Today sucked…. yep… sucked big time.100_6269_edited This past weekend Indi went through 6 seizures in less than 2 days. The vet was not opened till today, so I called to give them the seizure report. They like to keep track of the seizure activity and severity. They took all the info down and asked me to call back in a few hrs, as the 2 vets were going to discuss his case.

So at work, I called back, thinking maybe increase the phenobarbital a bit. But the vet told us 2 months ago the seizures were not from epilepsy, but he was pretty sure it was a brain tumor. He said each increase in meds seemed to mask the tumor by shrinking it some.

So I called back, and well.. they said it was time to put him to sleep. I knew this day was coming, but never wanted it to arrive. Yet as the vet talked to me, I knew what they were saying was the truth. This weekend after his 3rd seizure , his left eye was crossed. They said with this many seizures it was only going to get worse, and one time some he would come out of it blind, or unable to walk, maybe vicious.

So I left work in tears, and drove home. I needed to let Mark know and than we needed to 100_6266make that final ride. SO today I post this to Indi. He was put to rest around 10 this morning, and even though he is not trying to entertain me with the ball, and he is not here asking to go out , he is in me…he is in Mark. He was a great dog… he was so full of life, so loving, so great with kids and entertaining to all…. he was our “son”..our buddy…. Damn this hurts…

Indiana Jones… you will be missed… and as I thought maybe the score was Indi 0 brain tumor 1….


as I think of it…

it is the opposite. For he is now in a place where pancreatitis  won’t ever  cause you discomfort, where there will be no more seizures,

and you can watch over us…. We love you little guy… Love always Mrs Justa alias CIndy

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