January 2009

Meet my new night time buddy. I have made a strong commitment to this buddy of mine, to pay attention to him for at least 20 minutes a night to start out with. We have him in the living room, so as I watch the talking heads, or King of Queens re-runs, I can go for a journey, a mission.

Hey in the past week I have successfully lost 10 pounds. 100_0916_editedNot quite ready for the marathon of exercise from the Biggest Loser training camp, but hey it is something.

Weight is all relative, really, it it relatively consuming to those with extra and those with too little.

At work we do a lot of reviews for eating disorders, and addictions. People are never seen for eating disorders on the excess though. They are seen if they feel they weigh too much and are a whomping 100 pounds, but the only time we see for excessive counseling, is when they are being worked up for gastric bypass surgery, we need to give more attention to the folks before they are at a level of feeling that cutting into them to decrease their stomach size is the only alternative.

Intake and weight is a lifestyle, it is a way to live. I worked with a woman years ago who had gastric bypass surgery, and she lost all her hair, permanently, she has excessive skin everywhere, and had to tuck her folds of skin into her underwear. Gastric bypass surgery is a great way for people to lose 50-100 pounds in a year, but at that rate, without proper exercise and nutrition, the body can not lose it in a balanced way.

My goal is 2-3 pounds a week, and exercise to balance the weight loss. Some people advise soy products to increase skin elasticity, and at LA weight loss, the soy was in their nutrition bar, that they recommended having between meals, so I will try to follow with that also.

Wish me luck, it is a long journey. I am not going to gloat or pout every day on my successes or lack of success, but I will every once in a while give an update. Anyone out there who is trying to take better care of themselves, I am rooting for you!. Love always, mrs Justa


Today is the change that so many voted for, that so many long for. I worry about that. For people are hungry for change so bad that they have taken a man with a dream and made him into a miracle.

In looking at the crowds of people, the close ups of people weeping as Obama was sworn in, it appeared to me that there are people who have him so far on a pedestal, that it is impossible for him to fulfill their image. There is no magic wand, money does not grow on trees, we can not continue to have others fix our problems, or poor choices.

Yes there were 50+ million who voted for him, but there were close to 50 million who did not too, me one of them.


It is time for the country to rally together, to work together to help to get us out of this incredible mess we are in. Barack can not do this on his own. It takes a team of people, a team of millions. People who are willing to give up some things, to not be a nation of wants, but a nation of what can we do to help.

In one way I find it totally amazing that he made it to this place in his life, to have been a child from a mixed couple, to grow up in a white family, a dad in another country, to be raised by his grandmother, I can imagine him at 10 or 11 saying, “Grandma one day I am going to be president of the United States” and he getting an encouraging “Uh Ha” type response, but to have made it through the trials to the triumph, it is amazing.

AS the ticker tape parades, the confetti settles, the millions return home, we remain in a financial struggle, I just got my 401K statement showing me I lost 42 %, many of us living on a shoestring, loss of jobs, cost of living high. I personally am concerned about the country, the people who are hungry for answers, for solutions to their oh so deep problems, the people who have placed him on a pedestal before he has done anything.

A bust of a person should end on a pedestal  , after they have earned it, not in anticipation that they will.

We are here, we have just seen the 44th president of the USA sworn in, each president should have the same warm enthusiastic witnessing of them being sworn in, for each person taking that oath, has in essence taken their life as they have known it, and dedicated it to us, the country, and never again will their lives be what it was before the swearing in. Good luck to Barack, God Bless our country, and hang on, I think some things will hurt, but we must stay together for the country. It really is a great nation we are blessed to be in. Love, to all, Cindy

The window to the soul. That is what your eyes are. Eyes tell secrets, they tell real feelings, they tell of pain, joy, hardship, depression, you can not make your eyes lie. 004

In nursing school my instructor challenged me, she assigned me patients who were unable to speak. I was to make up a care plan for them, figure out what their needs were, and communicate with them.

These patients I cared for were either suffering from a stroke, from Alzheimer’s disease, from cardiac arrest, from serious injury.  One man was in his late 50s and blinked so many times for yes and so many times for no. One woman in her 50s was unable to speak from a stroke. I had an elderly woman who had been abandoned by her family, and could not speak. Well, they could not speak with their mouths, but their eyes told me everything I needed to know. The thing in common that they had were their soul was there, and for each person, I truly believe I was able to help them be comfortable, be cared for, and be understood.

I have always looked through peoples eyes. To see what is in their soul. What their heart is feeling, and to empathize with some of the things I have found out in this journey of life. What I have found in the years of my life are that people have pain, hurt and confusion that they can  067not share, but is in their soul. Deep thoughts that can not come out for whatever reason. Maybe some think that people do not care, maybe some think that it is a way of protection from ridicule, mocking.

We can not control what our central nervous system does, nor what the chemical in our brain does. It is out of our control. I have seen eyes of wonder, eyes of fright, eyes of love, eyes of laughter. The different areas of the soul have different ways they are shown through the eyes.

In my different experiences in being a mom, a wife, a nurse, a boss, a friend, a stranger, I have seen tales and stories from the heart. I have seen such love and total laughter, and hate and heartache.010

What do people see when they look into your eyes? What is it you are holding in your heart? What is it your soul has locked up? Are you filled with laughter, joy and love, …or are you filled with dark secrets , with pain, with hunger. What do you see when you look in your families eyes, in your parents eyes, friends, strangers? I find it fascinating, and mysterious. See what you see. Love always, Cindy

I am reminded so often about how precious life is, and that we need to make the best of every moment. I chose this photo because it illustrates to me about hanging on to life, taking advantage of things that can make the ride easier, protect us from the evils in the world, even embrace us with a firm hug.

These flowers were once colorful, vibrant, but their life is not over, oh no, it is still going on, 100_0834 and they have been blessed with the embrace of ice to preserve them, protect them from the wind and storms. They are gathered together, as if enjoying each others company.

Friends and family are like these flowers. They are there, gathered around one another, even if they are not seen, they are there. I need to be a better steward to those around me, and see what I can do for them,as the ice has done for these flowers.

In church today it had to do with the miracle of feeding thousands with 5 loaves of bread an 2 fish.There is an incredible faith that is involved with this story of long ago. One boy, one single boy, offered the food he had brought for himself and when asked he gave it to Jesus, no strings attached, he gave his food to him, and Jesus worked a miracle and every one of those 5000+ people were fed. This boy did not ask what Jesus could do for him, he  asked what he could do for Jesus. This boy, as these flowers, was protected from hate by having compassion. For the disciples, what an experience, to be gathered together, to have witnessed this. The people who came to follow Jesus were like these flowers, all gathered in an area.

I fear often we wonder what we will get or what will be in exchange for a deed, a task, a challenge. We need to shake  ourselves back into the thought process of what can we do for ________________ instead of what can ____________do for us. ( fill in the blanks) . In a world of financial hardship, greed, people loosing their jobs, costs sky rocking, it is maybe a good time to see what we can do for others. For us depending on others to do for us, is only contributing to the tailspin of the present and the future. Think smartly, look inside you and see what talents you have, and offer them. Do this, while you are still protected- like these flowers are. Love to all Cindy

Never guess where grandma and grandpa played today, will ya ?

We got to play at Brandon’s house today. He had a tee shirt on a few weeks ago that said ” What happens at grandma’s ..stays at grandmas.” Well he doesn’t have to be here, to have secrets from mom and dad. image Today he made the commitment to become a ROCK STAR. Yes he is a little young, but he was definitely attracting a captive audience with the two of us today. LOL

Grandpa got a lot of happy Brandon time.

He was smiling, cooing and cuddling and even was good for the 11 and 1 o’clock feedings. So gramps and he bonded major this weekend. I have officially been the receiver of the baby who needs to take a quick snooze, so in times of feeling frustrated with his new commitment to stardom, I rocked him to sleep , so he was a “ROCKSTAR” then too!.

Every week he is different,

every week he has so many smiles and hugs, every week is special. Trying to speak, chuckling, today he was talking to the basketball game.

Life is amazing really,

sure there are so many misfortunes, and I personally could go on with poor me things that would make a laughing hyena tear up, but through all the crap in the world, a precious baby can make everything disappear.

The bills disappear for a moment in time,

the aches are less, the stress from work is no where to be found. A child can take a mature intelligent person and have them smiling toothy smiles, cooing, making silly faces and  pretty much acting like an child themselves, BUT I WOULD NOT give it up for the world.

He only makes me want to live for another 50 years!

Thanks to Jeff and Amanda for asking us to assist, THANKS to Brandon for all the joy you bring, and remember, we are the ones who got you into the spot lights, so naturally royalty checks will be welcome! Love to all, Mrs Justa.

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I was listening to a talk show on the ride in to church this past Sunday. It was a doctor on healthy eating, and ways to think about close to correct amounts of food. He wrote a book called “Mindless Eating” He suggested alot of stuff, among it was using a 10 inch instead of a 12 inch plate, and with that, 1/2 the plate is shared with 2/3 vegetable image and 1/3fruit, the other 1/2- for  2/3 rds of it you can put your protein and a 1/3 with your fat and starches. 

Water is essential too, the program suggested 8-10 8 oz glasses of pure water a day, not flavored with anything, straight , out of the tap , water.

They suggested increasing whatever activity you do, ( even if you currently do nothing) by 15 – 30 minutes every other day. What ever extra you do, it is extra. So if you are basically dormant , then do something for 15-30 minutes every other day. This can be walking, sit ups, stretches, any activity.

Continue to follow this for one month. And see if you have ANY change, more energy, a few pounds less. image

Look at the above plate and then look at this one , have you ever had a meal like this ? The stomach stretches, which for this person who is consuming this plate load of food, that is a good thing, but ( per stomach web site . The stomach is about 12 inches (30.5 cm) long and is 6 inches. (15.2 cm) wide at its widest point. The stomach’s capacity is about 1 qt (0.94 liters) in an adult. ) Now with that in mind, imagine how big it had to get to hold this food!

I am sick thinking of it, so I am going to sign off suggesting to cut something from your consumption, maybe start out with stop eating in your car. No drive thrus, or mini marts. Give yourself a chance, give your body respect. More to follow on how my venture on this pathway is working. Love and Health, Mrs Justa.

Two weeks ago we watched Brandon at his house.

There were marathons of different types of programs on, imageand we watched 3 hrs of different episodes of a show on survival, and if there was a catastrophe, could you save you child, your parent, your spouse, yourself.

The people invited to be on the show were various sizes of out of shapeness.  There were scenarios where a disaster happened, like a potential drowning, a car accident on a rural road, a fire. There was a dummy that was portrayed as the victim, and these people who were not in great shape, had to rescue them, and go for safety.

This reminded me

of when I was watching a documentary on the 911 catastrophe, and the people who had to flee the twin towers, run for blocks, some helping to carry others, and I remember thinking to myself, that had I been in that situation, I would not have made it out.

This TV show spoke volumes too.

On one episode there was a car accident, the person had to go to the car, haul the dummy out to safety by dragging them a ways away from the car and then telling them you would go get help. It was in a desert type area, sandy, temps of 100 degrees, dirt roads, and these overweight people had to run 2 miles down the road to a payphone so they could call for help. These people tried to run, but they became almost paralyzed in pain, and when they finally reached the phone, they could not catch their breath, some were even throwing up from the extensive exertion, and many wept at the thought that they have let themselves get so out of shape , that they could not save another person or themselves.

That is me!

That is probably a lot of the people in the world. Why did we let ourselves abuse our bodies? image As I grew up, people have told me that my body is to be taken care of by me, and for people who believe in God, our bodies are loaned to us, given to us in trust , a temple. We are yet but an instrument for God, a tool intended for his work and glory. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says ” You are no longer for your own. God paid a great price for you. So use your body to honor God.” Whoa, I have not done that! (Photo from google images)

Whether you believe in God,

or think that you exist for another reason, I have a question to ask you, can you save yourself, your child, your grandchild, your loved ones, a stranger in a catastrophe? Could you climb a mountain to get away from a raging fire? Or carry someone away from a building that is ready to fall? Could you get them out of a car wreck? Could you run for safety or help? Those who can, God Bless you, you’ve not gone astray.

I personally am trying to change,

no I am going to continue to change. For if it was Mark, Jeff, Amanda, Brandon, myself, Adrianne, Josh, my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews,co-workers, strangers and I needed to rescue them, I want to know I can do it. It has nothing to do with age, it has to do with being in shape. Please look at yourself, honor your body, become fit and ready for anything, before you are in that situation and you or someone else is jeopardized by this lack of fitness.

Love to all, Mrs Justa( photo from google images)

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