November 2008

Mr Brandon is getting bigger every day. We were blessed with the opportunity to spend a few hours with him yesterday as the kids were at their new home painting and working on the kitchen.

Brandon is now not as needy at being held, he at times wants to be on his own, so we put him  in his bouncy chair and he went to town! Cooing at the toys hanging in front of him, wiggling all over and batting at the toys.100_2017_edited

It brought me back to yester-year, it seems so close yet was 25 yrs ago now!

Jeff had a bouncy chair, not as stylish as they are now, and a playpen. I suspending small stuffed toys on the top of the play pen, and the chair fit below. If he reached he could just swat the bottom of the toys. They were brightly colored stuffed animals, and for hours he would jiggle and coo and bang his toys around. 

And here now is Brandon doing the same thing.

There were times when he just wanted to be held,

and he would sit in grand- pas lap and stare up at him. 100_2006_edited

As if to say he knew he was safe in his arms.

It is fascinating to watch the stages of development as the infant turns into a baby to a toddler.

The innocence of youth, the love of a child, the wonder of life.

I am in a state of awe as I think of the miracles God brings to us, and so often I am reminded  that I need to be thankful for all I have, and not feel anything but blessed.

Sure others have more, have better, are better, but I can not think of the others in life, I need to always focus on me, my family , my friends and treasure each second I am given on this earth. For it comes once, never to return. May you each find blessings in your life, they are there. Love always, Mrs Justa


Thanksgiving has come and gone, and not without the unsaid tradition of forgetting to put out the imagecranberry save with everything else. This happens every year. Ya think  after 55 years of this happening I would get it to the table once before people sit down. But once again, I followed in my moms footsteps that are probably generations of leaving the cranberry sauce off the table.

Traditions, most are planned, we are aware of and we like them, this tradition is not liked, but expected to happen.

it is not really a talking point through the year, but as all are sitting at the table, no one wants to mention to the hostess/host about the cranberry sauce, what if they forgot to get it one year.

So, as traditions go, the table is surrounding by friends and family , we have said the prayer and we have all had a little bit to eat and I say, oops the cranberry sauce is in the fridge. Out come smiles from those who really do not like cranberry sauce, because it is kinda funny, but smiles from those who noticed it missing but were leery to say anything.

Ya got me again , you Ocean Spray sneaky one, but next year,,,, we may just out smart you. Enjoy the weekend all, Love Mrs Justa

Life has a way to make us feel like we have control of a situation, and then sometimes it is  like we are just barely hanging on. I chose this photo because I think it is an example of both all at once. The ice form in the middle looks almost like a shark, 100_0892 - Copy - Copy - Copy formed for attack, having it all together. Yet this shark is hanging on by a thread, doomed if the climate allows it to be doomed, a little warmer temperature and this fish is history.

The ball on the top of this twig, well that ball has control of it all. Nestled in a 3 prong grasp, on top of its world. Not as controlled by the temperature, I think the ball would slowly turn into water, but the shark, oh he is up for a big crash.

Life is like that. Some of us are in the situation of the shark. Unemployment is raising, I heard on the news today that in NYS there can be over 200,000 New Yorkers unemployed, and a large percentage from upstate New York. We are the sharks.

The ball, well that sounds like people like the president, or the senators or congressman, they seem to be secure in their jobs. And how can we plan for the distresses of the world today. The financial woes are like the change in temperature for these forms of ice. What can we do?

We need to build our shelters, to learn to enjoy the free things in life, to appreciate and not complain about the places we are employed, for there are many others who would gladly take your job away from you.

Frequent the discount stores, the used clothing stores, make gifts, do cards on your own. Spend, but spend carefully.

We need to refurbish buildings instead of abandoning them or knocking them down to build a new one. Consolidate your trips, eat in and not out so much, watch an old movie from your collection or on TV. Lets focus on what we need and not what we want.  plan for that climate change, like the ball. The shark has stuck his neck out, has not covered up his wants, and will suffer for it. Be careful, be wise, and know I care. Love , Mrs Justa.

Please keep Badger in your thoughts and prayers. 100_1195 Badger is our son’s families dog, he is a gentle giant. He is 2 1/2 years old and loves to cuddle. He has something funky going on with his left eye, it looks like blood in it. The vet saw him tonight and can not diagnose it until the 350.00 worth of blood work comes back.

The vet said it could indicate a variety of diagnoses, so lets wait for the blood results.

So a candle is being lit for Badger tonight.

I feel bad for the kids, they try so hard to do the right things , to get ahead, and when life comes down and socks them in the gut, I hurt too.

I hope that Badger pulls through, maybe only needs a steroid eye drop or something that simple. He is not blind in the eye, just it is not right. So think of him , will you please. Say a prayer, light a candle, and let’s see how things turn out for the kids and the dog. Love, Badgers Grandma— Mrs Justa

All these memories are in my mind, and something will trigger them. Here is one memory. Coming in from playing in the snow and having the smell of fresh baked toll house cookies filling the air , she would give us one with a mug of home made cocoa.

My mom made toll house cookies constantly. 100_1969_edited 100_1986 She would quadruple the recipe so there were not too many chips in her cookies.Plus she would add things to them. Weird stuff, like maybe raisins , cheerios, rice krispies. What ever she felt she needed to.

She was a baker, and loved to make things for people. At Christmas time she would bake a lot of German Fruit Cakes, and then she would wrap them in saran wrap, put a ribbon around them and a gift card and send us out to deliver them in the suburban housing area we lived in.

Me, I never was too fond of the fruit cake, and I do not know if the receivers were either, I would smile as we knocked on their door and hand them the fruitcake , our nose and fingers tingling from the bite of winter on us, then we would return to a freshly made cookie or two.

Mom was a very giving woman. She did not ever complain. She was a doer. No matter what misfortunes came in her pathway, she overcame them . I wish I was more like her. My comfort is that even though she has been gone for years now, she is still here. I feel her around me at times, I feel her comfort.

My toll house cookies, well it is just me and Mark here, so we make them seldom, but when we do, there are more chocolate chips in a cookie, as I have no need to quadruple a recipe. 🙂 warm thoughts to all, Love, CIndy

It is scary out in the employment world,

with every night hearing news on lay offs and companies going down. image Work is out there, but we have to accept what is available and not shun away an offer.

Today we had an opening

for a temporary position for our clerical support team. Normally we hear in about 2-3 days that the agency has a fit. Today we heard in less then 4 hrs. That spoke volumes to me.

As I have said before I do love my job,

and I am thankful that I have a job first of all, and secondly that I like the one I have. I did leave a tad early today because of a migraine and this funky thing going on with my right eye is not helping settle the headache. I did get to work this morning pretty early, and when I came home I was able to go back on line and do some work from here, so all was not lost for the day.

My thought for the day has to do with people looking for work.

The interview process is not a comfortable situation for me. I try not to show that I feel like I am begging for a job. In my past 38 years of working, I have gone on interviews and been the interviewer a number of times. So today my thoughts are some tips for when anyone goes on an interview .

First, listen to the interviewer,

and answer questions openly after the interviewer has stopped asking/talking. I have had some people, over the years , come in for an interview and talk over everything that is being said. That tells me 2 things, first they do not hear everything if they have already thought of something to say. And second, if they do this in an interview, how will it be to try to train a person.

Second, arrive a little early for your interview.

There may be an application you need to fill out. I had a person once reprimand me because they had to fill out an application. Oh yeah, I would advise not saying you want to come and work for the company because you want a job where you can kick back your feet and relax , that too is not a selling point.

Attire, no low cut tops,

cleavage needs to be covered.  I have in the past a few woman who have come in who I thought might have their breast end up on the table. Totally not acceptable in my book. My thought was if this is how the person is going to dress for an interview, what will it be like once they are comfortable. I could not help but wonder if they did this thinking a male might be conducting the interview. Conservative and casual business wear is best.

Ask questions,

do not just sit and nod and then leave. Make eye contact with the interviewer, the interviewer is taking time out of their day to meet with you. When you talk, talk to the interviewer and not to some spot on the wall, and if there is a window, do not be looking out it as the interviewer/s are talking to you.If the company has a web site, go on it in advance and learn something about them. That shows you have interest in your future and in the company you are applying at. And after, send a thank you to the company for taking the time to meet with you, ( if of course you are thankful for the interview). Good luck, Love, Mrs Justa.( image courtesy of google image)

This image is from google image, it is a trade mark of the show that echoes through many peoples houses now every night!. It is interesting the characters that end up on the show first of all. There was one person who kept head butting Howie Mandel after a case was opened.


The show is kinda fun to listen to or watch. It is usually playing while I am in the office checking e mails and reading some of my favorite blogs ( like Precious’s). 

This show has people come on, and there are a slew of briefcases that have a card in each that represents an amount of money. The person playing also has a briefcase they have chosen, and they are trying to bet theirs has the higher amount of money in all the briefcases. It is a game of chance, and it is interesting to see , as the game goes on, how the player will focus. As they choose cases there is a “banker” who keeps calling after a set number of cases have been opened to see if the player will sell their unopened case for an amount of money.

The banker entices  the player with various amounts of money to save the show from a larger pay-off, should it be in the case the player is holding onto until the end. It is a game of chance, and when it is all over, the player could win 500,000 dollars of end up with 1.00. Mark and I think how we would act. It might be fun to try.

There was one show where the player had a great attitude, he came with nothing and was going to play till the end to see if he had that magic case with the highest amount. I think the guy won a dollar.

Life is like this really, deal or no deal. What steps we take are gambles, the people we love, the places we go. The scratch off lottery tickets, the drive on the highway, it is one big deal or no deal.Who is going to be the ones we pay this week? What can be done to cut our expenses.Everything is a case to open, or to give up.   I am going to go check the lasagna and see if the recipe is a keeper, or a not so good one. Deal or no deal…. Have a good night, Love, Cindy


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