HTwister or Tornado with Lightning Boltsow horribly scary… floods and wild fires… hurricanes and tornados… things that happen that make a statement how we are a speck on the journey of life.

Locally , within an hr from here, there is terrible flooding. Roads closed, thousands of people evacuated from their homes, roads totally under water, houses with their basements, first and maybe second floors  filled with water… like a bathtub filled to the brim…. and nothing you can do, but wait for it to leave. ( clip art from free clip art .com)

Appliances will not work again, cars will be destroyed, no way to get your things, photos, computers, clothing…. I can not imagine how much pain the people are going through. One moment your life seems to be in check, the next…the only thing in check is the knowledge that you have no idea what you are going to do !

The employer I work for has a satellite office in the area of the flooding and from what I hear, there are the majority of the people who work there are affected by the flood. A couple of people have their homes flooded out.

Last week it was the entire east coast, this week it hits again. And than there is Texas, parched and burning. We have lots of water up here… too bad we could not get a huge pipe and funnel it that way.

Life is so unpredictable, we take so much for granted , really we do , as a whole. I personally need to stop and look at the little things, appreciate the moments, not get wrapped in worry or discontent… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm( that is me meditating)……………. Ya just never know what will be lurking at the door of life…

Peace to all, Cindy alias Mrs. Justa.