February 2011

Have you ever had a pen pal? A real pen pal? I have a few times. In French class ( back when we walked to school up hill both ways LOL) I had a pen pal in France. Once the class was over, so was the pen pal.

My mom somehow joined a program where she had pen pals who were incarcerated. My mom was a pacifist, hopelessly forgiving and always looking for the good in each person she encountered. She was an amazing women. She spent hours on end taking on different missions.

In fact when she was 13 yrs old she got a pen pal in Germany. They wrote for their entire lives , and when my mom was in her 70s, she actually went to Germany and met her pen pal. This woman wrote us after my mom had died, she said she felt like she was a mom to all of us, as she knew us from afar.

Well I have a new pen pal. We will meet one another  in the middle of June at a picnic at the school he goes to.  There are about 15 of us at work on the pen pal program and it is only 2 letters into it, and I can not wait for the next. My little pen pal is seven. his birthday is March 10th and he says he wants jewelry for his birthday, he says a cross or dollar bill sign necklace.

We are not allowed to give the kids gifts, so I make stationery with photos of stuff around here. Well today was my receipt of my second letter. And with it was this gift…

bird feeder fell, Indi. 2-28-2011 022


Toaster tongs. Are they not the cutest toaster tongs you ever saw? And they work better than the real ones I have! All the kids made a set for their pen pal. A note came with it saying if they fall apart- just re-glue them! it is decorated tongue-depressors glued on a clothes pin. And he drew me  a picture.

I made him stationery with photos of the toaster tongs on my toast , a picture of the squirrel rubbing his belly , and a picture of  the snow banks here. I wish I could give him a birthday gift, but that is not allowed. It feels neat to do this. I was not sure how I would feel about it, but I am so glad I did it.

I am not quite sure I will take it to the level my mom did. But through her pen relationships, she met prisoners and saw their good side. Some had incredible life stories, some were poets, some were just at the wrong place , at the wrong time, with people they wished they had not known.

She also had a life long friend from miles and oceans away….

There is a saying I heard once…. “I want to be the end of  your rainbow…” well I truly believe volunteer work gives the opportunity to ride on rainbows, share something special with someone you do not know, and give a little of your inner self to someone else.

Peace to all, Love , Mrs Justa alias Cindy.. gotta go write to my little pen pal….


After a very long 8 days, I finally returned to the gym today. The swollen inflamed area  in my thigh is less, not totally gone but the nurse practitioner did say once it was not too uncomfortable, that the gym would be good for the healing. So off to the gym it was.

It was fun to hop on the Elliptical again, me… I get my whole body into it, none of that just moving the legs like walking on an escalator. No—I get my hips and shoulders, arms and torso going. Kept the heart rate around 150-168, sweated some, than the bike for 20 minutes or so… than a hot shower.

As I was in my groove so to speak , I had my MP3 player playing all kinds of songs from years gone by..( you know when music was music) and a song came on. It had a lyric that said “ Two old friends meet after many years. Still the same just wearing older faces.” That was a WOW lyric for me. For as I was listening to each song, I was not this overweight grandmother on the elliptical, no siree… I was that teenager or twenty something… back in that time for a moment.


 It got my mind reeling through things like face book. Any of you who are over thirty five might be able to relate. We find a friend from LONG ago on facebook, we see their name and are brought back to the last time we saw each other, we look for their picture. Alas, there they are..they are wearing an older face, but it is them

As I ponder about requesting their friendship, I find it weird..for I never had to ask them to be my friend before. But I send the e mail and wait to see… maybe they do not remember me. Maybe those moments locked in my mind and heart have escaped theirs. If they do accept friendship with me, they may be miles and memories away. ( thanks to free clip art.com  for the 3 images above )

2-5-2011 036So than  I was thinking.. no matter what the miles are that separate us, we could invite people for Skype coffee, Or maybe Skype dinner. Set a time, set the camera and computer in an area where each household can see the other, and have a cup of coffee as you chat with each other. Heck my brother will Skype us from his dinning room table and it is just like sitting across from him  at it.  So let’s say you were having a Skype dinner. Yeah..this would be cool….  you could plan the meal, each cook the same thing, and chat and eat ..miles apart.. at the “same” dinner table. This could be an awesome way to share time with one another as the fuel prices go up, and not have your car leave your driveway.
And yes.. we have on older faces, we have more nicks in our heart, more disappointments on our totem pole of life, but this could be a wonderful way to reconnect.

Think about it….. our older faces are signs of life . Just signs of life, signs that we are still around.

Peace to all, Love Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

Okay, I am not sure who it will be … but either me or Mark will be embarrassed at some point, somewhere….

See a few months ago I bought some woman’s trouser knee high sock. Black with a kinda girly swirl to it. Well for the past few weeks one has taken off. I am afraid it found comfort in attaching itself to someone clothes. You know what I mean, a little heat in the dryer, static starts, and the sock disappeared.

So somewhere, somehow, all of the sudden the sock will get tired of sticking and drop.
I really hope it does not mysteriously drop out on Mark in the locker room.. but if it does I hope he picks it up and brings it home—it’s other half has been waiting for weeks to feel complete again.

This missing sock reminds me of actually 2 interesting sock stories in my past. The first was on a frosty cold Sunday morning, in Feeding Hills Massachusetts. I was doing some temporary work out there and had a small efficiency apartment. It was night fall time…I had gone to the laundry mat and my basket was one of those 1.99 cheapie round plastic weave  ones from Family Dollar. The kind that does not hold a lot folded- but you can stuff a lot dirty.

So here I am in the apartment and realize I am missing a sock. There was an amber glow from the porch light next to my da-glow orange Pinto- and alas- I saw it out next to my car. THANK GOD>>>> I threw on my sneaks and scooted out there….BIG ol’ smile of relief on my face… bent down and grabbed it… now life was complete………………

well  it took my mind a little time to process the dog crap slithering through my fingers was not the lonely sock… HA… I can still feel the moment. Never did find the dang sock..

The other time, I was working in a mail receiving area, it was 5AM and we were working to get the mail order things opened and ready for the staff to start logging in. AS I bent down for a bag of mail I saw a sock on the floor. So I said something to the other person working with me, something like “ Is that your sock on the floor?” Well instantly she pulls up her pant legs to make sure her socks were on. It was so funny…. how she thought her sock would have fallen off her shoed foot is beyond me, but the look on her face when she said “nope I have both mine on!” and she was serious. I gotta tell ya, I am still laughing over that one.

I dunno how washers and driers eat socks… but they do. There are no big openings, so the gobble them up somehow… one of those ponders of life? Someone told me to tie them together-but that defeats the purpose of washing them, ..maybe I will resort to those net bags… I will have to see… Love to all…. and do not pick up lose socks in a dark parking lot. I am justa-saying. LOL Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

I am totally in shock over the amount of hate in the world. It is unbelievable, inconceivable to me that people can not just get along !

Now I am not saying  it is everyone by far, there are many of the people who are compassionate, giving, caring people. But alas- they do not make the headlines- no for us peaceful folks- we are faced with seeing  angry mobs of people around the world.

It is not something I can even imagine being. I have the news on ( and the news is bringing the frightening scenes of life of angry..really angry people. I am perplexed…Do they go home, where do they sleep? How can they sleep? My mother always said to me and I always told my son … “Don’t go to sleep on an angry sun.” I have never seen a quote of who said it, and when I do a google search- it comes up with a post I did a while back… but this type of hatred, this type of what appears to be total disrespect of human life.

How can angry people have nice dreams? Or are the angry people in the world, so angry,that they do not dream?

This week it is countless people being killed in Libya. And a quote from the Libyan leader stating that the press has exaggerated the number of innocent people killed by the government- they have not killed as many as the press is quoting. HELLO!!!!! One innocent person is Too many.

The people who want to be angry about something- well there are plenty of platforms to join right now. I do not understand. Satan is consuming the minds of many. I can not imagine how uncomfortable it is to live in ones skin, when everywhere they look they are seemingly detesting whoever or whatever  it is.

Oh sure, there was a moment a few times in my life , when someone really pissed me off… but it was a moment- and hr, a day— not a lifetime. I wonder what the blood pressure of  each  angry worldlian ( a new word… kinda cute isn’t it)  is? I wonder how  a constantly angry person  handles a small crisis? Do none of these people who are demonstrating have jobs? Have families? Have responsibilities? Do some come to relieve others? Do they yell bed time stories to their children? How do they buy things? ( I would not want to be their cashier.)
it is sad… I can not do much to make it better- I am only me. So I will pray for world peace… I have to Let Go and Let God, I truly believe this anger, this violence, this ugliness is hurting God too. Let’s see.. what happened long ago when the world became uncontrollable… oh That is right… a flood………

I hope you can have a pleasant sleep…wherever you are… do not get caught up in others anger. Live your day so you can sleep in peace. Love to all.. Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

LighthouseOkay… I use this picture to take me to a pleasant place cuz…this has been a sucky 6 days. Sat night my thigh started to feel burning and numb, Sunday- a doughy mass… went to the docs told her about how terrible my legs hurt , now I have a mass I can feel…  that I have a fever and feel exhausted- she never checked my legs, said sometimes we can have things wrong that do not reveal symptoms we expect and gave me an antibiotic for a sinus infection?????But whatever—I am just the patient right? I guess I may have had an upper sinus infection— no symptoms…

Than yesterday the  mass in my leg became red and warm to touch—temps still 101-102  so 7:45 last evening another 20.00 copay and low and behold- this provider ( she is really great – I love seeing her) actually looked at my leg !!!!!!!!!!!!  Said I have phlebitis in the leg… hmmm. go figure- I end up with phlebitis from being inactive due to being sick… as she thinks the incredible bone pain and fever was a type of flu… she is not voting on the sinus infection- but the good news is the antibiotic is also good for skin tissue infections—so she  did a lot of blood work… and  she asked “ You working?”  I said “Yes”  She smiled and said “Not Now !!” I want you back in the morning.

So another 20.00 co pay- she saw me after a night of intermittent heat… another 1600 mg of Motrin, fever finally broke from last Weds- Doppler neg for clots— bone pain relived finally…sinuses feel good ( But I did not know they were feeling bad..)  ….so maybe I am going to feel better soon.She said I was tired because of my sodium being down.  So I am off to suck down some salt—cuddle up with a book and cup of coffee and heating pad on my leg… and get better.

In all of this , it once again brought to the forefront how dependent we are on our bodies to function right. In a blink of an eye life can change. This is nothing compared to what others go through, yet I was thinking- OMG I only have 2 PTO days left till 3-1-2011. And what about this and that I have to do.. and what if there is a clot and I end up admitted for 7- 10 days.. Than I am thinking about the doppler study—what if they find something else wrong with my leg in the process of checking this out.

Our bodies are chemical labs- processing different electrolytes , fluids and vitamins and minerals- all if balanced give us the ability to walk , talk, think, speak, sleep. Do not alter the balance, or the body does not work right. It is really amazing when I think about us.. the human being..and know if certain things are not balanced- we become non responsive, die… if a level is off we can become agitated, confused, …. we need to be proactive for our own being. We are responsible for ourselves. We add substances to our bodies that are not healthy- we have no one but ourselves to blame when our bodies fail.

I am thankful I am conscious of the salt and cholesterol intake, that I have been trying to exercise at least 5-6 days a week. I think all these will help me get back to normal soon. Take care of yourself.. if you get the flu rest… but GET UP AND WALK !! LOL

Love to all. A slowly healing Mrs Justa. alias Cindy

You should hear the wind whipping around- dang!! Yesterday it was 50 + degrees out, today it was like a blizzard, really really cold. It actually was so strong it bent our bird feeding pole so much it widened the thread area between 2 of the poles and toppled it over…. GRRRR>

This has been a tough week.My karaoke machine has decided to act up- which kinda sucks- since I have a solo on 3-20-2011. I called the place we brought it from quite a few yrs. ago and he says I have to ship it to California- it will probably cost around 300 bucks to fix it, and 5-6 weeks waiting for it to return. So I have this karaoke machine – quality of the ones people use to do formal shows- and I am stuck buying a new one. It should be here this week. Now what to do with the professional one I have. I never did shows with it… it was more than what I really need for my practicing- but still it is a nice machine…

Than to top it off….   I really have not felt 100% for 3 days. Thurs night I could not get warm. All night shivering under the covers, and ohhhhh  I had bone pain too. You know the kind- like when you are getting a viral thing and all your bones ache. I took a really hot shower and flopped around in bed all night. Putting an extra comforter on, than kicking it off. Fan on, fan off. Mattress pad on 7 ( 10 is the highest heat setting) than off. I went to work, kept taking Motrin and Tylenol- we are too busy at work not to go in and support the folks I work with.

Friday night same thing…. bones aching.. temp on and off… and this was a working Saturday.. Uggg…I hauled my butt out of bed and Mark drove me in- it was total white outs at times. Pretty darn scary ride in when they hit. One time we came thru the white out only to find we were on the oncoming traffic side of the road. Fortunately for us- not a lot of people were out cruising around at 5AM on a Sat morning.

I could not- no way Jose – stay home- while I knew that staff would be coming in on their weekend time to help with some of the stuff we have to do. It is just easier to work sometimes when the phones are not ringing steady… And it was a good day- we made progress… we will be okay.

So I am home… achy…no temp right this minute- but this morning at 2:30 am it was 102… drugs are helping to keep it in check. I have not done the gym for 3 days.. I canceled on watching the grandkids 2 nights in a row…I feel like a big loser ( with a CAPITAL L)  canceling on them  but I just need to rest some.

I did get a flu shot this year, and I am wondering if that saved me from the GI flu thing going around. Guess it does not avoid the bone pain.

Last night we had an omelet dinner, tonight soup and sandwich. Just kinda blah…. hope it leaves tonight so I can go to the gym for a few hrs. tomorrow. And if not—than I am really glad tomorrow is Sunday. I hope this finds everyone safe, without bone pain, and enjoying the weekend. Love to all, Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

This week has been kinda trying, we had training for all the clinical staff and have been keeping work flowing basically half staffed. A bunch of us are putting in extra time, I am so glad I work with the people I do.

I do not know what I did at the gym on Saturday and Sunday, but I had a back ache for the past few days. I did go tonight and am feeling a little worn out this evening.  I avoided the gym for a couple of days and tonight I just did a 45 minute work out.

This weekend the team I work with is coming in on Saturday, just to catch up from the week of half staff and vacations. I love my weekends, I think everyone does, but we all gather together and bust butt for 4-6 hrs, and it makes a HUGE difference.

Tomorrow we get to spend the evening with the 2 grand-boys- they are so much fun. They cuddle, they relate with one another, love to be read to and then they have little spats. It really is fun to watch them. I love bath time… they would stay in the tub for an hour if we let them, but usually after 1/2 hr we get them out.

I am sitting here listening to an investment guy from Maryland  talking about the doom and gloom of the country and the financial situations globally  we are about to end up in. He is stating things about how this country needs to stop spending and try to attempt to handle the debt. What he says is happening really— there are no answers for a pion as me. I dunno what we could do… plant a garden, try to become more self sufficient, it seems like this world is consuming everything. The I wants, the new toys, the faster world, digital, techy…. it is kind of scary- when you think about the stories of the Great Depression ( why the heck did they call it GREAT??) , it may end up like that again. So now this guy has totally bummed me out…. I am going to take a hot shower- while we have hot water.

Brrrr,,, can you imagine if in the winter our bath water was from melted snow? Some dudes tell you to buy gold— but try to buy bread with a hunk of gold. And what if you had gold- if no one has money, what do you do?? Throw it at people?

I hate to be apathetic, but I do not know for sure if his answers are the answers. What to do? Who to listen to? The Internet can be great…. but the Internet is also not so great.

This guy states he knows everything, but he will not run for office, he will not take money from you….he is just showing a power point and in a story book tone, he is telling a non comforting prediction for the future. Supposedly at the end of his 45 minute power point he is going to share secrets to get through this doom..

Hot shower,,, heated mattress pad,  electric alarm clock—that is my path right now. Let go and Let God….. goodnight

Love to all… Cindy alias Mrs Justa.

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