Whoa, I am feeling kinda of techie for an old lady !

I am sitting here, writing to you with Kenny G playing in the background from a free internet radio site called Pandora. Mark told me about it, I signed up and can choose an artist and it plays the music. Wow.. I am so 2011..LOL ( HA even using  that “LOL” .. I am impressing myself a little. )

I do have a limit to techie-hoodness though. We still have flip phones… and I choose to not bring it with me in a restaurant, it is not on at work,  it waits for me in the car when I go into a store, and it sits in the car for church.

The other techie type thing I did.. was I went Walmart shopping ON LINE!! Can ya believe it… for an ol fart like me..well this was a big event. See my camera is getting kind of tired… I have no idea how many thousands of photos I have taken, but it is in the near 10 thousand line … ( having grand children, children, being blessed in a world God has filled with  marvelous gifts to share for free… mountains, sunsets, sun rises, clouds, oceans, trees, foliage… the list is endless..) –so the buttons seem to be loosing the connectivity when I am trying to review or zoom in on photos… well I found the same camera –like the one I have now but 5 years newer… it was on sale- had a special package deal.. so with lots of hemming and hawing—we decided to order it. If you order for a store pick up- there is not charge for shipping and it comes to the store of your choice. Walmart will text message you or call you are home or e mail you when it comes in. You can follow it’s journey to you… it predicts 1-2 wks –but we ordered it on Monday..and the camera is here. I got a text when I was in Oswego- so I stopped on my way home—and taaa daaa…. done… No standing g in line, no dealing with crowds… no waiting for someone to unlock a cabinet—or tell me there are none in stock…. whew… it was really a nice feature.

Hang on world… this ol lady is becoming pretty cool… ( cool is probably an inappropriate term… I think now it is “bad”) so .. I am becoming pretty BAD>>

I laugh though, as I look at things we have, stuff we use…. I remember a couple years ago I was preparing a main meal and without thinking twice about it I drained the boiled potatoes , got some milk and margarine out and my masher.

One of the kids asked me what it was. I had to snicker… now a days people use big mixers and beaters to make mashed potatoes… we are still mashers from the 50s and 60s.

I had a set of mixing bowls that I just recently donated to good will.. these bowls have traveled with me from marriage one- to divorce one—to marriage 2. They had at least 31 years under their belt..that is A LOT of stuff mixed in them… and I would still have them if I had not just forced myself to upgrade.

These were probably a great new idea when they came to be, but the lids did not tightly lock on them, they spilled really easily..So I am glad to have replaced them. Again…I am modernizing… Kinda scary…

There are things I hate to modernize… like paying a lot for a purse, or jeans.. That is silly to me. I hate the fact that it is hard to get kids gifts that are not battery operated and that do not make noise or play songs. SO this ol foggie… who is kinda techie…is smiling at life… and wishing you all a great night. Love to all, Mrs Justa alais Cindy

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