Telephones, why do we not use them like we used to?

Some genius invented them, figured out how to have our voices travel through wires , and how to have electricity travel for thousands of miles so poof we have phones…

yet we do not call one another like we used to.

We have I phones, we have flip cell phones, we have mobile this and that..but I wonder what the percentage of them are used for accessing the internet, reading e mails, posting on face book.

I just got off the phone with my sister(Karen)  in Michigan. She and her husband were going to be here for Thanksgiving but they had conflicts in their plans and so were not able to come down.  She was calling to say she had just spoken to my sister . Melanie, in Liverpool and in their conversation it was mentioned we had to put the dog to sleep. Karen had planned to call both of us to see how Thanksgiving went, but her calling now had a new twist… condolences too. As I spoke to her, it was more of a 3 dimensional experience than face book is. I tend to use face book to communicate something and hope all receive it. That was how I spread the word about the dogs death. Unfortunately the way facebook works is that if you are not popping on every 5 minutes, things get lost in a trail of other peoples comments about their lives. Facebook is really rather silly as I look at it.

Putting the dog to sleep is not something I would have called all my relatives about… out of the clear blue at least. Had this been the early 1990s each of us would be calling one another every week or so, and within our conversations the dog would have been brought up. But to just, out of the clear blue, call my sisters and brothers to say.. “Hi, I am calling to tell you our dog is no longer..” sept 2011 stuff 002well that just would not happen… BUT I DID JUST THAT ON FACEBOOK!!

We are becoming so non social because of “social networks!” AS I spoke to  Karen..I was able to hear expressions, different tones, we laughed, we had a conversation….it was like she was here…. it was real… On face book there is no personal touch to it.. a laugh is “lol” or “lmao”… but it is not the real laughter, and a “conversation” can take a long time if the other person is doing a bunch of other stuff… the conversation becomes an afterthought.

We become like computers communicating with one another… beep beep beep…. that does not compute…. I was reading a post from one of my nieces and she had so many acronyms it was like I was reading a foreign language…

Yes, we need to STOP… pick up the phone, write real letters, send Christmas Cards, meet for coffee..we need to be real….. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy