The internet and technology offers many things we would never have been able to almost feel, back in the days of just Newspapers, magazines and black and white TVs.  We can travel around the world from our chair in front of our computer.

We do not need to go to a stormy area to see it, nope there are weather and traffic cams all over this world.  We can travel 1,000s of miles and never leave our home. There are web cams in AFRICA—in the jungle ! I have gone on and starred a at the darkness, every once in a while a few elephants or a lion walks by… there are always crickets chirping in the background… I am fascinated by the fact the we have even invaded the jungles with cams.

We can converse with loved ones without picking up a phone. As we evolve,  I feel that we are also becoming more to ourselves and less personable as a nation. We have a president who needs a teleprompter to know what to say, we have millions of people who are more concerned with what their mobile device is doing than the person they are walking next to. When we were at the fair, everywhere I looked there were people walking next to other people, but in MANY cases, they were staring at the messages coming through them on their phones.

We rely on Facebook to contact our family, and our friends. Heck we could go on skype and have a cup of coffee with someone and feel like you are there… but it is not the same.

This country has a lot to offer each of us, but I think we need to get our noses off our various electronic devices , and be where the other people are.  People do need people… it was a song from years ago…but it is true…

there is something special about :being able to look into another persons eyes as you talk: to be able to lightly touch their arm for support :  to see their eyes water as you laugh with them : to feel the emotion : to have a child come running to you because they are glad you are there, : to have a child climb on your lap to cuddle…..… in the world of 2 dimensional world we are creating, we can miss so much… we can misinterpret situations, we can be taken incorrectly, we can be looked in a totally different light than we intended.

Life is so much more, in the 3 dimensional world we were born into.

Love to all.. Mrs Jsuta alias Cindy..