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Riley has a middle name of Regan..kind of has a ring to it, doesn’t it?  We saw a license plate with Regan on it..and poof—she now has a middle name.

This is day 3 of Riley and us—and well it is going okay. The first day she was super logy—but she had just had major surgery less than 24 hrs prior. Her stools were like a garden hose was spraying out of her butt..but as the days have passed..that problem has disappeared. Even when she had explosive diarrhea she did not have any accidents in the house.

She has this kinda cute whimper that she occasionally does if she feels she was left behind. It was funny this morning. We had a guy coming over at 9 to seal the driveway. Mark had gone out to talk to the guy, and Riley thought she was alone. She did this whisper whimper.. kinda like she was singing the blues..I came out of the bedroom and said” Riley..what is wrong?” Immediately she stopped and came over. I think she was embarrassed Smile

She has not given us a definite signal when she wants to go out.. one time she came to the recliner Mark was in and stared at him. I was in the kitchen doing stuff and she came in and shook her head so her license and ID tag jingled. Once she came into the kitchen and did a couple whimpers.

She is funny—If I take her for a walk—she needs to sleep for a few hrs.… if she gets up and walks around—she has to sleep for a few hrs. She reminds me of when I had surgery—for weeks I would get up and do something and need to sleep for 3 hrs.. that went on for weeks….

The crate…Riley andRiley comes home 6-29-2012 032 crate do not belong in the same county—she slept in it..but not until she whimpered and did a beagle howl… we are wondering if she spent a lot of time in a crate in her past life? The second night she whimpered and got sick… so the crate is on the not so good idea list right now.

She does not seem to be a darter when the front door is opened… Mark and I are really careful that she does not get out. I want to understand her past… but maybe I don’t. It is kinda sad—when you call her she puts her head down ( like EEORE from Winnie the POOH) and she does a belly crawl-as if to show she is afraid to come close.  Than when she gets to you, her shoulders are hunched..her head low… and she pushes against your leg… we are working to tell her she is a good girl. I wonder if they yelled at her a lot? We are looking forward to her meeting the family…and I am very thankful we ended up with her at home and not camping this weekend—we all needed time to relate… I am going to be off line for a few days… but hang in there.. I will be back on Sunday!!!. Love to all…. (and be patient…there will be more new “baby” pictures for a bit )mrs Justa alias Cindy


Shhhhh the house is quiet… A baseball game quietly spoken  on the radio in the background, as I sit and type this.

4-6-2012 Brandon and Preston spent the night 004We offered to take the boys for the night, so Amanda and Jeff could have a Friday evening for themselves. They dropped them off around5:45 this evening. So we got to do dinner and bath time, and as the boys ( Grandpa included) were hanging out in the living room, I asked Mark if he was okay if I went and practiced for 6 minutes… so I went into the bedroom the boys sleep in to practice a couple songs – both are options for my Sunday solo. I am debating back and forth between the 2….

I had no idea how the boys would react to me singing—for all I knew they would not notice—than….All of the sudden I have 2 little 4-6-2012 Brandon and Preston spent the night 028boys in the room, looking up at me, and walking so softly to the bed. I looked over and they were sitting on the bed, eyes kind of glazed , small smiles on their faces, listening. When I finished the first song, I did not know what they would do. Almost together they asked me to do another. So I did the second choice. They had started to talk to me, so Mark had asked them if they wanted to come out of the room, Preston walked out..but only to come right back in.. he wanted to be there… I thought it was cool.  
I got ready to put it all away and Brandon and Preston said ‘nother gamma”.. so I sang a few  more… during the third song it was was so neat.. I had sat on the bed, Preston cuddled up to me as I sang the song, Brandon shut the light off in the room—the only light was from the TV screen with the Karaoke words highlighting…. he put a small fleece blanket around his shoulders and started dancing …twirling and tip toeing….This continued for the next couple.  It was one of those special moments… one that may not ever go out of my memory… totally special.

I am still debating over which song, as Brandon was lying down in bed he said maybe we could call my daddy and mommy and they could bring over my “speaker” for tomorrow…see he has a kids microphone. He told me he has to share it with his brother, but it works and he could sing with me. I told him maybe next time he comes out we could try to sing a song together.

I am going to have to get a kids karaoke CD and let him and his brother sing songs too… Yep.. today was a special evening…. Love to all.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy

work, halloween, oct 2011 016work, halloween, oct 2011 029

Here was our Halloween surprise. We were visited by a skunk and a police officer. The skunk… well he was not thrilled with being in a costume..he was too funny..his looks like “Really mom??”  and Brandon- well he was pretty darned proud of being a police man. How cute they were! ( It was funny… Brandon told me his brother was smelly and he was a woowoo ( the sound a siren makes on a police car.. LMAO)

Last year they were both animals…


how much fun Halloween is for kids !.

I hope they had a good night last night, they were going to go meet up with their Uncle Justin and cousin Emily and go out trick or treating. It was a pretty nice night, I am sure they were pooped when they got done.

It is so weird how we get no trick or treaters. I guess we do live far enough out , where people who come here have to have a really good reason. Let’s see we had a whomping 3 kids come to the door… and 2 of them were our grandkids.

Needless to say, the folks at work enjoyed the candy we had left today. Today was an interesting day…it went pretty fast , had some meetings, had to catch up on e mails from yesterday, and am working on some policy and process updates. It was a little difficult to get thru the day at times..see I got 2 teeth yanked out yesterday,..no yanked is not the appropriate word… THEY WERE DUG OUT !!!  so I am kinda feeling like I was slugged in the face. It is pretty sore right now, so I am going to go and get ready for bed, put some ice on it and call it a night. Tomorrow ( according to the info from the dentist) it will hurt more than today! Yikes…

I hope this finds you well, I hope this finds you with at least one nice memory of Halloween.. me.. I just think the kids are cute… that is my good memory. Love to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa…


The farmers are cutting down their fields, the hummingbirds have left town, the squirrels ( GRRRGRR) are gathering food for the cold winter months, the garden is almost all weeded and ready for Spring and on my way home tonight is the familiar sign at the baseball field… the one I watched through blowing snow and ice storms…it read today 192 days left to opening day 2012.

That sign gave me encouragement as the grips of winter held tight on this area. So in 192 days we will have made it past Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Ground Hogs Day and be seeing snow disappearing. Somehow in a warped sort of way, I feel like part of the journey through the snow is gone. 100_6680

The skies are beginning to have the lower clouds as cold fronts tease us with their presence.

We took out the air conditioners this past weekend, and Thursday the summer statues and blinking solar lights will be safely tucked away , for 192 days. Windchimes come into cover, the grill back to the shed, and in 2 weeks the camper will be winterized and the snow tires will be put on the car.

100_2158Even though the snow is pretty, and when it gets here, it becomes a part of life… the anticipation of it gives me nervous stomach. Than once it is here… it is just another day in CNY.

This winter we are equipped with a 4 wheel drive vehicle—something we have talked about often, but never had.. supposedly if you drive them carefully , they can bring you comfort on lousy days. ..So off I go tonight,,,, feeling a displaced comfort by the baseball sign… tired from a weekend with not enough sleep… I am off for the night.. rest… Yankees, freeze pop and bed time. Peace to all, and thanks for stopping by. Mrs Justa  alias Cindy

This week has been tough. Yes trying. I was thinking of an analogy of playing ping pong with 2 people at once. Picture that, two paddles in your hands and watching 2 ping pong balls at once. I wonder how long I could actually do that. (this is from google images..)


In the environment I work in, the days fly by. I am not kidding you, I look at the clock and it is 3PM. This week I have been at work between 6:30-7 each morning, and not hopping back in my car till 6:- 7:20 PM. I do not feel like I just was there 12 hrs, but on the way home I begin to feel my brain start to unwind. All the information, all the different things happening, I am not quite sure how I juggle it all,… oh I find myself making some silly blurps.. like getting up on a mission- and having 2 people stop me to ask me questions, then not knowing where I was going. Gone- Zip… I need to be like this dude and have post- its on the brain. (this is from google images..)

Life is ever changing, and right now we have new business coming on which means changes, we have existing clients with amendments being added more changes… there are changes every day, ways to improve processes, or needs to change the way certain things are handled.

100_4380 As you know some people take change with a challenge. Me I find it a challenge to present it in such a way that it is not threatening or overwhelming. And I like doing it. I think I find a kinda of peace in solving potential situations before they happen. Knowing there is no set pattern, no guarantee.

Yes life is full of changes- and tonight- even though he told me I could not take a photograph of the surprise… Markie made dinner. Wow , how different to walk in the door with dinner on the table, the aroma of the food and the seasoning he experimented with, a fresh cold glass of milk… changes. That was special.. that was nice… and he did tell me it was like Halley’s comet… hee hee… I am a patient woman… I can wait for my next surprise meal after Halley comes to pay a visit to the celestial skies. But it was nice tonight. A healthy sized portioned hamburger, 1/2 a baked potato, 3 bean  salad and even a few perogies. He "done good" as he will say. Thanks Markie… it has been a tough week, and you just made it a little better.

I am not long for this evening… need to get some rest to go at it again tomorrow. ( Not complaining… just stating that this week has challenged the brain) Got my flu shot today at work… YES>>> we were worried cuz the supply is getting low. Plan to take a hot shower, my book for a bit with the YANKEES game on.. and get up early again tomorrow ….yep life is good. Love to all , Mrs justa!

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People have asked me what it feels like to be Bi-polar. It’s a lot of things. Most of all for me anyway, is it’s like a roller coaster ride at the amusement park. That rush down the hill into a hairpin curve. Your heart is in your throat. Just when you get your self under control as you climb up the hill on the next curve. Woooshhhh. Back down at breakneck speed. Sometimes the ride down the hill last too long. Or so it seems to me and those around me also. I don’t know when to get off the ride so to speak. My perception of how long I’ve been on the downhill is distorted. My speech becomes elevated and I talk fast and long. I’m sure some people that have run into me lately are saying amen to that.

I hope anyone facing this disorder isn’t trying to do it alone. It’s really hard. In fact I don’t really think you can do it alone. Bi-Polar disorder drags you around it takes on a life of it’s own. At least for me anyway. I don’t know if I’m explaining it clear enough. If any of you out there feel something different let us know.I by nature am a rather talkative lad without any help.Toss in the Manic stage and watch out. Fortunately I don’t think I’m talking to myself. Watch out though it’s early yet.



I went to my Physical Capacity test yesterday. It was easier than I expected. I thought I would be sweating when I was done. But it wasn’t that kind of test. I truly discovered what limitations I have. It’s kind of frustrating but whinnying about it isn’t going to change anything. The tester was very friendly and very professional. (Even after I told him I was the one that wrote the letter):)

Buying gas is still a shell game. Cindy and I have come to the realization that BJ’s is the best place for us to buy it. It was $3.21.9 a gallon on Saturday when we went. Those stations in Elbridge were playing their pricing games again, they were the lowest prices in the Greater Syracuse area. So if you live in Elbridge, Ny check them out on the sale days.I think Sam’s club is on par with BJ’s on price. If anyone knows any different let me know and I’ll post it here so we all can know.

Mannnnn. Wait all Winter and Spring for opening day, and it is rained out. That’s right it is the end of the World! the Yankee game was rained out. What’s so funny is that the game started at 1:00 pm. I was so busy doing other things that I had forgotten about it anyway. So I just figured I would catch the highlights on the 11:00 oclock news. So I’m sitting in the recliner 10 minutes into the News and the sports comes on. The first report was on the Mets. They won. The next thing I remember I was waking up and the sports reporter was just finishing up talking about the Yankee game. That’s right between the Met’s report and the Yankee report, What was that all of 10 seconds? I dosed off in the recliner. I popped back awake. I laughed and asked Cindy what the score was. She had to tell me that the game was rained out. I know for some of you this fine day that this warning will be to late, like it is for me, but I have to give it anyway: “Don’t get old”. I tell this to everyone younger than me when I’m talking with them.

Occasionally I’ve said that to a person that has already made it past their 50’s like Momma and Myself. You know what the response to that comment I’ve made is? Yep. “To Late I’ve already made it.” I’m justa saying!