This is across the street from us. I thought it was so darn funny.Jeff took the photo with my new camera that has a 26X lens..

Black Friday comes around, the fowl has been roasted.. and so the Roosters came out to  jump for joy they made it through a day their relatives get gobbled up on.

I was afraid they had become someone’s dinner, cuz we had not heard them for a while..but they showed they proud heads as they strolled over the trampoline.

I gotta tell ya, I am really glad this is a 4 day weekend.. Man, I am still kind of whipped from the festive Thanksgiving day. Actually the whole week! It was exhausting. I am doing a load of wash now, but when it is done, I am thinking I will hit the bed.

I miss Indi terribly, and know as days go on it will be better. It is just so darn quiet here. When the kids were here, the air was filled with jibberish, and talking, and toys clanking and the Nick Jr channel at times. Today is our first non Indi weekend, and it is just weird. We went out to breakfast with our friends, and there was no need to worry what time we left..the cat would be okay.. SO after breakfast, we did the gym, than got groceries and than came home. No need to shoo him away as we lugged in the bags, nope… just the cat was around. He would bark at the roosters, he would bark if he saw a black bird flying over…both things happened—but silence…no barks.

Off I go to the laundry room, his tennis balls are in my dryer, so I hear them bounce … it is the same sound I would hear when Indi played ball with Mark.It is just strange…I hope you good Saturday… I am off till tomorrow.. Love to all, Cindy ..alias Mrs Justa