Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 013

Where were you when the first tower got hit? What feelings were there? What questions lay heavy on your mind?

I was ironing my scrubs for work, I had to be at the MD office by 11:00 . I had the news on as I ironed the clothes from the week before. Mark was driving his 18 wheeler in Pennsylvania, Jeff I believe was at college.

In disbelief I was watching a “BREAKING NEWS” line flashing on the screen and the news casters trying to bring bulletins for something no one understood what was happening.  Some end 8-11 and fair 9-2-11 015As the minutes unrolled, and the people where scrambling on the streets, and others knew they were going to die- so they chose to jump from 100 floors up, and another plane hit the second tower, planes hijacked, innocent people turned to ash in the planes that had now taken on a new role of being bombs instead… I remember feeling helpless, I remember feeling lost, I remember worrying about my own family as they were off doing their roles in life. It was such a great feeling of loss, for people I did not know.. but none the less were someone’s loved one.  I remember not wanting to go to work, feeling like I should be doing something, but not sure what that something should be.

Work was horrific that day, TVs in the waiting rooms were on the day long coverage, people not wanting to be called back to a room, blood pressures up, depressions increased, and all of us realizing that terrorism does not stop at our borders…. there is not some invisible shield protecting us from the evils of all evils.

I am about to get ready to go to church. I know it will be a service that will require strength to go to and go through, for it is a tribute to 9-11 , a remembrance and an attempt for answers in situations when it is hard to find answers.

There is a post that I came across .It has to do with 9-11. In a world of questions and events that surface today, bringing us back to 9-11… as if they just happened this instance, I wanted to shared his blog, it is written by  Rick Warren

That day took away an innocence… that day made me wonder….. we are exposed to news where rulings have come… Keep God out of Schools, Keep God out of government, Keep God out of our Pledge of Allegiance, Do not talk religion,Take down the monument of the Ten Commandments ….and these same people cry out…”How could God let this happen?” ………..I find that a little hypocritical.. and yet as we try to keep God out… he finds a way to hold us up as tragedy hits, to weep with us… to carry us when we can not walk on our we make our way from our Temporary Home to our eternal one.

Peace to all, Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy