October 2010

 100_6498_edited   Part 2 of Halloween and precious grandchildren was this afternoon.



and what a neat time it was.

The boys were very good in their lion and dragon outfits


and it was funny to hear Brandon try to say Trick or Treat.

He did do pretty well.


I was thrilled they were able to come out for a little bit, Amanda’s 100_6508_editedMom is hosting a Halloween Party and it sounds like it is a family gathering that everyone attends, so to fit coming out here and to make it to the party at her moms , I know it was kind of pushing things.

We had some chili with and without beans made up for dinner and if they wanted some ; we had plenty. As it turned out Brandon was not too interested in eating, and  Jeff, Amanda, Mark and I did get to have some chili tonight.

Today was exhausting and I am not sure why. We got up this morning, did the breakfast time together, I went to church, I went to the gym, ( Mark had a minor procedure on his upper arm and he took a few days off from the gym- ) I do not blame him, he had an infection in his arm and the surgeon did a drainage on Friday- with an open area and infection- not a good idea to go into a gym or whirlpool. But he did come with me this morning and he read and napped in the car while I went in a  enjoyed church and the gym. We than came home, I did my normal housework stuff.. As yesterday was really busy too, and the kids and grand kids came over for about an hour, and now I am feeling like it was definitely a FULL weekend. ( Gotta go to work to rest!)

Hope you had some trick or treaters… so far our one and only one is in this photo holding his bag !. Halloween, such a fun day for kids really, and for those candy hungry kids- well it is not profitable to haul butt out to the country where each home is at least an acre apart. Maybe we will get some trick or treaters… but I am not thinking too many—if any. Be safe, stay warm… ( it has teased us when it  snowed, hailed, rained and also has been sunny here today… ) Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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Today was an off to Rochester day to do a long overdue visit to Adrianne, Josh and Mackenzie. It is so hard to not see Mackenzie more, but I guess when grandparents live in other states it is probably even more difficult in those situations .


She is 15 months now, maybe 15 pounds, she is fast, she is ultra interested in everything at once, she is curious, and her toddle is cute as she tried to walk quicker than her balance wants to allow. She loves the outdoors and swinging. She loves to walk fast, and on a hill she found gravity and her legs were not keeping up with one another.

She has a smile that will brighten up a room and she does also have a squeal when there is something she wants at any given moment.

Her parents are madly in love with her and she is a very special little girl. We had a nice visit, and we just loved the time we spent with her and Adrianne and Josh.

We spent time with her inside, outside – watching her explore, watching her various expressions, watching her checking everything out….


and even got to see her in her Halloween costume. It was funny because when Adrianne showed us the  costume we were joking that it would probably not fit her this year and she might be able to use it next year too. But amazingly her petite 9 mos old size body filled the costume really well.

It was a nice day, cool, sunny and Mackenzie filled the room with warmth.

I find it amazing every time we see her that this child was 2+ pounds only 15 months ago.

Tomorrow we get to see Brandon and Preston and their costumes- what a fun weekend.

Do you remember back when Halloween was a special time to you, when you could pretend to be something you are not, when strangers were able to give you candies, and fire halls did not have to have big signs in front advertising they will check your candy to make sure no one put anything in it, when people could give out caramel popcorn balls, or home made goodies, when moms and dads felt ok with us going out, and everyone waited excitedly for kids to knock at the door, and kids knocked at the doors.

Let’s bring back the innocence of Halloween, the bobbing for apples and warm cider, and those yummy popcorn balls, let’s bring back the please and thank yous when someone gave you something, and the trust that is was a night for fun and not worry.

Happy Halloween tomorrow everyone, enjoy !. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_6424To do things that we have loved doing in our past…. .  That is what I thought about as I stared at this tree. Did you ever climb a tree? I mean climb a TREE- a big tree. When I was much younger- we had trees in our yard , oh they were much shorter than this tree in reality, but when you are short- a much shorter tree then this seems HUGE.

I recall many a summer afternoon, climbing up in the tree. It was neat, because just like this tree, the tree I liked to climb had a branch that became my recliner of sorts, like a chaise lounge chair. I would climb up there, mostly with nothing in hand, and just sit. I would listen to the leaves as they seemed to almost whisper comfort to me, and feeling the freedom of being up in the air, sometimes hiding from the world. No one thought to look up for me, so the tree was my place of peace.

This tree looks like in it’s younger days, it would have been a tree such as the one I loved to be held by.


Another thing I have loved to do, and always long to do it again, is to chill by the ocean or a really big lake. The feeling of wonder, the feeling of force, the breeze and the waves as they seem to speak firm yet comforting to me. The water will lightly slap against the shore around me, or it will pound the shore, it always makes me come to reality about how amazing the world is and how I am just a speckle in the whole scheme of things.

I find the ebb and flow of the tides to be almost unbelievable. Have you ever sat on a rock such as this during low tide, and decided to sit there for a long time. Well as high tide comes in- the rock becomes an underwater island, and you will become a float. It is fascinating how these massive bodies of water raise and lower. I love the ocean, and the ocean at night with a full moon- oh it brings back many memories of my youth , growing up on the Connecticut shore. I truly believe being born in New England- I long for New England life. And even though we do not ever go enough times, I love going to New England, it feels like home .


How about mountains and meditating, sitting and just being still on a mountain. Another place in my memory of many times I have done just that. Talk about feeling like a speck, whoa, on a mountain the world below is like specks of pepper. And yet being on top of a mountain, it feels surreal. It is powerful in many ways. The winds can be strong, the breeze is cool, the sky feels like it can be touched, and I feel happy , relaxed and thankful for the blessing of the experience.

It can feel like you are alone in the world, and that no one can see you, no one knows where you are. It is you and God. I think that is the one common thing about each of these experiences. It is a place to meditate, a place to cleanse the mind and soul, a place that does not go away as soon as you leave. Just talking about it, I feel the feeling of recharging my being.

If you have never had a moment like this, try to..it costs nothing- the fuel to get to where you are going and the willingness to put the rest of the world behind you for a moment or two. Maybe that is why I love New England- you can live in one of the quaint towns or villages, and be a few hrs from the ocean, from mountains, from peace. Life is more laid back in New England…Away from the big cities there, back in the less populated areas…. yes that is the way to live.

Peace and Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_3470 Life- we are becoming more and more advanced, more and more electronic. It really is amazing what the electronic cyber world can do. You can zoom in on a persons home address, see their actual house, from your computer wherever you are. You can have a simple little button that poof will start your car from 1400 feet ( or more) away. You can open an “application” on a new I phone and poof – you have a voice telling you where to drive to get to where you want to get.

You do not ever have to go to a store again- nope- with a couple clicks on a computer you can have many items delivered to your home. A click here and a click there and you can get your TV to come on, if you do not want to see a TV show at the time it is scheduled- heck make it your way- and record it automatically- to watch when YOU are ready.

Another click , twist and magic- and on line sites will tell you how to do zillions of things. Now the problem is folks, you have to get off your chair and actually do labor to get certain things done.

You never have to buy a book again…don’t need bookcases- not if you own en electronic reader. A click her, flick there and the pages move from one to another, they can store more books than most of us would read in a lifetime.

Medical records- this is another amazing technology- electronic records. IN a click of a key here and there your medical records can be shared with another office. You can go an get an MRI and the radiology office can give you a CD to take to your doctor so they can see your tests.

We are creating a fast paced world, one that is becoming more and more dependant on batteries, and computers, and electricity. We do not need to visit people- you can just go to skype or another source like that, and you have your “face to face” without getting out of your PJs.

Sometimes I feel like I want the old days — we have to train ourselves how to talk to each other, we have to hope our battery power stays up so we can read our books, talk to our family and friends via text, have our doctor see ….

I must be getting old… because I like holding a book, physically seeing people, talking face to face, opening a real mailbox and finding a real letter or a card—( I can not remember the last time I got a letter from anyone )  Now the car starter yeah that is nice— no teeth chattering for the first few miles when you are  leaving work in the winter—but the rest…I think we need to remember how to be sociable, how to wait for things , how to do things that do not require batteries… Have a good, night… I am off to turn my bed on so my sheets are warm… ( isn’t this pathetic ! LOL)

Mrs Justa alias Cindy


Life in a bubble. Life thinking only of ones self.

Life in a bubble, not caring about how you affect anyone else, for inside the bubble you only see reflections of yourself, and the walls make the world distorted, filled with the colors of a rainbow.

Life not caring what is on the other side of the bubble wall, ..would it be utopia in that bubble, or would it be lonely?

Do you know people who act like they are protected by the walls of a bubble?

How about when you are driving about— you have to have come across drivers with the bubble mind.

Do you work with people who seem to have a bubble mentality.

HA Bubble mentality- I think that will be my new canned  syndrome for the 2010s, just like my other favorite term of mine .. the “Entitlement Syndrome”

I am stuck in this mode because I got it up the ol whazoo ( figuratively speaking ) by a person today… and well it got my mind thinking about how I can not believe how some people carry themselves about- floating in a bubble- now caring where they float , or who they float by, over, or into.

What is unfortunate – is that every person with 100_6361 a bubble mentality syndrome will learn at sometime or another that bubbles do not last forever, your foot may push through the side- and eventually the protective walls of self – of conceit- of disrespect for how your actions affect others… well one day when the bubble is gone- popped, poof gone…and  you are faced with reality- no rainbow colors distorting the visions of real life. You may find that the people you floated into, over , or around…well you just may need them at some time, and when you do- they will not be there for you.

But this person who rode in the bubble- she has let me down one too many times, she believes she is floating, unscathed by her actions, but I think in the end  my ability to dream and hope is not popped- this person has made me more cautious, a little more bitter, and a little less trusting.

So in a summation of a really sucky day… I too made an error, I depended on a bubble, an illusion to stay within sight- and so I was a tad of a fool too.

My vow is that if I promise someone something, I will keep my promise- I always have… and if I make a commitment- I will not do it unless I am darn sure it is a commitment I want to make. I will never hide in the walls of a bubble, what you see is what you get.

I hope you are not hiding in a bubble- if you are- stretch out your legs and head and walk out of it… Life needs to be real and promises kept.

Love to all, Mrs justa alias Cindy

The end of a weekend that went faster than the last. I really hope this is not a hint of weekends to come. Phew! Friday night we had Courtney, we went to the gym and went over to Jeff and Amandas for a couple of hours so they could go to the gym themselves.

Saturday- gee I do not remember where all the hours went. We did our traditional breakfast with Shawn and Pat, Courtney shared the time too. Than we dropped Court off and went to the gym. We had various places to shop at- one thing here and there. We got a clock from target- a cheapy one— and ( I returned it today .. IT WOULDN’T KEEP TIME !!) and I had a couple of gift cards and wanted a bakers rack – well we got a shelf unit that was about half the size I was initially looking for- and darn if it is not exactly what I needed. So When we got home Mark grabbed an hour snooze and I took on the installing of the shelf. Well- after a few oops and a few- how stupid am I moments- I did get it together. ( it was made in China… so I am not sure if it was me or a language barrier but it did result in some self head slapping as I undid things in disbelief… )

We went out and got a few groceries. AND AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH a new heated mattress pad— yeah baby- I am really liking it- the one we had was a few years old and my side did not warm all the way down— now- well let’s just say – I am well done before the sun rises. I got the laundry all done, sheets and towels changed, dinner made and we sat down about 10:00 and watched the DVR of Castle from last week. 100_6369

100_6377 Today was get up and off to breakfast- than we went our separate ways- me- I went to get Courtney to go to the March of Dimes Walk- and Mark headed home.He could not do the 3 mile walk- not with his messed up leg… I was worried a little about the walk – this one place we go for breakfast, we really like this place BUT- I think the coffee has a laxative in it- there is a rather unique waddle we do trying to make it to a bathroom about an hour after we leave.  We were there today and as the waitress was approaching, I jokingly mumbled to Mark- “ would you like a warm up on your laxative?”

Fortunately for me, I did not get the “shuffle” as I so poetically call the urgent rush post breakfast— I was laughing about having the “shuffle” during the walk, and turning into the first walker to return – like jet propelled… but alas- I was able to stay with the group and not do the mad dash… ( Couldn’t you see that- all of the sudden me doing a Road Runner sprint  past everyone- leaving them in my dust… HAAHA) – ( thanks Google images) So after the walk, I dropped Miss Courtney off, came home, and did my house stuff, made supper— and played with some more 33 RPMs and burning them to CDs.

Now the days is turned to night- I am about to nestle down with Mark on the recliner couch and watch the DVR shows from Thursday tonight.

I hope each of you had a great weekend, Love to all… Mrs justa.. alias Cindy

100_6104 When was the last time you were closed in one of these?

Look at how long the cord is stretched out !, that is so you can get a pen and paper out of your car- I bet.

I spent countless hours, long ago, closed in phone booths , calling someone I had an incredible crush on. I would babysit for weekends on end, than go to the local Super Duper and trade my dollar bills for coins, just so I could call this person… who really only ever liked me as a friend, I lived for those moments. He was my rock, he was my strength, in times when giving up sounded easier than trying to do my best in a not so perfect world. I do not think we ever kissed or held hands, but this guy.. he knew me better than I knew myself at times, we –in reality— were just very best friends.

I thought about how I longed for enough money to make the call, and how the operator would interrupt every once in awhile to tell me to put some more coins in or she was ending my call, I thought about how I earned those calls, those moments of connecting to someone who I longed to hear his voice.. he made me smile.

And now… well kids seem to expect to have cell phones, maybe some do.. but not all kids earn the privilege of a cell phone— no at times I feel like some of the kids, teens and young adults feel they are entitled to have them. It is an expectation to have their parents provide this communication device—as if it goes right along with expecting to have food on the table and underwear to wear.

Recently I was in a conversation with a teen and the comment was something along the lines of  she had not gotten her phone replaced in a few months. And bragging about how many text messages she does, and never once—not one second—was there any mention of how lucky she was to have the privilege of a cell phone, or what she had done to have that cell phone.

I sound like an old crotchety lady—and maybe I am- but we earned the things we had. If I wanted an outfit – I babysat. And not waiting until I was 15 or 16, no I babysat from 12 on. If I wanted a set of Jacks… I earned them- they may not have cost much money, but I appreciated the money they did cost.

And let me tell you, I LOVED MY JACKS!!! I was pretty darn good at them.

Chalk for playing hopscotch, an ice cream from the ice cream man, a new board game, or a Chinese jump rope. The list goes on and on, and with it the pride in knowing I was brought up in a home where things were not just handed to us on a silver platter.

When the sun came up, if school was not in session that day, than we were all outside, climbing trees, playing hide and seek, flying a kite, walking around the neighborhood, riding our bikes and daring to let go of the hand bars, jump rope, hopscotch, tag, kick ball, to earn money would would be out raking leaves, mowing yards, we were moving….

Now our kids, our teens, are techy… they do not get out like we used to , entertainment is on a computer , a smart type phone, a WII, toys that all need batteries, …..we are facing a times of incredible high percentage of obese children, teens and adults…. juvenile diabetes, my goodness—- let’s slow down a bit, let’s work to move our bodies and not just some button to click… and let’s as a country have our kids earn instead of just expect the privileges they would like to have…

Okay.. I am done… soon to sign of this a get moving some… Love to all… the old crotchety woman… Mrs Justa… alias Cindy

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