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Here was our Halloween surprise. We were visited by a skunk and a police officer. The skunk… well he was not thrilled with being in a costume..he was too funny..his looks like “Really mom??”  and Brandon- well he was pretty darned proud of being a police man. How cute they were! ( It was funny… Brandon told me his brother was smelly and he was a woowoo ( the sound a siren makes on a police car.. LMAO)

Last year they were both animals…


how much fun Halloween is for kids !.

I hope they had a good night last night, they were going to go meet up with their Uncle Justin and cousin Emily and go out trick or treating. It was a pretty nice night, I am sure they were pooped when they got done.

It is so weird how we get no trick or treaters. I guess we do live far enough out , where people who come here have to have a really good reason. Let’s see we had a whomping 3 kids come to the door… and 2 of them were our grandkids.

Needless to say, the folks at work enjoyed the candy we had left today. Today was an interesting day…it went pretty fast , had some meetings, had to catch up on e mails from yesterday, and am working on some policy and process updates. It was a little difficult to get thru the day at times..see I got 2 teeth yanked out yesterday, yanked is not the appropriate word… THEY WERE DUG OUT !!!  so I am kinda feeling like I was slugged in the face. It is pretty sore right now, so I am going to go and get ready for bed, put some ice on it and call it a night. Tomorrow ( according to the info from the dentist) it will hurt more than today! Yikes…

I hope this finds you well, I hope this finds you with at least one nice memory of Halloween.. me.. I just think the kids are cute… that is my good memory. Love to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa…