August 2012

Facts of life… We are born, we learn all kinds of lessons along the way, we grow up, and we have bills, we deal with challenges and hopefully we learn to handle them as they come along.

Katjas baby, bills 014I went and saw a woman today who just had her first child. We have known each other for quite a few years. We have worked together in 2 different places.

She is a friend, she is someone I have been able to share some great and not so great times with. She is a special woman, very giving, very caring. I feel lucky to know her.

Tonight I saw it,  she had that glow.. you know the one I mean.. as she looked at that tiny baby and said “Wow that is my baby, that is my baby boy, I can hardly believe it..” It was cool. To see the excitement of being a mom. It was neat to see how unafraid she was of handling him. It was refreshing to share a few moments with her, her son, her brother, sister-in-law, niece and step mom. To hold him was neat… a 5 pound baby boy….

I am so glad I went up there to see her.There was a bond, a bond that no one or nothing can break… there was something special about the interaction with her baby.

Mitt Romeny’s wife spoke to the Katjas baby, bills 008woman of the world last evening. About the challenges woman face, and that they know every single hair on their kids heads, how they behave, they take their kids here and there, they are there in the middle of the night to comfort them from a bad dream, or to help control a high fever, to read a book, to rock them to sleep. And for those woman blessed with a baby… a precious life that has many journeys to encounter along the way…she spoke to them.

She spoke to woman with or without children. For woman are focused on relationships and really in many cases..woman are the glue that hold the lives around them together.

Most woman I know never have to tell anyone about all they do… they just do it.

Woman are the wind under the wings of their spouses, their significant others, their children and sometimes even their friends. And tonight as I watched this new mom, and her very special little baby …. I was once again reminded of the wonders of growing up, the joy of children and the blessings we have been given because we are woman. And it was neat to think that this woman is going to be the wind under this little guys wings some day too…

Love to all… I am done singing my version of “I AM WOMAN”.. Congrats to Katja..he is precious. Mrs Justa alais Cindy


I had a thought the other day.. the thought was I am glad that all living creatures do not share the same habits, customs, ways to get to know one another…

August 2012 003

Need I say more???? This week and next is the NYS fair… could you see if everyone had dog habits as they passed by each other? Oh my goodness, I am so appreciative we just walk past people,, sometimes we shake hands !!

I had a dream a few nights was sobering…it was real..and one I was glad to have woken up from.

As I drifted off to sleep I became part of a group of souls…all floating in the same direction—towards a bright white light. Each spirit was covered with a black hooded cloak, drifting..and than every once in a while was a figure that looked like this…

( I got this off of google images) these spirits were whispering which way to go and to assure us that they too were once in the procession that we were all in.

The entire area was filled with whispers, forceful comforting whispers.

I asked one of there spirits where I was..and the spirit said I was on my way to meet God, and see Jesus. That all the cloaks floating around me in the same direction were all the people who had died when I died.

I gotta tell ya, when I woke up..I was tapping my legs, my arms.. and really glad I was actually lying in bed. I said a prayer… I looked at everything a little differently. But it has made me ponder… no one ever talks about death. We all avoid it.. yet we all will die. This made it so surreal.. To realize that in a second I will go from just my memory spirit.. my disorganized  organization. I say that, because I know where things are… I know what things mean to me.. but who will know about some of these things when I am not here?

It brings to the forefront getting rid of things… making sure all the recent info is readily available when life insurance policies are, bank records, information for doing the taxes and paying bills. The dream has made me feel thankful for today, blessed for all my yesterdays..and really hoping for many tomorrows.

It was was strange… it has made me feel apprehensive..yet at peace.. Because the spirits that were guides basically indicated there is one way to turning back… however things were left..that is how they will be. 

All I can say is wow…. and I love my family..and my friends..and I appreciate the readers who come over to read my thoughts.. THANK YOU!> I will be back tomorrow….and I will write again… Going to a Drive in tonight !!!. It is so neat to have a Drive In 8 miles away !!!

Love to all, Mrs justa alias Cindy

Sept sky fog 003

Look carefully..through the you see the stop sign?

I ask this because I was thinking about a man who had walked through a part of  my life.

His name was  Bob… he worked with me long ago. He was a good man.He reminded my of the Pillsbury Dough Boy… He had told me he had full vision until he was 4 years old. He fell onto some sticks and injured his eyes.  He would tell stories about when he worked in the State Tower Building in the newspaper/candy shop. He said it was before he totally lost his vision. He described how when someone would pay for something he would have to hold the money super close to his face to try to make out if it was a single bill, a five, a ten… a quarter, half dollar, dime, penny or nickel. He said he did it for years, until one day..he could no longer make out the money. He longed to be able to see it… and it must have been as hard as seeing this stop sign when he worked there.  When I met him, he had a blind mans stick. He tapped it to the left and right as he walked from bus stops to where we worked.  He lived in Syracuse, yet worked in Liverpool. That is a good 8-9-  miles apart from each other.

He had to walk from a high rise apartment..I think he lived on  the 11th floor..down an elevator, down about 7 city blocks to the center of town where all the buses came to get people. He depended on the drivers telling him what bus they were driving. He would get on the bus, take it to Liverpool and have to walk down some pretty busy streets to get to where we worked.

And do you know he did it with a smile, a whistle and a spring in his cautious step. He was one of many people who have left a footprint in my life’s journey. I never once heard him say anything about his life being short changed. He loved every day. He volunteered at “The Light House” a charity for the visually impaired. He did what he could with “what God blessed him with” he would tell me…

I thought about his the other nightAugust 2012 006 as we sipped some iced tea and had a wrap in Oswego…and I thought that he would never have been able to see this but he would have been able to  appreciate this…

See he would ask what I saw.. he would ask colors, he would ask if there was clouds, he would ask for words to make the scene..

Me I was there..Yet I was not whistling, I was not walking with a bouncing step, I was smiling though. and thinking about how great it was to see this sight,

To all those with visual deficits.. I dedicate this post to you… Love to all. Mrs Justa alias, Cindy

We are just back from a 5 day camping span at East Coast Resorts. It was a nice weather spell of camping, I did work this week so it was just commuting from work to there instead of to here. It was nice once Friday night arrived, to be able to not worry about the alarm going off and missing work.

The weather was cooler than it has been for the majority of this summer, and we got to do a fire Saturday night, did the S’Mores things, got some pretty relaxing moments..and now we are home..laundry almost done, and we are about to have a 4th birthday celebration for Brandon.

On the way home I was humbled . Often I find myself thinking about how nice it would be to be this or win the lottery, …and than I was leaving Nice and Easy after placing the order for pizza and wings for the party for Brandon.

AS I opened the door there was an older man. He was walking with a stride of maybe 3 inches a step. His left foot was totally curled in and he was walking literally on his ankle bone. He had a cane. The gas pump says “Pay before fueling”, it is at least 30 feet from the pump to the door…. and he wanted $20.00 worth of fuel. SO he was hobbling to the store to pay 20.00 dollars and than going to hobble back to his car to pump the gas. ( actually hobbling would have been faster than he was able to move)

As I watched this , 6-1 2012 East Coast resort 009I felt horrible for this man. People coming and was like he was invisible. Mark was parked away from this person, but could see the man from the pick up. He had Riley with him… I came up to our pick up, gave Mark the coffees I bought and said I would be right back.

I was able to get back to the man-and he still had not made it to the store entrance. I asked if I could help..and you would have thought I offered him a million dollars. He explained he was going in to pay for his gas, I asked if he wanted me to do that for him. With shaking hands he gave me $20.00 from a weathered black billfold—held together with a rubber band….…his skin translucent ..his body hunched and frail. I told him he could wait for me..or head back towards his car. He headed to his car..and got maybe a foot when I got back outside. When I came back out and asked if I could help him. He said if I held his arm—he could walk faster. ( his gait was 3 1/2 inches max with assistance).

AS we were slowly walking to his car..he told me he has a crooked foot..and he is going to have surgery in December..He said something about “maybe I should ask if they could do it sooner”… I agreed that might be good. I asked him how bad his pain is? He said “pretty bad..but I get by… “ We talked about after surgery, I asked if he had thought he might need rehab? He said that he figured he would go to rehab and hopefully be able to walk again before he goes home.

I asked is he had ever seen the walkers with seats on them? He said he had but did not know where to get one. So I shared with him various places I had seen them… my goodness I was tempted to tell him to hang out there and run to Walgreens and get him one.

I asked him if there was anything else I could do to help..he said pumping his gas would be nice. So I got him to his car..pumped his gas… and watched as he got into his car.

6-25-2012 Syracuse and Oswego NY 027All of the sudden anything I have wrong is not so bad.  Most things I can take care of myself… this man … he was “getting by” …he is going to have a long road to walk correctly again…and he can not fix what is wrong by himself. I wonder why a doctor would put off that surgery for at least  5 months? Golly gee— this guy can not walk !! What is he supposed to do? Who is his advocate for care?

I can not get him out of my mind. I wish I had asked him where he lived..I wished I had been able to do more. This man –he was the poster child for determination..for fighting adversity….God Bless him..I hope he gets his surgery sooner than December.

Love to all… our summer is winding down..that means my posting will be getting more regular. Mrs Justa alias Cindy…

100_0544In the past 2 week we have gone to 2 weddings. This is a lot for us… we do not usually have weddings to go to. As I watched the workings of each wedding,  I was amazed at how the brides special day is so long worked up to.

Dawn and Evans first danceEach of these couples did outdoor weddings. Each planned the whole ceremony and reception after…and even though each was outside weddings… the weddings were unique to the individuals.

When all is said and done… it is the day for the bride and the groom..and everyone else is there to witness them promising before all present and God that they will remain true to reach other till death . That is probably the BIGGEST promise a person can make. Think about it… TILL death you are promising to stay with your new spouse.

At each wedding we knew the people in the wedding pretty darn well, and it was strange to see these woman ( one our niece..the other a close friends daughter) … who so clearly in my mind were just little girls not so long ago…. to see them beautiful, standing before a man they have committed the rest of their life to.

I want to say to the man— “take care of her” she is precious to me… but I did not… because obviously the man will—that is why they chose each other. And the ceremonies and receptions were THEIR ceremonies and receptions… it was their day.. their dreams….both special to them…and we felt blessed to have been asked to come to them.

100_4393Our wedding anniversary was this past Friday… we have been together for 27 years… married for 16 of them. As I watched these 2 separate couples exchange their vows… I was wondering what it will be like for them in 27 more years? Living a life with someone..means they see you in your best and worse times. To have that person be there, unconditionally through the laughter and the tears… that is priceless. I wish the best for both of them…

Today was a catch up day.. I have been feeling pretty disjointed with how busy we have been… I think I am a country girl.. a person who loves being home… I love the Saturday morning cleaning and making the house feel fresh… ( something I have not had time to devote to at the level I like to do it , in the past few weeks) I ended up working some on it yesterday..and most today…

Mark was not feeling too his leg and hip are really bothering him… This morning  I went off to church , came home and finished all the stuff I love doing around the house… Than tonight I went out to the garden…this has been a tough year on my aspirations to garden…and I am really glad there is not a farmers market depending on my produce… But tonight… I tied up some pretty heavy tomato plants, picked 6 ears of corn and broke off about 3 cups of Italian lettuce… I have home made tomato sauce with slightly seasoned chick breasts simmering in it in the crock pot..made a salad.and little brown rice….3 of the 6 corn on the cobs…. ummm….. it felt good to eat from the garden.

AS I was out there.. the humidity feeling like 120%..air thick…temp stifling…. I realized this is August.. Fall is next month…soooo I am not going to complain about the humidity..the RIley 7-19-2012 003sweat that I am still not used to having it run down my face, back, legs, and that makes my clothes stick to me… nope… cuz my body would rather be warm than cold.

Our little girl Riley is still at the kennel ( grr can not pick up on Sundays)…. but Mark will get her in the AM> She is such a sweetie…. we miss her when she is not here…

We are looking towards  the future… and things seem to be settling down after the next 2 weeks… Phew… I am kinda looking forward to getting back into some routines!.

Love to all.. hope your summer has been as blessed as ours has been.

Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

016Have you ever felt disjointed? Like things are just not meshing? Well that is kind of how I feel this week. Between having weekend that are filled with things to do……and the garden, the lawn, camping, cars getting fixed, work, ..I just am feeling like I am lacking some down time. I miss going to the gym..but dang each day has been so darn busy…

This weekend that past was a commitment to be away from home Friday thru Sun evening..and than work on Monday. When I have weekends like that, I try to do my home stuff that I love to do on a Saturday AM during the week prior to the weekend. Last week it just did not feel like I ever caught up.

Tomorrow is pay day100_0496..that means bill day… that means a day before the weekend. We are here for most of the weekend..and maybe by Monday I will feel whole again…I just feel like I am in pieces.

It is Weds night…I have a dark load washed and in the dryer as I type this…my mind is reeling with bunches of things I want and need to do. We really would like to camp in the next week or so.. which camping is nice… I just need to feel all together.

At work today it was like I started on something and before I could dive into it..something came along to push what I was working on down a peg. I stayed late just to have some time without interruptions. I left feeling more relaxed and less stressed. That was nice!!!

As I look at the next few weeks..I am saddened by the thought that Fall is in a month. This year has been totally incredible with temps warmer than usual—heck I think since April we are at the 25th day above 90 degrees… HERE IN SYRACUSE??? Unbelievable. Not tons of rain… lots of sun, blue skies and puffy clouds… I hate to say it.. but the weather in Upstate NY has been remarkable. Eat your heart out Arizona, Florida and Texas… LOL . The predictions for winter… less snow than normal AGAIN.. I am okay with that ! Heck.. 15 yrs ago being a “snowbird” seemed glamorous ( Those folks who live in northern US in the summer and in southern US in the winter) but now…this place is becoming more tolerable.. I am sure it will not stay this way for years..but it is nice while it lasts.

Last winter was weird when Texas and Florida had snow when we did not.. “doo daa doo daa.. WELCOME TO THE TWILIGHT ZONE!” Fall approaches..temps will cool a bit..the ACs can get drained and put to rest..the camper will get winterized and stored..the garden put to rest..mowers tuned up and parked… ahhh and life will slow down a bit.

I hope you too are enjoying the summer..but please STOP and take some ME time !!

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_0545What an absolutely beautiful wedding for our niece and the man she loves.

It was on the front yard of their home, Jay Peak in the background, sunshine (Oh brother was there a lot of sunshine !!95 %) and incredible friends and family around them.

The reception was at a Campground/park on the edge of a lake in Newport..tents to shade the guest and the food… friends brought food to feed the very large group of people. There were crock pots, salads, pastries, baked goods, casseroles, grilled meats, veggie trays..the list goes on and on. More food than needed… people brought what they wanted to drink.. it was on a grassy hillside…it was very very nice.

Both at the wedding and reception there were many memories made….…Many moments were precious, some were priceless, and some were unbelievable.

We have returned from Vermont. It was a neat drive up at time..and some times were kinda not so neat. We used the Garmin to chart out our trip. This was a good thing, because the smart phones have a navigation system..but it does no good when there is no coverage. We were VERY lucky to have the Garmin. She took us places we had no idea where we were..and had she gotten an attitude and stopped working..well I think we would still be somewhere in Northern Vermont.

On our way up there we got held up in traffic when a tractor trailer and a motorcycle ended up in the same space at the same time. As we approached this way out in the boonies area—we saw a body in the road..a motorcycle with a rather flat back end..and a truck with the driver out on the road talking to a crowd of people. We were looking at the scene..a part of me thinking I should jump out and see if I could help..another part of me thinking there were plenty of people already there…so we waited…and waited… 15 minutes went by—still no police or ambulance…. than all of the sudden the biker sits up… Whoa—here I am thinking he is next to death..and he sits up…. after another 5 minutes or so..he gets up with some help..and walks out of the road..sits under a tree in the shade..head bleeding..but out of the way. Traffic started moving and off we went.

Than we drove100_0483 by some wind farms.. Now these are really neat!!! I guess it is a trial to see what effect they have on the environment, noise level, endurance and such. For a while we saw lots of windmills. And these were BIG one… made the 100_0486ones we are used to seeing look like “wanna be wind mills”

You could not really hear anything from them. I can not imagine the cost for a wind farm.. Holly has to be more money than most could afford. But to have the wind supply your power.. that is awesome.

We drove some stuck in traffic at construction..went to a DIVE gas station truck stop..and than entrusted Michelle ( the voice in the Garmin) to lead the way. She had us taking roads that were a mile south of the Canadian border…as we had to get to the north western part of Vermont. Now I am not sure, if you broke down in Vermont if you would ever be found. These roads we desolate. We had no cell coverage—or our phones we reading Canadian towers so we could not use them… there are not clear markings of where you are….Bet a triple A membership there is way more expensive… There are no garages..few  department stores, people have signs in front of their house with specialties on them… ( wedding dresses on one house…. welding on another…. the list goes on an on) But who the heck supports these businesses?  Going to the grocery store is a full day ya better not forget the eggs or milk!  It was kinda cute today..on our way back we went by a number of camp grounds… We figure people go to campgrounds so they can talk to someone… one had a sign that is had a pool…. Well the pool was one of those round above the ground maybe 48 inch high ones. It is a simpler life in Vermont. I truly love Vermont..but I can not understand how people survive in Vermont!,

We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast100_0496 in Newport..the outskirts of Newport..actually so outskirt that if you take a left out of the driveway instead of a right—you are in Canada. It is a nice place to lodge, but anyone who goes there –meant to go there… they are not in the center of a town or village..nope they are out in the country. They totally depend on word of mouth and what ever advertising they do. They have a Web site..they make their own maple syrup..we had a nice stay there.

It feels good to be home….good to have the laundry going….  good to be able to sleep in our own bed… tomorrow the dog comes back from the kennel…and back to life as we know it.  Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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