January 2013

Today, just now…I was reminded of things in life that just are not so much fun…and at times pretty darn embarrassing. What prompted my mind to spin on this was a cold day, a hot shower, a ceiling vent sucking out the hot moist air, wet hair, wet body and my towel still across the bathroom on the towel rack. I wonder why -in this situation , the towel rack feels like it is 50 feet away, down a blustery highway….. 100_0261See in the winter, I am one who carefully takes the towel from the outside of the sliding shower door, closes the sliding shower door and dries off in the shower. It is much warmer. But just now, it felt like I had to walk to the other end of town to get my towel…

Than…I am all dried off and dressed, I am doing my hair, and I look at my lip….I am reminded of yesterday. We were grocery shopping and I put the list between my lips for one second..and it STUCK on my lower lip. Now I am not sore lipreferring to lightly laying on it..it was like immediately they became one. I had to literally peel the list off my lip, and the list took possession of the first layer of skin.. Dang …

As I am thinking about my stinging lip, I notice yet another thing that has been rather embarrassing at times in my life.clothes on inside out…why you ask… because I am standing in the bathroom , blowing my hair dry..and realize my shirt is on inside out.. So my mind drifted to another time or two when that happened. And the other times I did not find out until I have been in a zillion places, and wondered who noticed my clothes inside out…

That brought me into another ( of a long list of moments that I laughed about afterwards..) We ( Jeff and I were shopping at Ames ..( sniff sniff … a favorite department store that closed and I still miss it terribly) Jeff was about waist height to me… so maybe 6 or 7. We had gone on a few errands.. me and him in tow… we were at the checkout line… he behind me… All of the sudden, so innocently ..he says.. “ Mom I like your polka dot underwear.”  I thought that was a strange comment to make at that moment… and than I thought.. hmmm I think I have them on now… how would he know… So I asked him in the inquisicle way a mom would do… I said something like… “Thanks Jeff, but what made you think of that right now?” He looked up, and so sweetly Fathers Day at Toms 2021 027said, “Because I am looking at them right now, and they look nice……”  I look down..and only than realized my white sweat pants were see through !!!.  HA I could not get out of there quick enough/..and than I did the rewind life mode…thinking of all the places we had been in my see through pants…

Yeah… life is fun, and life is interesting..and it is funny that moments like these—they live in the forefront of my mind. SO the motto for today… I always have a sense of humor..cuz embarrassing things happen. so smile…. and let those moment roll off your back. Love to all, Mrs Justa..alias Cindy


We had the boys over last weekend and I got out my Kindle Fire HD and looked for kid apps. Well there are puzzle apps. I could not believe it.

I still prefer the real thing, but for the 2 of them this worked great. They were able to move the pieces and not worry about bending a tab.

It was kinda neat to see them work together on this  project.003

They are truly brothers..they stick up for each other, they watch out for each other and they can get annoyed with each other. But at the end of the day…every day with them is special.

We are currently getting HAMMERED with the ol lake affect snow. Depending on who we want to listen to , we are looking at anywhere from 2 inches ( not so bad…) to over 10 inches—with some pretty strong winds.

I was 1/2 tempted to go into work early today and get a hotel room in the city..but it is so expensive to do that. I think tomorrow will be the slow ride in, and hopefully by evening it will be done.

Lake effect is tough, really unpredictable… and welll we are in a pathway quite frequently.

Tomorrow however it looks like this is going to be more spread out… which will maybe lessen the strength of the band.

Sorry I have not been on a lot… between work, and now a Kindle, and words with friends. and life… well I seem to stop less. But I will try to get better…. Love to all.. be safe out there. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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