March 2012

Today was one of those epiphany (A sudden realization about the nature or meaning of something.) moments. I was at the gym, and I was doing my own thing. Eyes closed, really listening to my MP3 and going 100_0215to the beat….ellipticaling  as fast as I could, lost in my little world… I would open my eyes and there would be different people in places others were in 3 minutes prior…. When I met my time on the elliptical I proceeded to do the circuit… and as I was going about my stuff..I looked around.. All of the people in there, were like me… focusing on their task at hand, doing the best they could. We were all in this room, together…but individually there. We were in each others world.

The trainer sat at a desk playing video games on his I phone… there were guys in the weight area of the gym. the elliptical machines were full, and recycled some people during my 25 minutes on the one I had been able to use. At the end—there was just one other person on one. There were people tread milling and biking, another girl on the circuit..we were there.

After I was done there, I walked into the changing room, and right in the midst of the area was a grandmother, holding a very young child- one of a set of twins..and the mom had the changing board drawn down from the wall and was changing the other twin. Their world was there—and I walked into it.. not that they noticed I was in their was like a scene flash in a play of life.

I turned to get to my locker..and there were 3 other people in various areas with their little kids—all with invisible walls of life. I went to my locker, changed my shoes, grabbed my keys and coat..water bottle in hand and left… off to Wal-Mart for a few Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 010things.. Apples, plastic sand bags, and bags for the litter. I seemed really aware of the crowd of people..but we are all there for our purpose, walking amidst others… all these lives together—yet separated.

The only way I can explain how it felt was it was like when you mall walk or window walk by so many different scenes and store fronts—bing bing bing—like dancing in strobe lights. That is how it felt. I was walking here and there and for split seconds I was in another’s world .Life today reminded me of a play. All these scenes… they were here..than gone…

It was weird to think that way… Felt almost like I was intruding…. just weird… And than I thought I am not intruding—these people who keep walking into my life space are ….

Weird… Have a good day… appreciate your space…. Love Mrs Justa..alias Cindy

I would not believe it..but  yikes…It runs in the family… playing, rough housing and than falling on your face…. …

As Brandon will say.. “Happens”  as he lifts his hands and shrugs his shoulders… “Happens Gamma”

me and a fat lip 001

Here I am, 3 years old, I was all washed and dressed in a pretty dress… the photographer had not yet arrived at our apartment to do family photos…

who was rough housing and running around  and around…. hmmmm…. ME!!!

My mom and dad heard a blood curdling scream right after a thud… and well the pretty dress was blood coated, my face was red from tears , and the photographer was pulling in the driveway…

So mom whisked me off, cleaned me up, found a dress for me to wear and somehow.. they got me to smile. Fat lip and all !.

Tick Tick Tick… time flies by… and poof…now I have a son….

 Jeff 1985 smashed face 001Jeff is 3… We have made arrangements to go to the media days at Johnson Park … and don’t cha know it..the day before… Jeff is rough housing.. running and bam….falls on his face….he got his front teeth loose, skinned his nose and upper lip… was sore….


We were able to go the next day…, we got to watch Pete marching for New Channels, we got to watch the festivities… Jeff’s face was super sore….

Now tick


                     tick in time….

now Jeff has a 3 yr old son.… and—you guessed it….during a rough housing session with his little brother and second everyone is laughing and having a wild time… the next second …. poof…… a slipped move..and this little guy lost a tooth !.

He really does not look too bad for having a tooth fall out… and his spirit is pretty good …but Now the face smashing tradition lives on…

HMMM will Jeff and Amanda’s 1 yr old hit his face when he is three?

I did not think fat lips were hereditary… but now I wonder???

It is strange, because when stuff like this happens… the kid has the physical injury..the child cries at first…. then settles down some…but the parent feels a zillion times worse…it hurts to see your kid get hurt….you relive the cry… the incident… you wish time could go backwards…. but we can not all live in bubble cages… to live..there is a chance of getting hurt…The dentist told them he sees LOTS of little boys who bump their faces and lose a tooth.

100_0049Life is full of bumps and bruises… and kids will get hurt no matter how hard we try to protect them. Like my new famous philosopher says… “Happens Gamma… Happens”

Sleep tight little man… be strong…. you look kinda cute with your front tooth out!. Thankfully  you did not get more injured- you are a tough little guy !.. Tonight this post is dedicated to you!

Love to all. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_6086We are all experts in life… well at least it seems at times like we pretend to be. I find myself..and others seeming to know the pathways others are taking are not wise, or they seem to be very critical, or they are too cheap, or too lush..

Oh we see the errors of others ways.. But in reality—none of us know what is right for someone else.. not until we have walked at least a mile in their shoes.

Come on, I know you each have run across a friend or a relative.. and you wonder why they can not see what they are doing wrong? Or we wonder why they can not see a path they are headed down.

We shake our heads and go on in our life.

But news flash…. I bet dollars to donuts—those same people are trying to figure out why you are not doing things a certain way.

None of us are perfect enough to judge others.. We never will be… I do not think any of us were given the power to control or judge anyone.

We can teach our children, we can work closely with co-workers as peer support type people,we can work to train people as they are new to a job or an experience… but we can not judge people. No matter their age, no matter their race, no matter their behaviors…. We are maybe more apt to look at others—than spending the time looking at ourselves. I is easier to focus on others than on our own faults and weaknesses.

It hit me as I was in the ladies room… Sept sky fog 005at Denny’s.  These 2 VERY old women were talking as I was sitting there trying to do the business I went in there for. And they were talking about getting older, about how people misjudge them..thinking that their age is stopping them from being totally there… and they regretted that the body ages slowly—and not just all at once. But they kept coming back to how they are looked at, how they are treated, some people treat them like they are not smart, like they are deaf, like they are vulnerable…. … I felt guilty flushing the toilet and coming out of the stall..because it was a pretty intense conversation they were having… I felt like I was plopped into their world uninvited.. But alas—I came out the sink one of the woman came out and looked at me… she was kind of frail appearing—but her spirit was STRONG>>> and she said.. “Honey, getting old is tough, the 90’s are no picnic. ! Look at stock-photo-elderly-frail-woman-not-having-enough-money-for-her-medication-8959864[1]me..I am just skin and bones… my brain is sharp—my body thin…but as I figure it.. God knows what He is doing..and I guess he wants me really thin when it is my turn to go to heaven….. “ I told her she was looking pretty good to me!… She said” I am going to be 90 on 5-12….yep I was born 5-12-22.” I told her Happy Birthday…. She said” I am tired of all the doctors…. I am tired of all the waiting rooms… But I am not quitting.” … she was a spunky lady… and as I walked out to the car… smiling.. I was wondering where her shoes have gone over these 90 years…. what roads in life led her to here…..

Love to all. Mrs Justa… alias Cindy

What a fun day!!

It was busy..but we had lots of fun. We got the kids this morning at about 8:30. Jeff and Amanda let us take their van and we left them with our pick up truck. We got the kids..they did work around their home.

3-26-2012 007Well the kids brought a pop up tent… and I had to laugh as the 3 of them (Preston, Brandon and Grandpa)…all had their pillow pets, a blanket each, some little battery operated lanterns, and toys this little tent.

The kids were in and out of that tent for the entire day…

Later on they colored in the tent, the cat was in the tent… grandpa was good for one time in the tent with them . The kids are full of energy and simple things entertain them . Preston LOVES animals..and he spent a good portion of the day being very affectionate to the cat.. who liked the attention but also had enough of it at different times too!.

This afternoon- I had chicken baking in the oven… so I turned on the oven light, they brought in their blankets, and sat way back from the oven and watched the chicken bake. That was the neatest thing since sliced bread!. Amanda said she has them do it at home.. It really was a great safe way to watch the kids and cook.

3-26-2012 011We have one jig saw puzzle—and it was cool to see how Brandon was able to begin to figure out the concept more this time than last. Preston had laid down for his nap—and we were giving Brandon 15 minutes before he went in that room Preston could fall asleep first. So we did the puzzle. Brandon needed coaching, but had such joy in getting the pieces together.

I gotta go get some manly puzzles for kids though..this one is 3 princesses. I was impressed how much they loved playing, and not the TV . Preston…he was cute… he has a blanket that is his Linus blanket… and boy.. do not let him think anyone else might take it!..

3-26-2012 012I was sitting at the table with them- and we were just talking.. Preston said something that made Brandon laugh..I have no idea what was so funny, but the 2 of them sat there and giggled.

It is neat to see how they are true brothers… they look out for one another..they love one another..they protect each other , they can love to hate one another at certain times…but at the end of the day…they are there for one another.

Yes, today was a great day…. I feel recharged..refreshed… and thankful for the day that has just passed by.

I hope you have had good weekend.. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_2950Dilemma number 1,000,000,000 we mow the ditches or not.

They are not deep ditches, but do need to be hand mowed. I like the clean cut look,, Mark is thinking he wants to try and just let them grow.

I am worried that if we do that and than change our will be a pain in the keester to get them cut. We have about400 feet of ditches. They line 2 streets.

They are super wet right now, we just got the mowers back from the shop for their tune ups and blade sharpening- I know the wet grass will dull the blades—so I am not mowing yet.. The ditches last week were so wet it was going over the rubber in my show, as I stepped on the sod that was misplaced by a couple cars going off the road.

I am the pusher 100_3793lawn mower person.. I think I will probably try to keep them looking groomed…. But it is still not totally settled…

Maybe tomorrow the ditches will have dried up some more. I wanted to popl by tonight and say hi though, as tomorrow will be kinda busy.. We get the boys for the day.. yippee… ( I had to laugh though) on facebook was a photo of them sitting next to each other  BOTH in time out… So let’s hope they have their naughty behavior worn out by tomorrow!

We do love spending time with them, they are different yet the same. They both have personalities that make me smile.

Life is really busy right now, work seems to be never ending..I actually went in today for 2-3 hrs to work on stuff I could not get to this past week. Monday at 7:20 I will be in a dentist chair for a 2 hr appnt.. grrrrrrrrrr…than I will go to I guess today helped to make up for the time I will lose first thing Monday.

The weather is cooling down,, deep freeze warnings are coming out for next week… Dang what will that do to the apple trees that have started to blossom?? This has been a STRANGE yr for weather.

I am off for now—finish the weekend cleaning and laundry… watch some of the SU game… GO SU!!..and relax a little. Love to all… Cindy..alias Mrs Justa…

100_6152Okay folks.. this is great… We never had to move to be SNOW BIRDS!!


Nope—today was the 5th day of record breakers…rumor has it 80 degrees… the geese are in the plowed corn fields, the skeetters are out..those darn little gnatty bugs that like to fly in your nose and eyes are out..our flag is back out…. THIS IS WEIRD!!!  I



We have already gone to Lake Ontario 100_6066and had our Tim Horton’s coffee and watched the sunset… t is unbelievable.Mark just got the rider tuned up for summer and he thinks he is going to have to MOW on March 24th !!

Now I am really sorry for those folks who are digging out snow and stuff..the ol jet stream has just moved a bit..and well we are really getting VERY unusual weather.

Now naturally this would get me to wondering things… Like…

If the geese fly south for the winter time..and instantly they know to head north in April or May… than how do they get word that it got warmer sooner up here? HMMM..Is there like a dunce flock of geese—they have to stay up here and watch..and than when it gets warm they start to head south to tell the southern geese to come on back north?

Or so they watch a weather station … or do they never really leave????

And what about the garden?? Do I start planting now? Will we have a longer growing season? Like could I get 2 full cycles of gardening –because I normally do not plant till Memorial Day If I start now..heck we could have zucchini before the end of May..than start over again…


And what about the Maple syrup people… it needs to be below freezing at night and above during the day for the sap to flow… so is it over than??Or if it comes back to normal temps will it start up again?

My snow tires came off the car last week… the mowers are gassed and ready to go… the garden will be weeded this weekend…the bugs are out…. people are wearing short sleeved shirts and shorts….Kinda nice…. The south moved north… we did not have to pay for fuel to go , travel expenses…

BUT what will summer be like??? What will next winter be like??? Now the south can keep the tornados, the bigger bugs, the hurricanes… we will just enjoy the warmth…

I HATE being cold…. Love to all, Mrs Justa ..alias almost sweating Cindy

There are certain things that people say that make me really glad I am not interacting with them.

Today was a day I was super glad I was not the dental hygienist in the next room over from me. I was just leaning back, minding my own business, waiting for the dentist to come in, and this woman – in a really loud voice..kind of laughing while she talked.. said to the hygienist…”I am starting to turn my way of thinking around, so I am here for a cleaning..but I am warning you .. my mouth is really “scanky.”

I had a few thoughts at that moment..

#1) I am really glad I am here and not there…

#2)  I am not sure what scanky means..but it does not sound good

#3) How can the hygienist proceed with keeping a pleasant look on her masked,goggled face…

Now if you look up scanky in the dictionary—you have to look in an urban dictionary…

a nasty dirty lowlife female

There were other definitions that were more descriptive—but I think this gives a clear enough picture..

I am trying to focus on the music being piped over the speakers in the ceiling, but my hygienist had turned it down because it was bothering her…

The other  hygienist said calmly..”So you have not had a cleaning in the past year?” ..( I smiled to myself..thinking how calm she must be trying to keep herself—when her mind is telling her to find another profession!)

The answer… really loud and raspy..”No, not in a year..”  Than the hygienist said..”Could you estimate maybe how long it had been?”…

The answer still pretty loud and wall shaking…”OH a long time honey..maybe 20 years or so..but I am changing my life now.”

So the next obvious question “ Are you having pain or any problems?” ( good question..since something inspired her to come in for a cleaning..)..

answer..really loud..”No—just thought it was time .”

I did wonder what changed … maybe she just got insurance.. maybe she is in a new relationship.. maybe she is afraid of people seeing her teeth in a new job??

How fortunate for this poor hygienist- to be a part of a makeover. ! As I thought about what a wonderful appointment it must have been for both the employee and the patient..I was thinking about things you should not say to your dental hygienist… and that is right up there.

Dang talk about having them get out the tough picks to chip away at your teeth… maybe I would have said I have missed a few appointments..but you confess to 20 yrs or so… yikes! 

And than for the hygienist… you go to school to work in people’s mouths.. ( I admire these people—I could not spend my days 2 inches from many peoples faces..) ..and than what they must see. See I am a person who can not get “in your face”… why… cuz I start to laugh, smile..or try to hold my laugh in and all of the sudden it comes out like an explosion…. could you see me trying to focus on cleaning someone’s teeth..trying not to laugh cuz my nose is almost touching them..and than behind the mask—my cheeks filling up with air—as I try to hold in the laughter..and poof—out comes a pressurized laugh..blowing the mask off my face… NOPE do not think I would  last at that job for very long.

So hat’s off the the hygienists of the world.. I love how my teeth feel when they are through..The only way I do not laugh when they are almost kissing I close my eyes… and I do not peek…

Have a great night… and if you are a dental person.. thank you for not laughing in my face !. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Thanks google images for the clip art

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