100_6640As I was driving home today, I was thinking about the day that had just come to an end. Day 2 of paperwork up the ying-yang..and hoping we are only waiting another day or 2 for the updates to be completed . It is just part of living in a world dependent on computers for everything.  Today we still tried to be as positive as possible, we know we will need to enter all our info in the system once it is ready… and I think we are all staying upbeat……

It is funny though,100_6691 “back in the good old days” people had ledgers, people hand wrote on reports, people could always pull out a report from a file or notebook. Doctors offices had scheduling books..appointment books. People would actually be able to flip through pages of paper and see a week at a time, and know how the day looked…

A friend of mine works at a rather large doctors office, and I was thinking of how awful it was for her the day she went in and the electronic records system was down. No one knew who was coming in for appointments, why they were coming in, what meds they were on, or what their history was. Can you imagine that!! Man every time a nurse opened a door to one of the waiting rooms, another surprise would be there… probably staring at the nurse , hoping to be called, to be recognized, to be seen.

We have paper back up thank God… I bet the doctors office wished they had the same thing.

So word has it for us, that tomorrow might be the last day of depending on our pens and paper.. but ya know what… all in all it has not been so bad. What an incredible group of people I work with. We rally around each other, joke a little about things we can not change, we improvise to satisfy the customer, and we get the job done.

For these people, I am truly thankful… and for the folks in IT trying to make things better… I too am thankful… and right now.. I am thankful for my bed!.

It will be another LONG day tomorrow…. I gotta be ready… Alarm going off at 5:20… and off I go… to share the day with the challenges that lie ahead. My word to the wise… have paper backup for things that you need to have access to… Love to all.. Mrs Justa..