has been scraping it for 5 hrs now !!.

Our kids and grandkids seem to be all doing well…and the rest of the family is too…

Life is FLYING by… but at least I am alive to watch it fly by—so I guess that is a good thing.

I am off to cook dinner.. and do some more stuff for work…

Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Okay… so Words With Friends is something I hear and see often. I have not officially gotten sucked into the craze yet. See watching others do it.. well it is frustrating to me.

I like scrabble… and sharing a game of scrabble….well that is fun. But having to wait 14 hrs  before the next person takes a turn—well that is a little long for me…

Now with Words With friends… I watch some of these people play..and I am no whiz kid by far..and  I have played a fair number of games of scrabble with all levels of people. Heck there are a couple guys that were geniuses..and not one of these people could EVERY SINGLE word..come up with words I never heard of—words that entwine with a bunch of letters from other come up with 40-100 point words EVERY TURN!!.that is telling me these people are not playing without assistance!! And I am not talking about another human being either.

There is no way… no way possible that there is not computer help in coming up with the repetitive high number words. SOOO than I start thinking… searching…. on line there are actually sites for “cheating on words with friends”.. I kid you not. One I went on said that you needed to make sure you felt okay about cheating in the game.

My thoughts are— if you want to play scrabble… than play scrabble….you and your opponent….END OF STORY….. not the cheater sites. Some of the words some of these people have come up with who “are not cheating” are words that I bet they can not define. If you have the computer figure out your next move—NEWSFLASH- you are no longer PLAYING the game!!!!… Nope !!! You have just become the middle man ( or woman)  — you have become a scribe for the are recording the computers next turn. WHAT FUN IS THAT?????

And than what floors me—- is the person cheating thinks the other person is totally unaware they are not that smart…..…. Well.. for me… one good word … maybe I could go with that… but 7 in a row !!!! Having a score 200 points over the other ones routinely….. nope ..not sounding like fun to me…

I guess if you HAVE to win all the time…. then this false sense of superiority might be a warm and fuzzy for you….. but to me…… no dictionary… my simple mind..and my small vocabulary are the only ingredients that make scrabble ( cyberly called Words with Friends) worth while.

So have fun all you CHEATERS!!!! I am not wasting my time on being a secretary to a computer.. Love to all,. Mrs Justa alias Cindy ( P.S. a real live game of scrabble—with the board, … with your opponent sitting at the same table….. …and touchable wooden tiles… a pencil and a paper score sheet….that is a great way to play Words With Friends)

We had some friendshelping put the sailboat in the Lake 003 that needed some help we went to help them. They have a 28 foot sailboat and needed someone to tow it to Skaneateles Lake. They had it on the trailer, and basically ready to hook to and tow.. we have a pick up truck… so together we could make it happen….. and after today I gotta tell you I admire them..and do not quite understand the fact that people like having sailboats.

helping put the sailboat in the Lake 008Dang the amount of work they had to do once we arrived at the lake—well it was pretty amazing. They are flitting here and there, attaching their motor, untangling ropes, attaching pulleys and wenches… me and Mark basically stayed out of their way for the most part. I took some photos… and watched…thinking to myself—that what they were doing was not even the slightest bit appealing to me.

They probably think the same thing about camping..but gee. to me… I prepare the food—get the fridge running a day before we go… pack clothes, plan a menu… and Mark and I take off. He drives the pick up… we work together to set it up…but setting up does not involve cranking up a mast and untangling ropes and driving into a lake edge, ..than they have to hook up a dingy to their boat..and go out in the lake..anchor it..and row the dingy back and forth to shore. I am not a lazy  person but THAT is too much like work to relax…

These peoplehelping put the sailboat in the Lake 005 ( other sail boat owners)  were coming up to me and asking me about the it was mine… and I kept apologizing and directing them to the folks who own it.. It was funny.. I would say I was not a real boat fan..and you would have thought I had just thrown up in front of them… than when I said  …I am a camper… well.. they could not understand my joy of camping much more than I could grasp the joy of getting a sailboat in the water.

We had a friend about 23 years ago, who had a sailboat in Sodus NY..He  insisted we spend a weekend with him.. Now he loved to sail, he had a belly laugh that was contagious, and his voice was kinda like MR Rogers…there was one problem… he could not see from his one eye, and the other was pretty vision impaired. So imagine our experience as he sailed us around. He had no depth perception… and for some harebrained reason he thought a venture out of Sodus Bay and into Lake Ontario was a good idea. Mark and I never sailed a day in our lives…and here we are with  our next to blind captain who had to literally man the whole boat..every few minutes would tell us to duck …he had to Jibe as we left the bay..and to top it off..there was a fog so dense that my job became holding a can and blowing the hand held fog/air horn. He said that was so other boats knew we were there… YIKES>>>The most scenery there was ..was the tip of our nose ..and I was scared to death, I have not been a smaller than cruise ship boat person for I had a boating incident where I thought I was going to drown on the bottom of the lake… so I am not fond of boats on a good day…

5-19-2012 east coast with the boys for the day 063Somehow we made it… and we never went out with him again…. and if it is not a boat that can hold at least a few hundred people…well it is not a boat to find ME on…golly gee… in a dingy… a canoe,, a row boat… and kayak…. whoa no!!!!!! I would totally freak out… my subconscious would take me to a panic place that would not be pretty..I can guarantee everyone on the boat would feel like they had a religious experience after listening to be chant the “Lord’s Prayer “ for the entire trip….

Nope… keep me on solid ground, and than .. I am a happy camper !

Love to all, Mrs justa… alias Cindy

Ya looking for a job? Well check out this site!

Yep, I spent a little while looking at all the different jobs they advertise, that I never thought about people being hired for…but after reading some of the job descriptions, I am amazed at my taking certain things for granted.

My favorite one—is the “Roadkill Collector Jobs”. Now I never knew people applied for that. I figured it was who got the shortest straw 100_4399at the DPW that day.

Dang—someone actually trains and applies for it.. Now the very disheartening part is when they talk about what they do with the road kill once they get it..

I was okay with bringing it to a landfill.. composting facilities… but A SOUP KITCHEN!!!!

there is only one word for that.. Y U C K >

I love how it says this job is not for animal lovers… So does that mean that “RoadKill Collectors” are mean heartless people? Bet that is a fun class to be a part of!.

There are other jobs there that sound kinda neat though.. An elephant trainer… how 100_3707about training to be Santa Claus… or an Elvis Impersonator… I do not know if I could survive the becoming an embalmer… although I always have done IV and blood draws well… and there are many things I just know would not be a profession I would ever have tried for. (like taxidermist, bounty hunter, bomb squad job, airplane repossession job…) I am not knocking these jobs…just I am not made for them…

Nursing has been my passion since I was 10.. my older sister was in nursing school than, and I LOVED my older sister.. She was a hero type figure in my mind.

So I am glad as I was learning different trades and talents in life..that finally I went to nursing school and fulfilled that dream…

BUT looking at this list of stuff…if I was 18 and wondering what to do with my life… there are some pretty neat things ….

I am about to call it an evening..and drift off to wherever my dreams take me…. heck last night I was with some pretty interesting people—we were working on some project..that when I woke up I felt like I had deserted my job !. Than reality hit..and I went to my I love, I am so thankful for, and one that makes Mon thru Fridays fly right by…

Good night or good day to all,

Love, Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

Okay..this squirrel has really frosted my every loving butt!

The other day Mark came home nut left on step by squirrel 001from getting fuel and on our front steps was this …







Yeah this little smart critter is trying to have us twist  our ankle while walking into the house.maybe envisioning us falling off the stairs…. .he had actually put 2 of these on the steps…and when Mark went to show me later in the day..well the little critter had removed one..leaving this one.HMNMMMM I wonder where he has the other one…..It was  like a business card, or a pamphlet. it is like he is telling us we have blocked his entry—so he is leaving his nuts on the steps for us to carry in…

Oh, I will be SOOO glad when the squirrel stops HARASSING us.. This tiny little creature… can not weigh more than 3 pounds… harassing 2 old folks. I feel like we are a part of the taping of  a Squirrel version of “Home Alone”..and we are the enemy..

Oh I can see it now.. a squirrel movie theater..filled with Squirrels watching me and Mark getting tricked and tripped by the “Home Alone” Squirrel…

I am sooo done with this little guy… I mean so very done. I want him to go..leave..find another home to mooch off of….

I still have to great stuff the remainder of the foundation.;.but I am waiting till the cable guy gets here Tues…as we are having trouble with a couple of telephone jacks …People believe me…these little critters might be cute…but they are relentless. ! Do NOT feed them….

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy




Have you ever come across a person that just should not be doing the job they are doing? I mean maybe they are a good worker..but the job they have… just not meeting their mannerisms.. Ya just wanna say… “HELLO__ANYONE IN THERE??”

Tonight we went to our main  grocery store and there was a new cashier there. She was pretty focused on her work, but see this grocery store is a bag you own grocery store, so the cashiers put the rung up  items in your cart and you bag your groceries at a huge counter area after they are through.

She was scanning stuff and I noticed the more she did, that she was dropping the groceries in the cart. It really did not matter what the item was… can, bananas, lettuce… nope they all got equal treatment… swing arm over cart with about a foot clearance above the cart…. –open hand—and plop… GRRRR… the turn the other cheek part of me was ready to stop turning and say something—but than I thought that might increase her distance from the place she held the grocery items to the place they landed.

Now she might be good as a female boxer…. but a cashier at a grocery store –not so much…

Annoyed : Cartoon sulky teenager with folded arms and a scowlThere is a place just up the road from us that changed owners this past summer. It is a gas station with an eatery and it is a  lottery ticket place, has some aisles with some food items for those in a hurry and not worried about paying 3 x the cost in a grocery store… well the people behind the counter—they almost growl when you come up to the register. No eye contact, their movements and mannerisms are as if the customer is bothering them. They are probably late teens early 20s..and man oh man… I just want to say something… Like  “NEWS FLASH>>> without the would not be here!!!” and than slap them a couple times Smile  ( Just kidding about slapping them!)

Amazed : A cartoon dog looking upwards with a look of regret on faceYep…than earlier  today one of the nurses was on the phone with an office that needed an authorization for an MRI for a patient. The nurse reviewed the info and was ready to give the person the authorization number..and she said—“Oh wait a minute..I have to put down my MAGAZINE !!!” Are ya kidding me????? Bet the docs would love to know their employee is reading magazines while working… Oh the list goes on and on….

I am just amazed…. so I am off now to cut one of the bruised bananas up…life goes on… (at least she did not drop the eggs !!!. I was worried she was going to..) Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy  Thanks to free clipart/google images for these images tonight…

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