Okay , the day has come and gone..but the memories—clicked in my mind forever.

Yesterday was the 2nd annual Thanksgiving dinner with our kids and our grand kids. It was a great time, the kids all interact well together.. ( well Caleb has no choice—he just goes with the flow right now…but once he has a year under his belt—he will be in the interaction game too.)

I wanted to start a grandma, grandpa and the 4 grandkids annual Thanksgiving photo..It was not quite like those seen from a professional studio- where everyone looks posed, and thrilled to be doing it… but………………11-12-11 thanksgiving with our kids and their kids 01611-12-11 thanksgiving with our kids and their kids 01711-12-11 thanksgiving with our kids and their kids 01811-12-11 thanksgiving with our kids and their kids 01911-12-11 thanksgiving with our kids and their kids 020

But this is LIFE!!! I love them !!!

We will have to see how each year they change as we change. It was really funny. Who need kids in posed positions looking like they love grandmas idea ??

Dinner went well, we did get everything ready at the same time—that is always a plus.. I have had Thanksgiving turkeys that had a mind of their own, and just would not finish until 30 minutes after everything else was done. This turkey …11-12-11 thanksgiving with our kids and their kids 010did have a mind of it’s own,

it would not stay upright and kept rolling over…. like the heat was too much for it to stand. –but regardless..it did cook on time.

I was thinking as the cars engines idles, we watched our kids as they walked away… as the grandchildren were being buckled in their car seats..that regardless of how screwed up at times life can be… THIS IS what life is about. The gift of life, the gift of family, the blessings that God has placed on each of us…..I am thankful for so much….

To Mark and me—it was not the specific day of Thanksgiving that was important… it was finding a day that we could all comfortably meet , a day that became a Thanksgiving for us.

I am going to go now.. and reflect the day, get ready for today..and wish you all the gift of friends, family, life. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy