20010050Whoa what a long weekend. We went camping on Friday night, and came back mid morning today. It was kinda eerie there last night after all the weekenders had gotten in their cars, trucks and RVs and gone home for the week. We were in a wooded area with just one other camper in the woods where we were.

Friday night and Saturday were nice days, but I felt bad for Mark yesterday!!! He  had gotten pretty sick on Sunday and was unable to walk, drive or anything, so we hung out for another night. While he was trying to chill yesterday I took Indi for a long walk , up to some open fields. Well he picked up the scent of something and kept running in circles, trying to figure out where it went.

This older couple stated that he was probably smelling the coyotes, that they heard them howling the other night. 20010054Well that totally creeped me out, as they said the coyotes were in the woods behind where our sites were…. … I walk around there at night, to the shower, or with the dog… with this sense of security… and they had to bring me back to nature reality. Darn them.

You would have laughed to see me in the middle of the wee hrs of the morning going out with Indi. Me and my wimpy pen light flashlight, flittering the ray here and there, just waiting for some pack of coyotes to come up out of the woods and scare the be-jeebers out of me. … Fortunately that did not happen, and I drove to the shower at 10PM instead of walking …

20010066I do not know what I would have done if I had seen one… me in my night shirt… Indi would have not been afraid… oh it would have been ugly.

We are realizing that the camping days are getting limited and we have got to start thinking about snow, and the camper, and what to do with it. Winters are so harsh up here, but the camping stores store the campers outside in the elements. We are in a quandary… do we indoor store it… store it at the campsite… store it here… Man when those snow banks are 6 feet tall.. that is a lot of area where water could creep in vents, door and window sills…. … yuck… … I personally am feeling a little tired from this relaxing weekend of camping…I do not regret going… but it was draining this weekend.

It is kinda cool to go and share the acres with total strangers, who always smile and greet you like you are their friends… Hence the term… Happy Campers. I hope you are enjoying your weekends before the inclement weather hits… for you Northerners…… before we know it the howling sounds of winds and snow will be tapping on the side of the house….. but than… I will start my “One Day Closer To Spring ! “  LOL

Take care everyone…. Love to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa…