“Anyone who angers you….

conquers you..”

                                                “ Mother’s advice to Sister Elizabeth Kenny…”

This says a lot, in very few words.

People who really try to get my goat, if I let them see that they have, I have lost.

So as a person tries to push the buttons of aggravation, I try to let my mind drift to a more humorous area in my mind.

There are always those people who drive aggressively, who think they are the only ones with a place to go… so  I let them go. As they drive off, I make a mental noise of gas being guzzled down.. or I think about how proud their boss must be to know how anxious this employee is to get to work.

People in the store..oh they can really annoy me if I let them… but I go to a happy place in my mind. Like I may try to figure out what their life is like… or I try to think about what they were like as a kid, or I say a prayer thanking God that they are not my husband or my kid!.

There is a person that calls us at work , and every special  day she calls she  is accusatory, she is sharp tongued and down right nasty. But we try to see how we can please her. We never let her know how we want to jump through the phone and scream right back at her..no we try to kill her with kindness. When I get off the phone with this person, I give myself an invisible pat on the back for surviving the challenge. I try to picture what she looks like—cuz she comes across like she should have 3 heads all spinning in  different directions and spitting green goop like in the Exorcist movie. As she is rattling on, I do a few um hums, but I refuse to feed her anger. I have come to the conclusion, that she is nto really mad at anyone of us, but at herself. She just needs someone to take it out on, as she will not look in the mirror to see the real situation… this quote comes to mind when I am enlightened with a call from her.

I wonder what the help wanted add was she answered, because she has worked where she is for years. People there must know how her phone etiquette is… I personally would not want a person like that on the phones—for the phone people are the billboard for the business. I can see the ad… “Help wanted, front receptionist, willing to dish out an attitude in every interaction. Able to talk over people, make false statements, never say thank you or please. Must eat a bowl of rusty nails prior to starting your shift, just to make sure you are in a really bad mood before the phone lines open.”

She has not yet conquered me…. nor have the drivers who think they are driving on their own private road, nor the people who look down at me, nor the people who seem to find more joy in looking at them selves in a mirror-than to have eye contact with others.

Life is a challenge… do not let the grumps, the arrogant folks, the self centered individuals get the best of you.  YOU can conquer them with a smile, kindness and patience. Love to all, mrs Justa..alias CIndy Clip art from free clipart on google images.. THANKS

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