Wow…., tomorrow is almost here and I am so looking forward to having Marks and my kids, kid in laws and grandkids here.

Today I was off to get ready for tomorrow. I did my weekend chores today… laundry, vacuuming and cleaning… the regular stuff… and I am thinking I am ready for the great cook off- Yup… doing an early Thanksgiving- one we can all share together. We did one last year and I would like this to be a new tradition. We do nto really have Krusen/Slater traditions… so this is one. The way I figure—this is the second year.. so a tradition has been set.

Today was 11-11-11…. and Veterans Day… and weather wise is was kinda ominous. We had gone up to Fulton – snow storm coming in 11-11-2011 012about 4 miles north from here…. and we got in the middle of some snow/sleet kind of storms—that were like Styrofoam little balls.  A few hrs after we got started again just north of here… we were on the line…this photo is the sheets of Styrofoam balls going west to east… it was sunny here… so behind the snow was a snowbow.. snow storm coming in 11-11-2011 011

and the weird thing was that it was so sunny here.

I have a photo showing the difference>>>>>>>>>>>>>snow storm coming in 11-11-2011 010

As we watched this unfold, I was thinking about all the lives that have been affected because of having a veteran in them. The lives that have been lost, we seem to forget them at times, and the families that are affected by having their loved ones over seas

… the familes are like we were— in the sunny part—and the men and women in the armed forces are sometimes like this storm rolling by. We can look only at the sunny part and put them out of our minds… or we can look into the turmoil, the destruction, the frightening times, the lonely times they have gone through –or are going through now… on Veteran’s Day—we should look at the “storm” and thank every one of the Veterans..who because of them… I was safe to stand on my front steps and take these photos….because of them… we can fly the flag with pride…and go to church without fear of being seen… and take a walk without fear of being bombed…

Thank you Veterans… I respect you, I am thankful for you.. and I gotta tell you.. you have more kanonas than I do… I would never make it through boot camp….

kinda hard to learn how to shoot a gun when you are closing your eyes and plugging your ears….

kinda hard to learn to fight-when the sound of loud noises makes you drop to a fetal position….

kinda hard to have a Sergeant screaming in your face from 1 inch away—when you laugh whenever someone is yelling at you … ….

nope boot camp and me… we never would have made it together…

SO thanks to all. Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy…