Do you remember making tents in the house out of sheets and chairs. Well this is a tent made out of a flannel sheet. It was a place where the boys could go to “take a nap” ,as Brandon stated..but not so much!

But they brought in a blanket, pillow pets and you have to have flashlights. Let’s see, there were trucks and drinks…everything a kid would need to survive in a tent.


Nov 2011 and thanksgiving on old camera 019

I can remember when Jeff and Adrianne would make a tent and bring in so many things there was not room for them .They had regular bed sized pillows, and books, and toys..  Mark and I would laugh when we would go and check on them and their backs were pushing against the walls of their tent, because they did not have any room for themselves.

Nov 2011 and thanksgiving on old camera 021


When we were kids we actually did sleep in the make shift tents too.

This was fun to see them have fun.

We made it through Thanksgiving with no leftovers…. HA HA..well no left overs here!.Nope I was working with Mark in the kitchen and we decided to send the leftovers off with the guests. That was they can have some goodies the next day or 2. There were  potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, turkey, ham, and pies that left here..which we were ever so grateful to be able to share with them . We ended up with 9 for dinner and 13 for pies. So a lower amount than last year, but it was a nice day.

I did feel bad as people were leaving because it looked like a pretty nasty fog. But no one called to say they were lost, so I think everyone made it home safely.

Now we have the weekend, a time to back off, and chill. Hopefully hit the gym tomorrow and Sunday..this last week.. with putting Indi down and working lots of hrs Mon thru Weds… I just did not get to the gym… But I am going to try to get back on course. Life is so precious, days are so limited really… so we each need to be the best we can to ourselves so that we can enjoy every single moment that we are blessed with on this earth. Love to all, Mrs Justa. alias Cindy