We had gone to Oswego to watch nite time 9-6-11 002the sunset over Lake Ontario. And although it was raining when we arrived, there was so much more than a sunset to absorb.

It was a very muggy night..there are severe thunderstorm warnings all around us tonight, but it was only drizzling. There is a cold front lurking..just has not landed yet.

So as we approach an area where there is a look out,( it is pretty elevated, so you are looking down on the marina and the lake seems to go on forever)…there was a man, he appeared on the sidewalk in front of us . As we drove slowly past him, he held his hand at waist height and did a wave. ( like  Queen Elizabeth wave)  His smile so real  looking. We pulled in and he so youthfully said.. “Nice night.”  “ You like it up here?” “Nice breeze.” and “Wouldn’t you like to be on that break-wall?”   as he spoke, I saw he had no apparent worries in the world, he seemed to have a developmental issue..where he never lost the innocence of youth.  Mark responded with “Yup.” and “I do not feel a breeze in the car.” and “Yes the break wall would be interesting to do, it is getting dark though.” After the brief encounter he proceeded to a park bench. Soon to be accompanied by an elderly woman. We assumed he probably lives with his mom, and he is mentally challenged. As I watched him, I felt blessed to have watched him, and his seemingly simple outlook on life. I do not think he could feel hostility, and everyone he interacted with was like his friend.

The second person that seemed to intrigue me was a guy, a very very tall thin man, age easier to estimate as in his late 20s. He was dressed in a loose white tee shit ( like an under shirt) and grey sweat pants with many snap pockets. On his feet were just flip flops. And even though he was super tall , the cuffs of his sweat pants dragged as he almost shuffled with each step. His gait was not steady. He was reaching for things I did not see. His arms almost floating as if directing a symphony or catching butterflies. His hair matted, he said nothing, just moving his head to and fro and reaching at times. He sat down on a park bench just to the right of us. Every once in a while he would look to the left and than do a semi circle movement with his head as he smiled a gentle smile.

As he sat there, the first guy got up from his bench and walked past this man who appeared to be either suffering from drug use or mental conditions. The first man said… “Nice night.”  “ You like it up here?” “Nice breeze.”… the man who seemed really out of it politely spoke back and answered each question coherently. It hit me …. this guy on the bench, having trouble identifying real from illusions… he is some moms little boy… and I wondered… “ Is his mom alive?”  “Does she know how he is doing ?” “ Is he homeless?” Where will he lay his head tonight?” ….The first guy… I know he is a special son, and I believe his mom was who  we saw and will probably tuck him into bed tonight.

But the second guy… is out there somewhere…

Like salt and pepper…They were two totally different people… they both initially made me feel uncomfortable… and in the end…. they are each weighing heavy on my mind.

This is a world of uncertainty…a world with blessings and tragedy… and tonight as I take my hot shower, and sleep in our bed… I will say a prayer for these 2 people. They made me stop and be thankful for all I do have….

Love always, Mrs Justa alias Cindy