weekend with the grandsons July 27-29 2012 001

Today is a “feel good” type  of weekend. The kind that is good to stop, sit, absorb life…. The sun is out, a few clouds roaming past, a slight breeze, lush green grass, laundry going, got to get some stuff done at work, visited Jeff Amanda and the boys last evening and stayed at Jeff and Amanda’s till almost 11!!! We must have felt like the house visitors that would NEVER leave. We were in conversation and all of the sudden it was 10:45!. We went to Wal Mart got a few groceries at 11:15…( HA we were the oldest shoppers in the store !!)  and got up early to have breakfast with our friends.

Tomorrow is looking like another beautiful day and I plan to get the flower area around our sign all ready for Spring time.

We have come to learn the HARD way that things on line, in commercials are not normally as they seem. Last years it was the “eggies” OHH we thought this was the cats meow… yeah… ya crack each egg and empty it into an eggie before cooking for “Perfect hard boiled eggs without the hassle of peeling shells”



WELLL we no longer have our eggies… because when you go to cook the eggs, well they leak out of the ol eggie and into the water… what a MESS!!!                                                                                                                          THIS YEAR IT IS THE FLEXIBLE HOSE>>>>    

Yeah..this is the one.. Buy one get one free. You have to get the free one the same size as the purchased one, so we did the 2 75 foot ones. We got it hooked up, two together, got the sprayer on the end…and as you put the water on the hose stretches… if you want it to shrink up, you have to take the hose prayer off in the end. Now doing this is rather a wet task, as you need to keep the pressure in the stretched out hose as you unscrew the nozzle. Needless to say—DO NOT DO THIS is heavy clothes… probably butt naked would be better ( but your neighbors would probably complain!) So after it was unscrewed—the threaded plastic fitting on the end of the hose came off… this meant the flexible stretched our rubber inside the green material shrank to size.. but the material was a full 75 feet. Oh we tried different things , but it would not reattach. SO I called the company… This guy answered the phone in a VERY noisy call center… sounded like it was in the public transportation center in India at rush hour. He kept asking me what we did,  what we tried to do to try to reattach it, he asked OVER AND OVER>>> “ are you sure you tried to fix it/” Finally I asked for his supervisor or manager… SOMEONE who would get past that question and move to the next. In the end… he never gave me his supervisor, he sent us a mailing label for a box and told us to return it..and then they would send us a replacement. DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!

So we have packaged up the defective hose and off it will go to Ct. mailing address.. probably than shipped over seas… and who knows if we will every get it !.

I am about to go dust, try to beat Mark in words with friends, and do some more work but from home.

A nice weekend thus far. Enjoy the sunshine, enjoy life..IT IS THE ONLY LIFE WE HAVE!!Love to all, mrs Justa alias Cindy….

Okay..the farmers market is sounding better than the “we can sustain life” theory. Dang it all…how do farmers do it?

The news has been full of stories of the drought, the HIGH temperatures… yesterday in Syracuse NY we hit 101 degrees…now I know folks closer to the equator are probably thinking that is NO BIG DEAL…but for us northerners—it IS a big deal. This has been an incredibly warm year—2012 has hit some highs..a lot of them.. I drive into work past many farmer fields and there are spraying irrigation devices trying to preserve their crops.

We have been babying our crops.. ( HA the garden is maybe 15 x 25 feet) and in it –I went conservative… 6 corn stalks., 4 squash plants, lettuce, radishes and tomatoes plus a couple of wanna be  egg plant and peppers..and a couple of sunflowers…)) –we have been watering them. I have been weeding them…than tonight I noticed the zucchini plants were looking a little sad… the squash bores have come back to haunt me AGAIN!!!

SOOOO now we have 2 plants and not 4…

GRRRR… I am really annoyed !

Our daughter in law was posting about the farmers market..and I wonder how the heck do the farmers get past the squash bores—we just lost 1/2 our crop—can you imagine if a farmer lost half their crops. It would make my 2 plants out of 4 look like nothing.  So I have to find optimism… we have had 8-10 zucchinis before the invasion…and we have a nice sunflower, lots of wanna be tomatoes…and I just got another yellow squash … We have had radishes and Italian lettuce… and it looks like we might get corn on the cob in another few weeks…. so..was it a success…. in a way… Is it worth it if the bores and blithe are going to invade the garden… NO!!!!

We will have to see how the rest of the season goes… right now… I am on the discourage teeter totter.

This pooped lady is gonna roll up the carpets.. and go to bed.. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

This evening, at the squirrel return home hour..Mark was out in back. He caught a glimpse of the little bugger…he was unable to enter via his normal pathway, (YES!!)  so Mark watched him as he scooted around the side to the front of the house. He came up to the front door… Like he was going to knock to come in….than he scooted down and back to the tree line.. This is a good sign..but I do not trust the little pain in the butt…

I still am going to go around  and spray great stuff in the crevices too small for flashing… but maybe we have finally discouraged the little guys from thinking we live here to provide them shelter.

100_4393Today was an absolutely beautiful day. Temp was perfect, slight breeze so no bugs, a great day to play in the dirt..which I did for 6 hours…

The garden needed to get ready for planting and even though we had it just dirt when winter was about to hit.. it had seeded itself with grass and dandelions I sat on the ground with my handy dandy hand tools and  pulled out each and every one of those growing things… 2 1/2 BIG wheel barrels full of pulled sod, weeds and dandelions. And I gotta tell you I am feeling it tonight. One nice thing about being old…. I was not being told not to get dirty by my mom. I was rolling, scooting, kneeling and sitting in tons of dirt. I was so dirty that my skin was brown thru the sweat pants I had on…

Mark helped turn the soil over with 100_4406the shovel..and we had a chair out there so when his knee, back or dizziness hit he could stop and rest for a bit…  now maybe next week I will plant seeds…

This weekend I was on my knees A LOT..and stretching, pulling, –yeah lots of exercise without hitting the gym. I want to go to the gym to relax!. I need to make more realistic goals for a weekend.. Dang I did not get 3 things done on the list… but I did not waste any time this weekend.. So now… the list rolls into this week and maybe part of next weekend. Uggg… I am pooped…. So I am going to tidy up a few things and uncertain who will beat who to bed… Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

100_6152Okay folks.. this is great… We never had to move to be SNOW BIRDS!!


Nope—today was the 5th day of record breakers…rumor has it 80 degrees… the geese are in the plowed corn fields, the skeetters are out..those darn little gnatty bugs that like to fly in your nose and eyes are out..our flag is back out…. THIS IS WEIRD!!!  I



We have already gone to Lake Ontario 100_6066and had our Tim Horton’s coffee and watched the sunset… t is unbelievable.Mark just got the rider tuned up for summer and he thinks he is going to have to MOW on March 24th !!

Now I am really sorry for those folks who are digging out snow and stuff..the ol jet stream has just moved a bit..and well we are really getting VERY unusual weather.

Now naturally this would get me to wondering things… Like…

If the geese fly south for the winter time..and instantly they know to head north in April or May… than how do they get word that it got warmer sooner up here? HMMM..Is there like a dunce flock of geese—they have to stay up here and watch..and than when it gets warm they start to head south to tell the southern geese to come on back north?

Or so they watch a weather station … or do they never really leave????

And what about the garden?? Do I start planting now? Will we have a longer growing season? Like could I get 2 full cycles of gardening –because I normally do not plant till Memorial Day If I start now..heck we could have zucchini before the end of May..than start over again…


And what about the Maple syrup people… it needs to be below freezing at night and above during the day for the sap to flow… so is it over than??Or if it comes back to normal temps will it start up again?

My snow tires came off the car last week… the mowers are gassed and ready to go… the garden will be weeded this weekend…the bugs are out…. people are wearing short sleeved shirts and shorts….Kinda nice…. The south moved north… we did not have to pay for fuel to go , travel expenses…

BUT what will summer be like??? What will next winter be like??? Now the south can keep the tornados, the bigger bugs, the hurricanes… we will just enjoy the warmth…

I HATE being cold…. Love to all, Mrs Justa ..alias almost sweating Cindy

sept 2011 stuff 006

Way back when I started the garden I thought how neat it would be to grow a couple pumpkins, for the grandkids. And last Sunday the 2 boys were able to come out and pick a pumpkin. It felt good. I was not wantingsept 2011 stuff 010 to grow a huge pumpkin, ones that would win a prize at the fair… nope, I really wanted to grow special pumpkins for the kids, I hoped for perfect shaped ones, not too big.. and somehow it happened.

It was so neat to see the boys choose the ones they wanted.

sept 2011 stuff 013


Their smiles were worth every pulled weed, every bead of sweat, every prayer over the garden as we went though heat spells, every pondering if they would come out okay.

We were  not as lucky with the Cantaloupe…the vines deteriorated and the cantaloupes just stopped growing, so next year is another time to try.

The only thing left growing in the garden now are green peppers and a few more tomatoes.


We actually had some sautéed green peppers with our dinner tonight and there are about 8 more growing.


sept 2011 stuff 012

I think this year was a better year in general for the non green thumb that I have.

We have some stuff in the freezer, and I am wondering if during the colder months if it is possible to still garden? How well does a green house work? I would think everything would freeze really quickly the first time it is overcast for a day. So I personally do not want to feel defeated in the season I am not crazy about.

I guess if we ever  had enough $$ to put up a 4 season room of glass… and a hot tub… ( YEAH RIGHT !!!>>>) but if that ever happened..( it would be cuz we won the lottery) … than maybe I would try to grow stuff year round… But I know my 38.00 wobbly indoor green house was not weather worthy..

Yep, perfect pumpkins, made perfect smiles, for a couple of precious kids.

If we get out to Rochester soon,we  will probably still be able to bring a pumpkin for Mackenzie and Caleb too. I hope the pumpkins stay strong !.

Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

20010110Today is a special day for me. Jeff, Amanda and the 2 boys are coming over in a little bit for dinner. Life has been really kinda crazy lately and we have not spent as much time with them , so this is really special for me.

Mark has been having some pretty intense health issues and mental health issues, so it has been a tough couple months . I can not believe how we, as a people, tend to take our bodies for granted. Not everyone,,, but many of us…and when something gets out of the can really be unsettling.

Last week we were camping on the weekend and could not come home Sunday because Mark got hit with a spell of vertigo that literally made it impossible for him to walk, sit or stand for 8 hrs. He ha continued with the dizziness, but not as mad as last weekend!He is just today feeling ok enough to drive.  We never left camp till Monday mid morning, and I was unsure if we would or not, so I extended our reservation thru Thurs.

Today I was blessed with an awesome church service, I just love going there…. Pastor Carl is truly a spiritual man and so compassionate…church brings me to a place where other people come to hear the same thing I come there for. The people there are so nice, so real…there is not competition or jealousy…people who seem to really care about one another.

Than the weather cleared up nicely so the garden is almost ready for winter, I was able to go into the camper and wash the counters and floor and make the bed with fresh clean sheets, and we are ready to venture out on the next nice weekend.

Lasagna is baking, Mark is napping, the dog is watching him, laundry is just finishing up, just got out of a really hot shower… and soon the house will be filled with grandchildren and adult children. We have a new grandson Caleb… we hope to go meet him this week.sept 2011 stuff 004 Gotta see how we can coordinate that with Adrianne and whatever we have on the calendar for this week.

The fall colors are coming out, I really want to get some on film… and share them with you. Here is an incredible sunset from last week… it was truly dramatic… So in this often stressful, sometimes unbelievable life… I wanted to drop by and wish a great week for all. Love, Mrs Justa alias Cindy

Okay… so I was making a pot of coffee this morning for the floor- and in the time it took to brew a pot I watched on a TV screen the DOW drop from 250 to 315.

Now I am not much of a financial wonder- but I do know I have tried to put $$ in a 401 K,  it made me feel way too insecure.

So when I got home tonight…. I helped with the push mowing, Mark was using the rider, and as I mowed by the garden, I saw more goodies to pick.Smile The garden is growing !!!.Wall street can not effect that !

Yep…. the financial woes were not seen here….003

I do not understand why with over 30 blossoms on the cantaloupe vines- why we only have one melon… but I am thrilled with the one.

So as I picked these veggies, I began to think about all the what ifs…. what if the bottom falls out of  the financial world…maybe we need to get green houses, so we can grow veggies all year round. I  wonder if that is possible to grow veggies year round in this climate?

Cuz these won’t last for a year !

blossom_end_rotGardening is fun sometimes, a pain other times. Especially when you bust your butt and than the tomatoes get dry rot… 1/3 of the tomatoes had that…

I was worried all of them would be like that… grrrr… but finally they are coming out normal and not like this one in the picture.

Or watching the cantaloupe vines grow, yellow flowers blossoming… and nothing… one cantaloupe…

But it is fun when things go well… zucchini , summer squash, I think we are getting more peppers, lettuce, I think we are going to have egg plant too…

that is the fun time. We have to think positive… have to try to figure a way to make it, even when things seem kinda gloomy.

The investors say this is the time to buy… so I will keep contributing to the 401 K and hope it does not make a total fool out of me… who knows what the answers are… I do not !! Love to all… Enjoy the gifts of nature…. Peace to all… Love Mrs. Justa alias Cindy

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