August 2009


I found the other day on my way out the door about 7 new webs. All made in different places, all made over night, while we were sleeping.

I was totally amazed how quickly the spiders worked to make them.

I had watched a very small spider outside the bedroom window working in a web one day, it was unbelievable how the spider was bonging back and forth, at times looking like it was bungie jumping, lacing the web. I watched it for a while and was mesmerized.

No crochet pattern the spider was following, no hooks or needles, just creating this material and spinning it’s web.


When I saw this particular web it was like seeing strings of pearls as the water droplets clung to each thread of web. Don’t you find it amazing that this little tiny being, ( yes spiders are gross… but get beyond that and think about it) that they could create something so dainty, unique and so quickly.

If a human was asked to single-handedly build OVERNIGHT something as massive as this is,the same proportion that the size of this web is to that spider who made it, I do not know one person who could do that.  And without any tools, new gadgets, nothing… just what God given blessings you have.  


How can you not look at something like this and not stop and appreciate the wonders of life.  Things like this make me stop, take a moment, my life gets so crazy, that I have to remember to look close, not just far away… it was weird, because later that morning Mark went back out in front and every one of these webs were gone, poof. Had I just hustled my self to the car, had I not consciously told myself to look, I would have missed this.

What did you miss today? In your life, around you… what did you miss?? It is a wonderful world out there, you just gotta take a few extra moments to see it. Love to all, Mrs Justa…


I heard this joke this morning… hee hee, I am still chuckling.

This man and his wife go out fishing in an  inlet from the ocean. 100_3477 They were having a great time , when his wife stood up and fell out of the boat. The husband totally freaked out, diving for her, but to no avail. He sadly went back to shore and called for help.

The rescue divers came and after unsuccessful attempts for hours, they told him to go home and they would let him know is they find her.

The next morning there was a knock at this mans door, and one of the rescue folks said

“ Sir, I have good new and great news.”

The man said what is the good news…. ???

The rescue worker said “We found your wife, and when we pulled her up , she had 4 lobsters attached to her!”

The man said  “ If that is good news , what is the great news???!!!”

The rescue worker said

“ We will pull her up again tonight and see how many lobsters we get tonight. “

……………….. I thought it was so funny… I don’t know why… it is kinda sick !.

Then I ran across this a month ago… 100_3380

Now I know there are issues with the economy, and I understand that motorcycles do save a lot in mile per gallon, but I never thought about a person purchasing a motorcycle in sizes. I figured everyone looked the same on a motorcycle… that was till we came across this dude.

How comfortable can this be??? The crotch seam on his blue jeans must be really stressed! He was hunched down to reach the handle bars, and he is so tall his knees are almost touching his elbows. Now maybe he is in his 20s and more flexible then folks like me in my 50s, but I can tell ya, if I rode anything in this position, legs spread till the material won’t let you spread any further, back hunched, neck forward… I gotta tell ya, I would not be able to get my feet down at the next stop. I would fall over ! My body would be so cramped.

He is just asking for a bee to sting his thighs, maybe get his knees caught by a passing car or truck… I just thought it was so funny. This man needs a Harley… big road hog…

And for one final thought for the day…. ( I heard the traffic reporter say this to one of the Disc jockies a while back )…. The DJ was going shopping for something to wear at the CMA’s…. the  traffic chick said… “as you are shopping for clothes remember… just because they make it in your size does not mean you should wear it. “    

                           Love to all, Mrs justa.

More garden dilemma , every day it is a garden dilemma. How strange a day it was today. I went out in my garden to take a photo of the newest invasion in my garden and in the dirt was a bright healthy orange tomato. Unscathed by the fungus kindly named “Northeastern Blite” that took most of my tomatoes hostage…., this bright healthy orange tomato was just sitting there, proud as punch to be found in great shape! I picked it up…

Then I went to the villain corner of the garden, where  I now have these weird looking things walking all over my zucchini plants. I have 2 zucchini plant remnants left- the others I chopped up when the squash bore got to them . 100_3676These villains look like pumpkin seeds with legs. Today I was mentioning to my best friend and gardening partner about these roaming pumpkin seeds, and she said something like… “uhh oooh”  … “You have squash bugs. “ I think I heard a sound of a chuckle in her words… like she felt bad for me…kinda like she didn’t like to tell me what it was… but also it is kinda funny that every stinking thing has come to visit my garden.

I immediately began to wonder if somewhere in bug and bore and fungi land there was a bug size lap top with google earth set up and it was stuck on our property for a nice “daycation”  ( The new word for vacation in this tough economic time) 


So these little critters have chosen to  gnaw away at the rest of the zucchini plants, make kinda cool looking ( to them) caves and tunnels to walk thru and help with the final demise of the zucchini plants. I have to dig them up and cut them in little pieces and throw them out, but tonight I just could not do it.

I have other things to do tonight, not chop up infested zucchini plants…  I did want to take some photos though and share my newest garden adventure. Just in case any of you in garden land see those pumpkin seeds with legs… they are not a good thing. I have an insecticide called “Seven” that I will use tomorrow before I chop and dice the plants…

Now off to pay bills, fill out some forms with Mark and sort thru some pictures to send some off to Mark’s mom . She wants pictures of Brandon and Mackenzie. She has been hinting

for newer pictures of Brandon for months. I think the last ones I sent her were from November. …I know… I am bad… but I will get better soon. Love to all, good luck to the gardeners— it is a cruel world out there!. Love Mrs justa…

What is life without a joke or two along the way? brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 121 A time to smirk a smile, a time to sit back and not get stressed out by everything around you. I was told once that a study had been done and it was found that if we were given the opportunities to keep our own troubles and switch with someone else’s, we would probably want to keep our own.

For through all the trials we have, they are our trials.

Mark has a way to do this behind another person or pet, it is just something he does. Even though he is hurting a lot of the time, he somehow steps above it and tries to bring humor into situations. Poor Badger at this time had some abnormal blood levels and Mark was going over each day an letting him out, he was able to lie on the couch and rest his back and leg, but he was a huge help to Jeff and Amanda… and Badger! Even though Mark was hurting, I think he preferred his problem to Badger, Jeff’s and Amanda’s right then.

There are people at work who have challenges galore, they do not want Mark’s and my challenges, and I do not want theirs.

A friend of mine called me a few days back and she was telling me how she has had to relocate back home to care for her sister and daughter, to try to find work locally, and unsure when she can retire. Her life has just done an abrupt stage left. I listened to her, but I do not want her problems. We were able to joke a bit, get a quick laugh in and talk about days gone by, but when we hung up the phone, I was glad I had my life… and I think she was glad she has hers. 100_3553

I worry about things in life, things I can not change or predict where they will go. I think everyone must do that.

Working in the medical payor business, it is always the worse case scenarios we run across in our area. The tough cases, the cases where people have to face adversities, challenges, and somehow get out on the other side. The thought that there is another side has helped me in my past crisis’s to get through them . I think that is what keeps Mark going ,  knowing there is another side to this crappy thing that is going on with him.

So my thought for this evening is to not give up. Believe that what ever you are facing, that things get better. Sometimes it takes years for us to see a lesson learned thru a terrible time, but there is always a lesson, a good side and a bad side to everything. So hold those 2 fingers up behind your troubles and try to make humor out of a not so humorous time.

100_3453I am off to practice my song for Sunday… be safe, be calm, and  if anyone is having a tough time… 


watch for that sun to rise, a new day beginning. Love to all, Cindy

brandon, fami;y, 2008, 2009 102

What a Monday- geepers creepers.

At 4:22 this morning we heard indi get off the bed, rather abruptly. Next thing I knew Mark had the light on and was calling me to come and look at Indi. He was in the middle of a grande mal seizure. We stood by him, petting his near unconscious body and watching as his little body trembled and shook, legs kinda moving, back arched, foam at the mouth and once he came out of it there was a puddle of urine and he starting defecating all over.  Not a way tp wake up from a semi sound sleep. The poor guy did get out of it, and slowly became himself again.

We called the vet at 7:00 and they scheduled us for later today. Well… again around 1 this afternoon, he had another, I was at work, Mark got to handle it himself. It is awful to see your pet like that.

We just got back from the vet a little while ago. He said it sounds just like idiopathic epilepsy and he drew some blood on Indi If the blood work it good tomorrow, then we go and get a prescription for Phenobarbital. He will take a small dose, morning and night for the rest of his life.

The vet said 70% of his clients have seizures. It just happens. HE said there will be no side affects from the medication and hopefully the seizures we witnessed today will not come back again.   There is nothing worse then watching an animal suffer. We have done that 4 times now and we were worried because of 2 seizures in the same day. I was not looking forward to a vet telling us we would have to put him down.

So please light a candle for Indi, say a prayer for him. Hopefully the blood work will look good tomorrow morning and we will a start his meds twice a day. Good night to all, Cindy


Tiny little body, tiny little hands,

premmie clothes too big for her, she weighed less then the egg plant I cooked tonight! Miss Mackenzie came home from her 4 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on Friday. We went out today to meet her out of the incubator world she had known for these past 4 weeks.

I gotta tell ya, you have to remind yourself you are holding her, she is so small. You could hold her all day and not have an arm cramp, heck I bet my winter coat weighs more then she does right now. 100_3633What totally amazed me was the china doll like hands she has, so tiny, but fingers so long, so frail looking , but a really strong grip.

We were glad we got to go. We were worried transportation wise , as my car the 2007 Nissan, decided to not want to start with the push button. It is not that the battery is dead in the car- it is more like some problem with the car acknowledging we were pushing the start button. It is a nice feature not to need a key to start the car…. until the system does not work… Then it is not so great. So once we pushed the button about 10 times and it finally indicated it was running, we drove it to the dealers to get looked at in the morning.

Plan B was to take the 1997 Intrepid. On the way home from the dealer we went on a country road that is not a smoothly paved as a regular highway, and the car started to make a weird knocking sound. Not loud, kinda like a thud. Once we got onto better paved roads it did get quiet again, so we ventured off 1 1/2 hrs away to meet our grand daughter..Mackenzie.. in her home. We visited Adrianne and Mackenzie for a few hrs then headed back North east to home. I am kinda tired tonight. After Brandon’s big birthday party yesterday and traveling today, plus doing the regular weekend stuff around here, and I need to get to work tomorrow… it is like the weekend left before it started. All was fun.. but I am whipped now.

We only saw Mackenzie sleep, and then one time she……………………….100_3652






you precious one.

How can ya not believe in Miracles, in gifts from God…

This is what life is about………………….

Good night to all,  Love Mrs Justa…   




Can you see any similarity???? Oh my goodness, almost the same pose. The only difference is the one on the left is Brandon- on his first birthday this past Weds night, and the one on the right is  Jeff , he was 1 year and 6 mos old in that photo, it was taken in November 1983.

Brandon was not a happy camper in that photo, he was riding that giraffe is now resting on his leg and he listed a little to far to the left and toppled over. He sucked back the tears, but he was not glad to have been bucked off his giraffe.

image Jeff on the other hand was playing  with his dad  on the teakwood floor, he loved spinning on the slippery floor. He would laugh and giggle .  His dad would toss him in the air a little or spin him on the floor, both brought such laughter.

I look at Brandon and I wonder as he grows up if he will continue to resemble his dad. When I see him sitting next to his cousin Emily, I can see similarities in them too.

It was so much fun being Jeff’s mom. His laugh was contagious, to listen to it on the tape I have of it, I can not help myself but still laugh at him laughing. He never was the stereotypical “terrible 2” and he never went thru the dreaded 3 year old spells. He always had a smile for me, a hug goodnight, ( he loves hugs) he loved his back tickled, he always had a zillion ""I love you’s" , he loved being read to, and rocking in the chair, he loved his crib, and his cookie monster stuffed animal, and he was never a smart aleck.

I consider myself blessed in many ways, but the most blessed I have felt  in my life , the very most – top of the list- was being Jeff’s mom. It is not the only blessing by far, no not at all, I have a husband who loves me, some real great family, I have 2 grandchildren, I just got off the phone with a true friend of mine from long ago, I have many many blessings from God, and I thank God for every one of them .

Brandon has been a true blessing to me, a void filled, and now we hear Mackenzie has been discharged to home, so we will go and see her at her home this Saturday.. Yes how can one doubt God When you find a love of your life? When you have a child ? When you see your  grandchildren?

I hope as others read this that they take a moment to reflect, and stop and say a prayer of thanks for what they have been blessed with.

I hope you too feel blessed . My love to all, Cindy… Mrs Justa…

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