Okay I promised a new photo of the Little guy… here he is. I chose this photo because that joy in his face, his see what I can do.. his “I won this battle and can sit here”  well it is kinda like the joy I have knowing that I work with an incredible group of people.

It once again was brought to the surface today when I had asked folks to come in and help us with a huge overload of work we had received in the past few weeks. On a Saturday, with the phones not ringing and no one e mailing us questions, and no crisis’ to take care of, we can get a lot done.

I do appreciate everyone who came in. Every single nurse, trained in the area we needed to focus on came in today. And the 2 who are not yet trained in that area of work, they offered to come in and help if there was something they could do. My director and the appeals nurse even came in today to help.

Plus we had our medical records specialists come in to help and 3 administrative support people. We worked with a pretty positive spirit, and did the best we can. It was just a wonderful reminder of how I truly believe that every one of these people do not just come to work for a paycheck, they also understand the trust these patients, doctors and facilities put in each of us to handle their cases, as quickly and efficiently as possible. So Mr Brandon here.. well he has the look in his eyes and smile on his face that I felt in my heart today. 1/3 of us were there by 6Am , I offered folks to start at 6,7 or 8 and we would try to do up to 6 hrs. Whatever they could work would be greatly appreciated. It was not because they could get overtime for the nurses, we are all salary, but ya know what, not one person said they would not come in because there was not financial gain for them. Some were able to work 6 hrs, some 4. We got 1/2 of the inventory done. We are current.. we do  have a lot of cases. I am just tickled pink, just so proud of where I work and who shares the days with me, and tonight… well tonight I am just feeling almost euphoric over such a great day.. great employer, great people. Peace to all, and thanks to everyone who help others they work with so they too feel this same type of commitment and loyalty. Until later.. Mrs. Justa alias Cindy