Daylight savings time has ended for another 6 months. Yup, this past Saturday nite, clocks went back an hr, Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 020and darkness prevails, sooner than my body clock wants it to be.

It felt like the longest day on Sunday, it got dark, and my body wanted to go to bed.. but it was ONLY 5PM!!. It took FOREVER for 9PM to hit and me to feel justified to go to bed.

It is great when the sun is up by 6am and setting around 9PM, but that does not last too long. December 21st is my favorite day..why? Because the darkness will not be any longer than it is that day. Every day after we are working on a little more sunlight.

The color of depression is black in my mind. It seems the darker the days, the more prone depression is to hover around us, and for those with depressive disorders-well it gets pretty hard to be positive in the midst of the darkness.

I am trying to find positive to the darker days, so that I find a more upbeat approach to getting through it.

Let’s see…. it hides the dust…

                     it hides the fact the car needs to be washed

                     it hides the ugliness of dried up vegetation in the fields and hedgerows

                     it brings a sense of calmness

                     it sharpens the sense of sound, as we can not see anything

                     it makes it easier to go to bed early

There… it is a start. I am glad we live here and not in Barrow, Alaska..can you imagine days of darkness..not just part of a day..but days. In Barrow, the sun does not rise between November 18 and January 24 each winter. Whoa… bet it gets pretty darn cold there !.

And than in the summer, I understand their HIGH is in the 40s. Hmmm… not a place I would want to be. I HATE the cold… my feet and hands get so cold they hurt….

So as I leave for tonight, I will begin my daily chant at this time of year… one day closer to SPRING!!

Love to all, enjoy the sunlight when it is out, and find peace in the darkness. Mrs Justa alias Cindy