100_6670Today I went back in time in my mind to a time almost 30 years ago. It was like a wave of clouds were hovering over me, with memories so real that it was like I was there.

I was remembering the day Jeff was born.

He was born after 36 hrs of intense labor , caused by a doctor who chose to keep upping the strength of the Pitocin to induce delivery. He was not due till 3-13 but the doctor wanted me to deliver on 3-8.. SO he had me admitted, started the IV medication , broke my water manually and anticipated a quick delivery.

Well, so much for his plans. It was not until much later that I found out he did it because he was scheduled to go on a cruise on the 11th and he did not want my pregnancy in his way.

Well Jeff was determined to stay put, and so even with mega doses of meds, and the water broke, Jeff chose to not make the journey.

Finally 36 hrs later, he started to have a slow heart beat..so all bets off and he came to the world by way of an emergency c section. Now I do not know why, but one breath and he stopped breathing. There was a lot of MDs doing some really quick procedures , to have him breath again, and that little guy fought for his life. There was a reason it was not his time to leave me than… So as I think about Thanksgiving, I am feeling very thankful for the doctors who did the right thing at the right time…and for the years of life he has blessed me with already, and for the strength and power in prayers..which were coming strong through the ordeal..and for all the people who have come into my life since than, people in person… people via cyber space….Had I not had him, I do not think I would be who I am today. He kept me grounded, he made me mature, he made me a mom, he brought out my insight, he caused me to find answers to questions I never really thought about… like why does it rain? Why do people die? why is there bad things? why do we smile? What makes us laugh? Whys and what of life that we take for granted…  yes I am truly thankful for much…. and as I sign off, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. Whether it is with one person, two or many… it is a day we should stop…and say thanks…. give thanks…. share a moment of quiet time….. no matter if it is a turkey, or a turkey pot pie… I appreciate the reminder of the meaning of the day.. not the food on the table… Love to all, Mrs Justa..alias Cindy….