Okay.I am going to try to get out of the blues and move on. One step at a time, one moment follows another.

Today I went back to work and it was so weird. Every morning I would get up and Indi would push me out so I could get up and get moving. He stayed put till I came out of the shower and made enough noise that Mark was up too. This morning it was quiet, I got up and all I could hear was Marks calming inspiration and expiration as he dosed. So I quietly got a cup of coffee, took a protein bar and packed a smart one, a Yoplait light and  1/2 cup of melon, and I quietly opened the door and left.

The silence is piercing, which seems totally weird. Silence is not heard in many homes, but here…no real traffic noise, no sirens, no trains, no planes, and no dog licenses clinking together.

We are trying to convince ourselves that this is it for dog owning. We are getting older and we may want to do things that would be tough to do with a dog at home. WE believe  right now that this is where we are and will be at..I think we both agree this euthanizing a beloved pet sucks THE BIG ONE!!!..

We have 9 or 10 people coming over in a couple days, so tomorrow after work will be preparing the foods for the next morning of cooking, baking and hoping all comes out okay.

Thanksgiving …there is always things to be thankful for.. we must never forget that…..I can be thankful that Indi will not be seizing during the meal… and I can be thankful for those people in our lives that mean so much to us. Not to sound corny… but people do need people…. so we are lucky to have people….

I am off…I hope you  enjoy the sunrise…it was awesome… Peace and prayers for those with pain, Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy