Sometimes ya just gotta laugh, cuz getting your shorts in a knot will not help anyone.

We have a car, we are leasing it, and we have had it for oh maybe 2 months old. We really like it, it is good on fuel perky and fun to drive. Mark noticed it has a very short wiper blade that leaves a streak of water all the way on the up direction of the swipe, than on the going down- the very much longer wiper blade wipes the streak off. It is kind of annoying. So we called the dealer, and yes—it would be covered for free. So we went off to the dealer… they said it would be a quick fix… and we thought why should we have to pay for a blade if they are going to cover it..

So we arrive , the guy types the work order into the computer and poof… he says there is a recall on the vehicle, and they have to fix the recall.. or they can not do the wiper blade. So…he tells us  the crew is about to take their hr lunch, and the recall repair takes 45-60 minutes to do.. He puts a replacement blade on the car, ( It still streaks .. he says he thinks they all do …grrr)      we take off while they are at lunch, and return at 1PM sharp.

We leave the car at the repair place and take off to the lounge where we were blessed with a couple who were capable of being GOLD Olympic winners for complaining and whining.  I kid you not… she was bitching about everything under the sun to her husband, and in between bitching at the TV….. So we got up and went to a more comfortable lounge in the center of the dealership mall.

At 222 our phone rang…. well as they were taking the face of the radio off ( the recall has to do with the on off board for the radio) a part broke. And guess what… there are no parts in the USA for it ! Now the car comes with blue tooth thru the radio… so no blue tooth, …gotta pull out the old one we had that you actually hook on your ear…. sigh… our part is coming from Korea… may be in by Sept 24th… until than  the radio is not functional.

As we left, we both agreed that raising our voices, being rather abrupt, being totally pissed off… well it was not going to get the part any quicker from overseas. And I think we both hope for any further recalls, that maybe the potential parts that could break would be sent with the recall parts.. ( I know I am dreaming..)

But it makes no sense… the car was made in America… yes it is a Korean model… but wouldn’t you think that if the car was made in the USA, sold in the USA..that the USA should have the parts!

at the end.. we went there with a streaking wiper blade…

we got a new wiper blade.. ( still streaks..) and we now do not have a radio.. somehow it is feeling like a wasted 50 miles we drove… chalk one up to laughing off a crumby situation. ( images from free clip art/google images)

Love Mrs Justa alias CIndy