Sept sky fog 027

This week has sucked ! I mean really suck-er-ooni-o – there has been one stressor after another.

People acting different, people nasty…. just seems like ugliness has been running big time this past week.

But today… everything kinda came in prospective to me, as I was in the gym, I was listening to various songs, ( country music really gets to the nitty gritty of the heart at times!) ..and I was trying to make sense of things that do not make sense to me.

As I was eclipticalling my butt off—I was beginning to relax a bit, and started going over various songs in my head, looking for just the right song for a Sunday solo in church in 4 weeks.

I left the gym, got out in the car and I was playing a CD of background hymn music. Listening to this song and that.. thinking one of these will be the one….  I had my window open a tad, and I was singing along wondering which Hymn was the one I felt would be good to do.

All of the sudden, the sky seemed to open up and rays of brilliant sunshine came all around the area. It was the most peaceful feeling, a feeling that life is okay, and that I need to remember I can not carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.I was singing a particular song when this spectacular free show of majesty came about, and I decided.. that is the song I will do.
It was comforting, because as I was kinda getting recharged, a sea gull flew by….. my mom—God Bless her soul… is always watching over us, and when I need to extra reassurance she is here… a Seagull appears. It is like she comes down on the wings of a sea gull… and in the strangest places sometimes !. So tonight, I think I am a little more at ease… life is still kinda sucky right now, but I have to trust that it will get back to a even keel soon. Money, relationships, tragedies all around…..just kinda tough.

So as I close, I am going to send huge hugs to those most dear to my heart, and love to all. Love always, Mrs Justa  alias Cindy