Did you ever feel like you are not sure what the right answer is about.ANYTHING!!!

Like—do we live like we are broke every day, save like crazy, and than in the future find our money is worth nothing..and we missed opportunities to go places, see the world, have HBO on the cable, have an IPOD, I phone and “I” anything else?

Do we pay off our mortgage as fast as possible..only to find out we can not afford to live in the boonies…and no one else would want to either?

Do we pay off any loan quickly..only to find we did not save enough by doing so?

Do we tell people WHAT WE REALLY THINK??? Or do we take the passive role and keep the REAL thoughts way deep inside?

Do we live on eggs, pasta, tomato sauce, sandwiches and cheap frozen veggies ,so that we can put money away to pay everything off?

Do we take out “food insurance” and buy months of food that has a 25 year shelf life—for lots of $$$$..and than God forbid we need it—if the world was ending..why would we want to be sitting there chomping on dry old food..and watching as others suffer? We would share..and than all the preparations for months would end in days or weeks..and in the end..it would still be the end. Just a bunch of us got to eat and watch the world go through what terrible thing was happening, only to have it happen to us too.. None of us are better than the other..however how many of us are treated like they are less than another? 

What do we do with the little bit that is in a 401 K?

The list goes on and on..and ya know what..I do not think any of us knows the real answers. Some will choose a pathway that will not work for another.

Me… and Mark—we are trying to pay off things as soon as possible, but we are not rolling in the dough… … we are trying to save where we can, we have few vises, but are we doing right by what we are doing?

October 2011 012I just do not know. So as I ponder these thoughts of life, I am off to pay bills, make a grocery list and continue on with a weekend of sunshine and temps in the 50-60 range, being THANKFUL for no snow yet, and for the clean water from the faucet and the life that we have.

To all those out there, I send my love, my wishes for you to have answers that I can not seem to find…and enjoy what ever the weekend is bringing to you. Love, Mrs Justa alias Cindy